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    Ok Hella thank u so much ^^

    my luck is the worst T-T

    any way thank u

    Hi guys ^^

    I hope that all of you are well

    i have problem when i buy

    (Nostalgia Iron Eyes -Backstreet Boy -)

    from the website which cast 129 AP

    i tryied to buy it many time but i got only x1 caps not the perm set so can anyone tell me why? OR advice me what can i do ?

    Thanks alot ^^

    Thank u 😍

    Thank u so much

    Thank u so so much i will try all advices

    I think you should watch how other players are moving and what they do, in game or on Youtube and try to learn how do they do, take time in Jump Rooms so you can practice on things like running in the stairs and basic things you have to know ! Be brave, that's not an easy game at all to start and I'm glad there are still some players that try to start the game and make it live again ! :)

    Thank u so much

    Thank u so much i will try all of your advices :)

    Hi guys..

    Iam new player in this amazing game s4 League

    I started playing 5 days ago 😅 so iam beginner

    i love playing Touch down so much but iam noob when i get the ball i can not do any thing

    So guys if any one have some advice or any thing can help me to improve my play and become pro😂 i will appreciate this

    Thank u so much guys