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    good news,

    But how long will it take to fix all these random crash coming out of nowhere ? Because this is the priority right now.

    And do they have a dedicated server in wich they can test and fix weapons balance or bug exploit like Wall shoot or sumsht ?

    pls dont die to my english

    There's no competitive anymore. The majority of S5 Player gone playing in private server because they can't adapt wich isnt supposed to be the solution.

    I suggest Aeria to create :

    - an official S5 mod for competitive players

    PEN mod especially for news players that can avoid to get blasted by full premium users

    unlimited mod

    in this case , there will be less reason to not bring back vote kick.

    Casuals/news and competitive player are forced to play together, this create a chaos full of frustration, sarcasm , anger issue and swear. aka toxicity

    Casuals who just having fun seem acts like they dont understand why competitive players get triggered when they're getting one shot'd by a simple bomb throwed randomly from behind a train or others busted weapons that requires low skills . but blast everyone so ez

    in other side, Competitive players pretend to be god and kicks lows skill player out of their team.

    We can hate each other but we belong to the same community wich collide to the same point,the love of s4 league, the best fast paced TPS game

    Its like from the Jackon galaxy episode when 2 cats was constantly fighting whenever the agressive one was seing the other one. They both hate each other butlive in same house , so Jackson told the owners to put cat's food in 2 bowls with an invisible wall between , so the agressive cat was accustomed to eat and see the afraid one without wanting to jump and fight. both cats became more chill days after days.

    I think im talking nonsense.