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    being a fan of s4 league from the start I gotta say when I first learned about this game was back when I just barely started getting into the dj max portable series but when I saw this!!!!!!( let's just say I wasnt hurd nor seen for a couple weeks) lmao.

    This game was an obsession I absolutley just couldn't get over the fact the style the weapons the clothes the music THE LADIES ;) you know who you are.

    But besides that reminded me alot of unreal championship 2 the liandri conflict but on steroids with amazing skill.

    As time progressed I had a favorite game mode Siege and boy was I hooked I see on here people complaining about there computer try an Hp smart book with 4gig of ram with a 10 inch screen yea I made it work.

    Overtime players started having advantages with over stat weapons that made playing unfair beyond reasonable not to mention trollers and hackers galore as things got worse gave up and pursued my ventures . This year I decided to give it another shot after a Very LONG BREAK. To my joy not only did I see nothings really changed but insulting thug abusive and bullying behavior. I wore absolutley nothing but the default clothes just to see and to my unsurprised understanding hes a Noob kick him when they dont realize I am 6 years playing this game. Before the server switched i never renewed my account so i lost it with the migration. But can I just say to the devs you guys are doing FANTASTIC thank you for adopting and taking s4 league I know theres alot of hate but I can understand your point new platform not alot of understanding with how its setup according to some. But that doesent matter you guys. You didnt have to take it but you did and for that I thank you. However theres alot of hate toward you. Let me just say you keep doing the best you can. As for the s4 league portable oh I wish you were real I almost crapped my pants when I saw they were gonna make it!.

    To all the veterans hello again and new comers welcome.

    Now for the matter at hand

    This game has the potential to go above and beyond if the developing side can master the material they have here.

    With everything I noticed playing is about winning and insulting from what I can see.

    It's honestly taking the fun out of playing and i dont deal with immature children who run there mouth because there behind a screen but boy does it get my blood going.

    Makes it reason enough to abandon this game.

    What I really wish is they made a tutorial on advanced jumps and everything to catch new comers to speed so we can start getting things interesting anyways much love a random rant


    Get that S4

    s4 league besides being fun is addicting it helps me so much get adrenaline rushes that help me with my depression but at the same time the weapons are so unbalanced and so loot ish that the advantage of playing even fair is frustrated by trolls thinking they own you. The other day while I was in azir ex this player not pointing names said I am around insignificant annoyances. When i challenged them to play since everyone was fighting there response was kid your not worth nor qualified to even touch me I'm on another level. Funny thing was I killed them once lol. But they were beyond arrogant selfish and speaking Ill of everyone e in Spanish which I understand to the T. However what's funny is almost 60 percent of the time had I had there weapons they would have been dead momentous times. There only good because of weapons with over boosted stats sure they can jump but atittude needs a lot of work. Besides that I have played this game for over 10 years but never bought anything that's just how I am but I think the player base is polluted with selfish haughty punks who think there god. Makes playing the game more annoying then fun. I decided to try I private server with the so called weapons they have and guess what! Not only was I on the same level but also being very dangerous of a competitive skilled player again. I am all for a good duel but trolls such as those who rifle you in chaser raping you to where you can't even move nor change weapon is abuse selfish arrogant and laughing at you is the worst sign of any new comer who wants to enjoy or discover s4 league not to mention there rooms are highly not optimize to filter the levels. I am passionate about this because s4 league has been a favorite of mine but they need to as it were drain the swamp with these high heads.