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    It happens when I finish a game, sometimes even in the waiting lobby, it's seriously pissing me off. My computer can perfectly handle the game, I'm not running out of ram, and the game was working perfectly (aside from the usual crashes that we all experience) until the new patch.

    This bug has been in the game even before aeria got the game and it happens to everyone. Getting a crash after leaving a room is still much better than the loading bug which we got before this one.

    Me and a few other friends are crashing without any reason since the new patch. I have even reinstalled the game and done everything that Kyoel has done and it's still happening.

    Be more specific about when you are crashing. The crashes that happens after the first few mins into the match can be bypassed by reentering the server after after the game has loaded.

    I would just remove the modes. No reason to keep them for me.

    But they don't hurts anyone by existing, right? People are even asking for old moon and rusty garden even if they aren't going to be played.

    I guess absence still creates some demand but there is no guarantee anything will change when those gets added back.

    If players don't land on the so called "good map" they just gonna leave the match. But a penalty would maybe help in this case like you can't join the queue for 30mins. Something like that maybe?

    Valid point and i think the same but instead of punishing there may be rewards for continuous play.


    I guess you mean the GUI and the menus. The UI during a match is pretty good and no one is really complaining about it.


    So what are you suggesting? If they try to improve some of the modes that may give it some visibility even if for a short time.


    Agree but some people may just stop playing at all when they see there is no good map to play.

    A queue system with random maps is the way to go imo with some better rewards but probably won't happening anytime soon.


    Agree. The best way probably will be just to integrate an option to the room settings. if it is going to be used or not is going to be decided by the community without forcing the p2w.


    yeah, they can do a lot more with these. Also the latest nametag backgrounds have been all the same.

    No. Getting stuck while creating a room, joining a room or rejoining server.

    I once started the game 5 times with the same account, same problem every time before I switched account.

    Well this is very weird. I tried like 4 accounts and I rarely even get it (never from the first time at least)

    i wonder if it is related to a specific item. What do you usually have equipped? (screenshot would be good)

    Yesn't. I had these issues on both of my accounts, but sometimes switching accounts helped. It's not just me, a friend of mine had the same problem yesterday, switched on another account and it worked. Sometimes it works with both accounts, sometimes with none, sometimes with one or the other. No pattern detected so far.

    so it always happens when creating the first room or?

    I just want them to deliver what they delivered a couple of years back .

    We all do but if they are messing with the code it means that they are actually trying things.

    They just rebalanced the rg with the last patch, the hackers are now little to none. It is not really all that bad even if the current bugs can be very annoying.

    Amm what that's not what I'm saying ... I'm saying to shut the game off for 1week and to try to fix every big existing bug ( of which there aren't many so it should be that hard ,depending on the team and their communication between one another, because I'm pretty sure that's where all the bugs come from , bad communication and not enough comments in the code itself, everyone trying to work on the same string of code not knowing whoever touched it lastly . ) I personally didn't know that the DEV's are new , but if that's the case can anybody in the name of God tell me why the game is going downhill for 5 years now...

    How exactly is shutting the game off for a week any better? Besides the new patch actually fixed some of the bigger issues.

    -Интересно ми виждаш ли бъдеще за играта идните две или три години, и ако да какво е то ?

    It has survived for 10 years. i am sure it can do some more.

    Then they shall take their time and deliver ... This isn't a school project its a running game with sadly less than a 1000 players but still they are only loyal ones.

    We will never get a new patch then. The patches are already rare enough.

    Ye I doubt that my PC is the problem, the SYS requirements of the game are laughable for 2019 ... I was just lucky to get it on the first game I joined I didn't have it after I relogged , give it time I bet you will have it as well . I know you are an old player , and I know you love the game , but that is not a reason to keep your tongue behind your teeth and not call out the lazy team of devs and the introducement of new bugs every other patch ... I'm pissed and I want things to be good again ... The game is dying because they are letting it die and it seems that people like you are okay with that , but I'm not ! That's the reason why I decided to post on here so I could see peoples perspective and a GM or a CM comment about my concerns and points not players with the same status as any other ...

    It is a new team completely unfamiliar with the code. Obviously they will make bugs. Even the korean team couldn't handle the game code.

    The texture bug is not a new one. It has always been in the game. It depends on how fast your PC can load the textures. The last patch just made it occurs more often but it didn't really created it.

    I am not sure how vote kick will fix teamming in Chaser though. It is more likely they to get you kicked instead lol.

    Thank god that ball bug got fixed.

    Also the game is much better without the vk. The game is already running on the trust of the community anyway. People sit when the teams aren't even and also respect the room rules even if nothing stops them from ruining them.

    ya with singing contests and drawing on paper anime characters will make a good future for s4 i agree. We both want to see the game go different ways, and nothings wrong wit that, but ur just like many other casuals

    Look, competitive system can be a good thing. It is just not what the game needs atm and not with these rules (the things can be much simpler like just disabling stats etc). "s4 has been great" for 10 years without even having a competitive system.

    The game needs a lot more players before going in a competitive direction.

    Also sorry but this system seems incredibly biased as well. You just have picked things that suits you.

    We can't even make an application for some reason, I think I should just give up. Thank you thought.

    Sending application can be tricky. Make sure you are following these steps (from the perspective of the person who applies):

    -Open the clan system

    -Click on the "club information" tab

    -Type the EXACT name of the clan that you want to join in the search field (the search function won't work if you are in the "club ranking" tab)

    -Press "Registration" (make sure the clan name for which you are applying is visible. It is shown in green on the screenshot)

    Make sure you have pressed "Registration" only once. Pressing it again will cancel the application.

    You won't be able to send application if you have already applied for another clan so if it shows a different clan name on the "club information" tab, make sure to cancel that application first (and ofc you can't apply if you are already in a clan either).


    I think you get a notification for new threads if you are subscribed to the forum topic. At least I get them.

    Maybe you should check your settings.


    I have that already.

    judging by the date, I assume it was created earlier and was hidden until now so probably there is no notification when it has been unhidden. It happens with many official threads actually (just not sure if it is limited to those)

    It is a bug with the clan system. It counts the members that you had before the clan change.

    If you are trying to invite and it doesn't work, ask them to apply manually from the clan search. One of both methods should work.

    please login reward event like 1 hours or 2 hours playing games not for " ONE MODES" but "ALL MODES"

    Yeah. At least it will have chances for people actually playing.

    I am all for encouraging the play of other modes and maps but this type of even is not going to work for those.

    April is already over btw.

    It's the most liked community event, because it's the only ingame event that still exists in this game, because you can't really do much else anymore.

    Sadly. But still, we haven seen even this one in a while. They used to be every 2nd week or something.

    Well I don't really remember what was the case but considering the bomb is 130 dmg and it was the max at that time it wouldn't make much sense the rail gun to be just 1 more.

    Whatever the case is, it won't do much of a difference anyway. Maybe it was 131 to secure a kill with the old stats but it doesn't matter anymore since nowadays everyone is with 140-170 HP (and even with 140 I still get 1hkod by it at times)