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    I still enjoy S4 League at the most basic gameplay level. Movement, gunplay, swordplay, aesthetics and music still appeal to me.

    However over the years I've grown to dislike the game because of general instability of the game, mostly due to how old and busted the engine is.

    -Takes too long to load.

    -Prone to disconnecting.

    -Stutter/freezing whenever someone enters an ongoing match or new assets are being loaded.

    -Input lag and general unresponsiveness of the controls most of the time.

    -Lag compensation wackiness (which has been there forever but w/e)

    I did quit like 4 years ago around the Cyborgs season because I didn't like the new content, nowadays I play once in a blue moon a few st-2 matches or Chaser to relive old times but I end up getting frustrated at how busted the performance in this game is.

    I REALLY want to still enjoy S4 League but I can't when it doesn't even work properly let alone doesn't let me play more than 10 minutes due to a disconnect.