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    Since it's now back, let me ask this. If I made it to tier 5 on the Jan tier spender and picked all longtail mb and from tier 3 I got let's say 3x candy blue perm in my purchase cart but only 1 in my inventory shows up with two 7 day longtails and a sky blue longtail perm which doesn't show up in my purchase cart history, if I sent a ticket to claim the missing 2 candy blue perms will I lose the perm sky blue? The two 7 day longtails and the perm sky blue longtail doesn't show up from any of the other 4 tiers from the tier spender but I somehow got it on my inventory, let's say.

    Just send a ticket with the purchase history and screenshot of your inventory. They should be able to track which of the stuff you have got and when.

    To me, it seems the naming of the items was wrong. I really doubt you have got the same perm hair in all 3 boxes.

    Well, considering money are involved, it goes without saying that the shop should be the most secured thing in the game. You can't risk people losing money when they try to buy things. It is also not without flaws and if you think of it, it hasn't really been changed since season 1 so there really isn't much that can go wrong with it.

    Q: How can we get rabbit pieces?

    The AP crafting capsules from the shop. Maybe the level up capsules too.

    Also which pets have +2 movement speed?

    From inside the game you can only get it through crafting the rabbit pet. Outside of the game - there are often promos in the web shop with different pets that have +2 speed.

    The "trick" I, and some other people use for eSper chips is just get like 4 or 5 of the same type, eg: yellow gloves, level all of them to 4 and then try to get to 5, if one fails go to the next one, over and over...

    It doesn't give a higher chance of success, but it's one of those things... Like going to an empty server without clothes or unequipping and equipping the booster

    I just buy the same chip 3 times and enchant it until all breaks or I get one to lvl 5. It saves time having to go to the shop too often. Buying 3-4 for different costume part also work if you don't have any of the chips to lvl 5 yet.

    Is there a trick to raise the eSper Chips to level five?

    A lot of pen and patience.

    There is also eSper insurance item if you are willing to spend AP on it.

    Also you woudl probably want to get all the yellow chips to lvl 5 first so you can get more pen per match to get the others.

    "system's busy''
    ''server error, try later''

    You should be able to get it with no issues now. I assume everyone just jumped to use the code all at once.

    Why should you waste your time on suiciding so many times in the first place?

    idk. It is at least something different?

    Either way, most of them requires a private room anyway.

    if we assume that one suicide takes ~15sec (7s cooldown +8s runnung off), then you can jump off at a rate of 4/min,
    then we just take that number by 30, resulting in 120.
    (Of course this is assuming you can keep that rate the whole time)

    You can also use respawn buff if you can't make it but I doubt anyone is going to be doing that.

    Construction is the name of the map.

    Regrading the suicide part, I guess that is the intend considering they are suggesting doing it in FM on the discord announcement.

    This is actually makes me wonder, how many times one can suicide for 30 mins on that map. It is a long way down and there 7 secs cooldown between deaths.

    I feel like the events in the past few months have been way too demanding for the number of players that we have currently. If the events requires too much or doesn't offer a lot, the chances are, most people just won't bother which kills the whole point of having events.

    Not to mention it is very hard to find any info about the events.

    I just see ppl in asking in the game chat where to find the events since nothing is being announced anywhere. Even the advent button can be easily missed unless you are specifically looking for it. Yes, I know it is announced in discord but it should be on the website available to everyone.

    Content isnt only maps, werent f skills added after the st3? Also content can be percieved as updates such as bug fixes, balancing or as little as grammatical changes. Yes they reverted RG but broke the game more lol.

    I'm just saying what I think has happened to s4. If the game was getting "fixed" by a new dev team I and probably a lot of veteran players still wouldnt touch it just cause the current META is ridiculous and barely resembles the old game (I miss the days when people complained about smash lul). I refrain from using the word "SKILL" cause i dont wanna trigger anyone =(

    The F skills were nothing but a pen sink, not to mention did more damage than good.

    Also I don't think there is much to be desired regarding balance. I mean the obvious offenders are pretty clear: LB, IB and healing. Not as broken as the RG but still.

    There is no workaround for this, i have an empty clan (only master) and im not able to invite anyone

    And it's not since "the new clan system was added"

    It happened after the shity updates we've been getting for more than a year now.

    Because you had above 20 ppl before the change. The other option is that you are using temporal name change and in that case you can't do anything before you get rid of it.

    Even if this game shuts down I dont think anyone will care and the people who do will be in the rare minority.

    But REALISTICALLY speaking this game wont be closing anytime soon I think. I seen games in similiar situations in terms of playerbase stay running for years. Usually they just get no additional content but they stay open & availible with only updates to its CASH SHOP. Gonna assume s4 is in that bracket.

    So at this point its just accept it for what it is or play something else. Safe to say majority of people chose the latter but there will always be diehard players.

    Cash only content was a thing for years even before aeria took over. What was the last map that was added to the game? St-3 or something? How long it was since then?

    I was kinda excited that the game was getting another chance with a new team and maybe if Kara stayed, we would have seen more since he knew what the community wants while the korean devs pretty much were making the game for their playerbase, not us.

    This bug exists since the new clan system was added.

    Basically the game still count the players that you had before the clan system change and thinks the limit is exceeded if you try to add more.

    There is however a workaround by just asking the player to search for the clan through the "club information" page (not the ranking list) and apply for it manually. Deleting players will also "free space" but that is probably not what you want. The workaround will always work until you reach the 20 players limit.

    But you're right in that the staff at Aeria who's working on the code has been exchanged since then. Either glitch or Scragger said that somewhere in the forums.

    First time hearing this but the coding doesn't change no matter what programmer you have. Also kara said in a video that they have lost the tools for doing things and have to figure out everything on their own now.

    The manager probably had zero technical knowledge and did not know about the possible complications before getting it. Also, there were unpredictable things like lost files which throws back the development enormously. I guess for the company it's better to stop here with the small loss of the flight cost to south korea and maybe a small amount of money for the files, than to lose even more money by hiring a group of developers to fix a broken game with bad financial outlook for the future.

    It doesn't matter, m8. There are only 2 options anyway. Getting the game or letting it get closed otherwise.

    Because of a cheap (or even free) deal? Keep in mind that the source code was not even inspected by a programmer before they "took/bought" it, since the manager of the game himself went alone to korea to get the code. If you do something like that, the deal must have been really cheap for you not to care about inspecting it first. The reality is that they did not even had any programmers ready to work on the game, since only weeks after the overtake they started hiring them (could be seen on the public job offer page). I even highly doubt that these programmers are still working on the game now. The management probably noticed that it isn't worth it anymore and distributed them to other projects.

    But at the end, I don't blame them. It sucks for all the loyal players out there, but from the perspective of a company it is simply not feasible to sustain, maintenance or further develop the game. At this point it would be almost more profitable to create a new game, based on the mechanics and resources of the old game. And who knows, maybe that's what they are doing.

    Would it have been better if they didn't get it even if they have realized they can't do anything with it?

    Come on now. No one is pointing a gun at you to play the game or stealing your money.