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    Thank you, so far so good, haven't had any lag issues with anybody, 140-ish, 160-ish as much, which isn't that bad.

    If you see a huge influx of people with healing weapons, it's probably my fault, but that made me quite happy to see, delicious HP lines everywhere.

    By searching something to play with my friends, back when I didn't had a computer, and had to pay on a cybercafe.

    On times when DoTA was the dominant MoBa at the time, and had a lot of friends to play LAN type of games, you know, Counter Strike 1.4, Half-life, Ricochet, Team fortress, Gunbound, I was the only one playing GunZ when nobody was around.

    So as you can see it, our entire gaming times based on beating the hell out of each other in huge death-match / team oriented games, we were heavily competitive.

    We started to move onto other things, so S4League popped up in an add while I was searching for something else to play. So we tried it, and we loved it.

    Sadly it was on a time when Cybercafes were dying out here, and everyone had to part their own ways. Once I acquired my first computer, it was one of the many games I kept installed and played frequently.

    There was a huge hiatus when the IP ban struck us, so I just gave up on it.

    As told, we don't talk about the LA Server... let it fade into obscurity.

    So yeah, hearing that I can play it again, like old Alaplaya times, made me smile.

    My first time in this game, was... wild, I just did the same thing everyone did, the yellow rifle and sword... fool proof, then I added the healing weapon in my arsenal, exchanged the sword for the bat later on since it was easier to swat away anyone trying to down me from melee range, or straight up killing them by falling em from above, plus the moving hit from said weapon was very appealing to me, sometimes I just sniped peeps with the plasma, seen the new weapons and skills, honestly I don't find them very appealing to me, or I just don't really know how to use em effectively.

    Hell if I remember the first time the dagger came out, everyone was using it, and everyone complained how overpowering it was, good times.

    Bottom line, just test weaponry and find your own combo, this game really holds hands for rookies, always did, it takes just minutes for anyone to start getting the hang of it, don't just spam one mode, play them all, it refreshes your fun factor even if you lose.

    Team healing!

    Hate it when I'm using healing in the beginning, then in the second break, you see a few changing to healing weapons too, cowards!

    It's been roughly... seven years? since I've been locked out of this game, I never had any issues with it, even the first time playing with many people over the world, having obnoxiously amounts of fun. I never improved, never wanted to get good at it, I just grabbed the healing weapon and just... CriticalCriticalCriticalCriticalCriticOLCRITIKOLCRITIKOL and everyone loved me for that, psh... that's entertainment for me, until the day that IP ban went down and it crushed my soul since, I was playing Yulgang at that point, took me four months to make an account and blending with the Vietnamese, I'm a starving artist! I can't afford amazing games sadly, losing this one really put me in such a sour mood.

    ... We don't talk about the LATAM server... just...

    Skipping the ol' times chit-chatter, how's it going peeps? I know my old friends from Alaplaya became president of some unknown planet at this point, I do hope they're good and well, I've made... not so many, since at that point there wasn't many players in S4League, if I remember correctly. Never had any laggy issues with anybody, and toxicity was always a thing, nothing new really, like at all.

    Toxicity is like that little brother asking a turn on the SNES, you can just shrug it, always did so it's never a real problem.

    Maybe I will encounter this lag-issues in aeriagames when matching with you all, maybe? don't worry, it's not like I'll be a terrible force to be reckon, if you see someone healing through walls (Unless they removed that) then that's me, I despise with a passion only melee stuff, always did always will, so angery reacts to you.

    But in all seriousness I do wish to re-enact this game once again, maybe for a week, a month, a year, squeezing all of it's feeling is just good enough for me, and hopefully not to be a bother to others, in terms of lag I mean. Engrush is bad, sorry for that.

    Safe game!