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    Aeria never shared the API with S4DB. Buffele programmed bots to get all the user data automatically from within the game. Imho that makes him even more shady than he already is.

    From my limited understanding, the bots were made by someone else and Buffele is simply using them...

    Y'all should just move on lmao, Fortnite replaced S4L for me. There's no hope for this game whatsoever.

    Fortnite will be lucky not to be in S4's shoes within 5 years, That style of game doesn't last long for a lot of people.

    i wont be surprised if has another 5 months left on it

    So has been said over the past... Lets fäce it, since the games launch people have been saying that. A good update would go miles to help bring people back, or even Aeria growing a spine and proactively going after hackers and people that DDoS the server.

    I think drama has become something too attached to s4.

    The internet*

    A PR department wouldn't be coders. There would be no reason for them to be. You are talking about the Easy job being more active than the insanely difficult job, of course there will be more life being seen from the easy side, their job is a lot more easy than the actual coding side.

    In reply to part 2 video:

    "More people would make it less toxic"
    No. I do see matches with a lot of toxicity, but no where near the same amount that it once was. More people here to try hard at winning will naturally cause more toxicity.

    "We are having issues that are too broken to fix themselves"

    Code something. You'll learn very quickly that it isn't that simple. Especially when you are coding on something that is several years old without a community to help guide you. S4's engine is how old? Never mind the fact it is custom and has no community to go to with issues, the amount of time to adjust and fix a system properly that has spent several years being held together with white school glue and masking tape is gonna have a lot of issues, and those issues will take a long time to correctly fix, assuming they can be fixed at all.


    They host their own servers. That said, there can be bugs with servers just the same as running the game.

    Since we are on servers, the servers they opened for the beta ran perfectly. It was only during the point after the beta did things become an issue. To me, the amount of people/accounts seem to me, to be the biggest difference. It would also explain why issues slowly get worse over time. That is something they could easily help stop from getting worse, but don't. However, that said, to back track through countless accounts to improve upon the situation, it seems stupid. At that point, they might as well initiate another migration, though given how well the last one did, I'd have to assume that would literally kill the game. It could also be people having buggy accounts or even some glitched out accounts causing issues. Who really is to say, it could simply be a problem within the code itself that degenerates over time, causing more and more issues.

    "We have a comic now"

    Coding and drawing are different. You can have zero coding experience and still be able to draw a comic. I can't believe that still needs to be said -_-

    "It is aeria's fault too"

    At this point, it is on them. I believe when you first posted your original video, the korean developers where SOLELY in charge of coding. AERIA didn't have the AUTHORITY BY CONTRACT to work on, or code the game. Their RIGHTS were EXCLUSIVELY to HOST the game. They did not have the authority to work on it -_-

    "AP stuff coming out with nothing else"

    Duh, skins do not require coding. CODING is what is needed to fix things. Should they close every aspect and lay off all the people who handle anything but coding in order to fix the issues? Is that what people want? Nothing new coming out at all and hoping that the game survives the lack of new content till everything is fixed? Cause I personally can forgive them for trying to make money while trying to fix the dumpster fire they were left with by the previous developer.

    *S4 "boss's" Kitty shirt*

    Aww :3

    "Hackers exist, it is Aeria's fault"

    Meanwhile, games that are 100% totally not pay to win, being covered by the exact same hack sheild, and make several hundreds of thousands more a month also have hackers. Is this also Aeria's fault?

    While we are on hacking, You do realize that S4DB gains info from hacking S4 right? Admittedly, aeria were massive pricks and ended up causing that outcome, but it doesn't change the fact they too are using hacks to maintain themselves. I personally would like to believe that the site owners and such don't do anything nefarious, as they have been (at least in the past) honorable people.

    "PM letter placement issues"

    The forums are the best place for it, they could advertise it on the splash page, but that is assuming that people care about it. Most people that care about the what inbehind the games either come to the forums, or go to S4DB (Which they wouldn't advertise it on anyway). What I would prefer, is ifg they posted them to the forum first instead of facebook first >.<


    You can get the same stats without spending a dime.

