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    It is funny how some people still think that Egypt is banned due to some players hacking. I dont know who told you that but you shouldnt believe everyone. Opheliafacepalm

    Yesterday I spent 430k PEN on enchanting these chips. I didn't even get one Lv. 5 chip. Very frustrating. .-.

    I remember the very first one esper chip set I tried to enchant took me 800k pen for each lvl 5. :S and then someone told me they got all of them for 400k pen. I think I quited the game in my mind that time.

    If I think of it. Why dont we have a links to a support team here on the forum aswell? I think there is many players out there that dont know where to find it or where to send a tickets. Heiliger  

    We check each of them and if we think, they are not correct (like some from the last events) will will not vote about it.

    Then why do you let the pictures that should be disqualified join the community voting?

    By the way I didnt want to offend you. Dont take it like I am here only criticizing your job, vice versa I really appreciate your effort and what u guys do for us. All I am doing (and probably some others too) is that we all want to have the contests/events as fair as possible and if some people -that dont deserve it because they are cheating- gets through then we will just state truth. ((:

    I do not understand this situation. Why do people who didn't even send any entries to this thread, try to criticize "so badly" other people's drawing and saying that they didn't give any effort. Well then, please show us your skill. If a person can send here an entry, it means that person has enough skills and abilities to do it. Before you talk, think twice. Because it goes way waaay bad for you, some people are here just to write; meanless, purposeless write..

    Wishing good luck to all entries, i see so many good drawin':saint:

    And few people didnt give effort. Or do you believe that downloading picture from the internet and posting it here is very skillful? I don't think people are talking about artists that really drew their pictures,

    Well, I'm speechless...

    Just wanted to accent that. Furthermore, who said that I don't like it? You should stop speculating. I won't say anything else about that. zzz....

    Just ignore him. You warned him and he will most likely get disqualified so it really does not matter. Altho the staff is not really checking the pictures so maybe he will not be. :/

    bro but both are 2 diff threads

    I dun get how it became a global event

    It always is a global event. They can't do anything else than sum it all up. If there is one participant in German forum, they can't cancel the event nor they can't give all the prices to one person.


    I see. I didnt see the list of banned countries for long time so I am not sure about Algeria right now. But if its bought/shared account, then as Nightmarish said, it is ban-able and it is not possible to unban the account. If I were you, I would just create new one and play on it. And if you exchanged it with someone for something else, then the person that gave you this account should be aware that its banable action to "sell" accounts. Basically he scammed you.

    Also please avoid triple posting in the forum, use the edit button instead, you can add many quotes in one post ;)

    I think so~ Unfortunately, I didn't get an answer regarding my above-mentioned question. :<

    You are allowed to draw your character. I believe until it is s4 related, then it doesnt matter what you draw. At least it always have been like this.

    Also could staff add a countdown please? Thank you.

    It is black for me with a light forum background o.o Like I wrote I don't know when they added it because I didn't pay attention to it.
    I don't blame anyone. Just wanted to solve this "problem". Murumancers submission is really well drawn, if I could imagine that it would kinda fit in S4 for me I would have given it a like. If the new submission doesn't count the old one should (don't see a reason why not) and if he doesn't end up in the first 3 places he can still post it in the next community creation event (if he still wants to).

    I didnt notice the countdown this time too so I cant say if it was there or not.

    But it looks like this for me. So unless I move the text to darker place on the background or pay high attention to it then its really hard to notice :/

    Bez názvu.jpg

    Hm I'm not sure if my jpg is visible :/

    The "The event is over." line on the first page is the countdown feature. After the time is up the text is shown. Not sure when they added it tho but they used it.

    The problem is that with a light forum background the countdown is almost invisible so I would not blame them that they didnt notice it. I have sometimes problem to find it aswell.

    It was really fun to read the comments, I am kinda disappointed that I didnt bring a popcorn with it (but who would eat a hot popcorn in this deadly hot weather, right? X/ )

    Anyways I just wanted to say that I am surprised that the thread didnt get locked yet + that any GM/CM didnt end the event with a comment as they usually do. It would be more specific for the people that dont post their submissions in time.

    ing: Klavdya

    Submission: Godly Virus

    Excuse me, but is this supposed to be a submission for a costume contest? I think I am lost now..¨

    Because to be honest I cant even see the set.

    It is interesting art but I dont know if you are serious about it or not.