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    "The summer is not over yet. Patch v0.12 of S3D League brings some new hot stuff.

    -Beach map - a new custom made map suitable for the season
    -Rooftop royal - survival mode vs AI opponents
    -Improved interface for Android devices (the buttons now scale with the screen resolution)"

    I saw them... in my opinion it's just another little trick to increase the amount of players in the channel.

    Well, the new accounts pretty much have to farm scenario for 20 levels before actually getting to the game so I don't think it is a bad thing right not considering the cheaters are gone for the most part.

    The most sad thing about this is, that there are devs which get payed for this sh*t.

    I don't give a duck, if it's worth spending or not. My point is that they are still focusing on milking the game to the extreme.

    So what do you suggest? To stop making content at all? I don't think the artists who makes the sets are the same ppl who are programming the game.

    That's a point that bugs me for a while. We have no idea what the devs want do to next and what they priotize to fix next. I suggested a roadmap or something similar before, but naah...

    It is not always that simple. They also need to know how to fix it.

    I feel like a crash report feature would be very helpful but that will probably need time to make too.

    How long are we suppose to wait? Just gonna feed them money until they close the game? The support for the other games isnt good either.
    You know what I expect? A good game.

    You are not obligated to spend money ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Do it when you think it is worth spending.

    That's the most depressing goal I've ever heard from a Game-Company.
    The only thing that they can do right, is milking the game.

    But hey! At least no new issues r-

    Oh no...

    idk what you really expect. I want to see how well you will do if someone throws at you a code that has been kept together by bandages for 10 years.

    Also that seems like a cheat.

    They already said their goal was to release a patch that has no new issues.

    Fixing existing crashes is going to wait I guess.

    Well relay server tunnel kicked me outta the game after the verifying connection.

    Better said I was in the lobby while I was actually in the room :/

    if you had it before you will still have it I guess.

    Sometimes, when I want to join a room, nothing happens. And then, when I click back, the notification box pops up, without any notification and the game freezes. Happened before the patch as well. Just me? ;w;

    Yes it was there before. I am surprised you haven't got it.

    I already told you why it doesn't matter that it is a bug. You can't retreat to this point if you don't address my rebutal, that's not how arguments work.

    It matters. It means it can be fixed at any time even if the chances for that to happen right now are little to none.

    thats not true at all, i find it easier to aim with hmg than to aim with airhug.
    even if an airhug shot randomly hits due to spread, since its not aimed an hmg can easily deal more damage.
    Infact, as long as you dont use macros aiming airhug is harder since you have to partially concentrate on hitting the right buttons
    (which gets easier the more muscle mem. you've got but you'll always have to put some effort in maintaining it, taking away from your aim)

    If airhugging was bad, no one would be using it on the first place.

    Maybe don't upvote a post making fun of your argument?

    Then why the heck you are bringing it in if no one is complaining about currently?

    If the like bothers you so much, I am taking it back.

    You are pretty much asking for people to disagree with you.

    Also comparing it to HR is just stupid. It doesn't output the same dps as airhugging.

    Airhugging is more like the HMG output minus the aiming (since you shot all pellets at once and very fast instead of 1 at the time) and making you more mobile.

    That will only work if the "new stuff" is good. Not like these cheap recolors.

    The "cheap" recolors may be a good free and fast content if they are easy to make. I don't think anyone woudl mind having their favorite sets/weapons in different colors. The game has been lacking new colors since the very beginning.

    I'm gonna have to debunk this one right here. Sure, the Korean devs did make a rather poor job of creating the source code for this game to the point that they unorganized everything but it's not say that it isn't salvageable & fixable.

    So you are debunking it buy confirming it? what?

    people who are fed up with Aeria/Gamingo who take upon themselves to make work with the game code.

    me and you know very well the reason why these people have much better understanding of the code.

    I haven't seen many in the past months so I thought EAC is getting rid of the macros.

    However, i agree it is an exploit and should be fixed. Adding initial SP for activating the shield for example, will make it way less efficient.

    The idea in itself is good and could work but the fact that this game has a lack of unique stuff for the battlepass makes it quite pointless overall.

    I'm not keen on trying to shoot for free stuff that's already in the game that I have seen over and over again which is the appeal of other games that have battle passes (Fortnite, Battle Royale, Apex Legends, Ring of Elysium, etc.). You have to entice people with something that they haven't seen or can't get by any other means in order for a battle pass to work most of the time and with the way this game is now, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    yeah, we will need to start getting new stuff on more regular basis. Most ppl are old players and they just have everything that they need collected from the last 10 years.

    Someone brought up ingame events in another thread and then I realized all of them were farmable over the years because of how they worked.

    lets forget about game crashes for a moment.

    Even though I am not a fan of battlepasses what if the game actually had one (as long as it is good)? It is proven to be working for other games and I believe it will be healthy to bring some of the community back.

    Ok so you are completely fine with the games current situation ?

    No I am obviously not. I am just answering the question.

    And do you really think aeria is seriously trying to fix the game or do they just keep it running so it is barely playable ?

    If they don't, it will impact their sales badly. People won't spend money if they can't play the game.

    They have as much interest in improving the game as we do.

    Can someone who does have technical knowledge PLEASE tell me if the game is actually that hard to fix

    Yes it is. A lot of things are related to another. You touch one, another breaks. Even the korean devs couldn't fix most of the problems and they got carried over to the current version.

    It is no surprise trying to build stuff on a bugy code will make it even more buggy.

    Playing against someone who has the green F skill when you don't have anything feels much more fair than playing against someone who has OP enchants.

    For me they are equally bad. F skills gives you something that you can't normally do. So when you are defeated by F skill and you don't have one, it feels cheap cuz if it wasn't for it, that person wouldn't have won.

    The F skills are like a free panic button. You just press it when you are about to die and you win.

    Even the green skill is guilty for that since you don't expect it. It gives you an extra move on the cost of... nothing.