    Final points:


    Can be fixed, but when it is fixed, it only lasts a finite amount of time. Providing a "permanent fix" will never happen.

    "Fixing servers and pings"

    Fixing servers is going to take a long long time. Like fixing the game. There is a lot that needs to go into it. Say you, personally, made a game on your computer, It works flawlessly for you. You upload it to a third part site like... Steam or game jolt, or some other open platform. Suddenly, you will have issues pour in because what works for you won't work for another. so it will inevitably take time to provide fixes, or you could just be like nope and leave it as is, I suppose... Not the best way to manage something though...

    Ping: At best, they might be able to improve upon a players ping slightly. Pings themselves are not constant. In dealing with an issue recently, I have went to speedtest a lot, even amongst multiple tests to the same servers, the pings vary. I am sure that aeria could figure out some metric to improve connectivity, but a -10 ping of the dude pushing 500 isn't gonna do much.

    "New player friendly"

    There is a beginner server. That said, they need to keep alt accounts out of there. Now, with enchants and the like, yes, there is going to be an uphill climb, no doubt, people who have played longs will have better stuff then someone who just started a couple weeks ago. What solution is there for that? Is there one where aeria doesn't get slammed one way or another? Cause I can't see one off hand.

    They could reintroduce level capped rooms, but there in lies the issue with alt accounts. They could remove those, but then the game has less players in it and the beginner channels are left to die.

    "It is an e-sports game"

    In the same vain as the fifa series is an e-sports game. I believe e-sports as it is known today is younger than S4.

    "Limit specific weapons"

    Was not a major issue in the glory days. Banning weapons in itself is a cancer in the game.

    "Improve the kick system to be more efficient"

    ALSO not around during the glory days. One of the biggest reasons for the toxicity you see is people wanting other people to be kicked. If they removed that, I could almost guarantee you would see much less toxicity in the game since those sorts of people would know their constant gripping wouldn't amount to anything. Heck, we had a point in time where kick was broken, flat out broken, and how peaceful it was, well, until the hackers, but even then, less complaining.

    And hey, you want it to be more newbie friendly, how about you make a kick system that more efficiently kicks them out of every single room they enter for not being good enough or even high enough level, That sounds super newbie friendly doesn't it?

    "Make stuff more accessible to new players"

    How much more accessible can they make stuff without being like "Here is free stuff for nothing at all :D", I would genuinely like to know. Cause that is where a lot of people who are asking for balance have gone to at this point. What, more pen? More pen for those that either refuse to do what is needed to get the gear themselves or simply don't know how/can't manage their pen at all? Honestly, what is your solution. You tell them you fix a lot, but offer no idea's to consider. That isn't helpful.

    "Add a new fumbi dance at half time"

    And here you are asking for cosmetics... You were complaining about cosmetics earlier, now here you are asking for more? Weird...

    "Weapon and skill in the lobby"

    If people don't mind, you could add that to the character page (assuming that isn't already a thing, dunno, I never check them)

    "The game was designed to be great"

    The game was designed to be a promotional piece for an arcade game. Feel free to look up the game DJ Max, produced by Neowiz and pentavision.

    In fact, here:

    Though the sound and length are different, you can tell that they are at least the same in a multitude of aspects.

    xxXSatanic_AbyssXxx you checked it... with GIMP? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha no buddy. Yes there is a chance that they might not be perfectly aligned (they are aligned, the guinea pigs unplugged their mouses to prevent even the slightest rotations), but you can't tell that by merely looking at a picture by naked eye.

    The breathing animation is COMPLETELY desynced, are you blind? But the test is set up in a way that breathing doesn't affect it.

    Hey Satanic do you still consider the Bat Spin to be "a tad overpowered"? 1.0

    Look, guys, if you believe that my test was inaccurate, you can go in-game to test it yourselves instead of shooting the messenger.

    If you want to use something as proof, then don't get pissy that someone checks it. And, if they find your gif doesn't stack up, deal with it like an adult.

    Also, unless you are going to admit to straight up hacking, I would love to hear you explain how you fashioned 2 characters to stand in an identical position. Btw, they weren't centered on each other. They were reasonably aligned to one side on a basic sight test.

    The characters also have to look into a more than a pixel perfect direction for this test to be even valid. Even the slightest rotation will swap the hitboxes around. But it doesn't matter anyway since not even the breathing animation matches between the characters.

    The breathing animation seen in the .gif seemed to be at best a single pixel in difference. Granted, given scaling it could be more dramatic, but it didn't make a great difference from what I could see.

    With a quick check in gimp:



    No, they are not aligned. You being able to fit one inside the other does not make them aligned. From what I can tell, the male is slightly angled outwards, which would be able to make a difference between hit and non-hit.

    Pants only gives you defense against Melee, Guns, Throwing/Special/Install

    Shirt only gives you attack in Guns, Melee, Throwing/Special/Install

    Hair only gives you defense Guns, Melee, Throwing/Special/Install

    Now here's where it get complicated. Lets say you have a set with a +10 defense, you are able to distribute that +10 defense across all stat perimeters.

    Throw all 10 defense in melee if you want to. Throw +5 in guns and +5 in melee. Or throw 3 in each aspect of defense. You can have your character be super OP against melee or be weaker but balanced. The level of balance this adds is just great. Players might even buy the same clothing with different colors because there's more configuration options.

    Even though I do agree that was a better system, you won't be able to revert back to it at this point without upsetting some people. Even though people are currently upset, you have to note which people. The people funding this games existence will always come before the people that simply support it by playing, the game is not free to run and nor is the company behind it.

    With this you would only ever be OP in a particular area. An ap tank running your way? Hit him with a melee and he'l fizzle like any normal player if all his defenses are in guns. If he has all his stats spread out across the board then his defenses wont be so strong.

    That system remains that SO would still be broken at that point.

    Pen shop will not sell colored item.

    I have seen games do that, people would still complain.

    I would remove the shop (YES) Remove the shop. I would then allow players to buy coupons with PEN and get it from arcade and other single player


    If you have no skills equipped to your character, your chip skill becomes available. So you wont be able to use fly and the red beam with the same character. As a bonus the skills will be more balanced since the interval you can use it will decrease.

    I suppose that could be one way to balance f-skills...

    For enchants we would need to just scrap it. Or better yet we could have those enchants have adverse effect?

    Want to have +8 defense piercing on your weapons? Fine. Then your clothing/Hair defense are reduced. So your defense is reduced by -8

    Want to have TD atk plus +8? then your TD defense is reduced by +8. Also, your defense doesn't have a base cap. Its gonna continuing to go down.
    Want to have higher critical damage? Then your accuracy goes down.

    Any enchant that affects damage must adversely affect the player.

    Wonderful idea, but once again, you are setting sights on things almost everyone has. Making it easier to gain max enchants would be just as good without punishing people who have already been through that system.

    Make it so players can craft for pack weapons by using their Pen permanent weapon that they acquired as a base. If you have a SMG with time you can craft a forcepack smg with the color of your choosing.

    Would probably be cheaper I-capping honestly. You should remember price points on that sort of system would depend on current systems.

    Re balance the weapons Based on feedback (no one wants to play against unfair weapons. Look at the PS. it is balanced extremely well. Its as if someone who played/coded fighting games made it.

    Pretty sure it too was either nerfed or buffed at some point...

    Well in a free2play game it should be possible for new people to have at least similar stats to the other players. If they pay for skins and something like that, it's on them but why would anyone new to the game pay money for it, if it's not even fun for them? (talking about differences in item stats)

    They already do. I-caps, P-caps, Fumbi, level-up, events, login rotation, crafting, arcade, etc... Things do exist to get those stats for free.

    selfish thinking like this is what destroyed the game in the 1st place^

    So, in your world view, you think you getting something for free is good, but when someone got the same thing, but had to work for it thinks that everyone should have to put in some work for it as well, that is what is selfish. Yeah, OK, at least we know where you stand.

    And the difference between you and me is ...

    Everything seen here is bought with money.

    Good for you, you have a ton of stuff that you don't use that you paid real money for, And that is relevant to anything I said how?

    I have no disagreement over the chips, they need to gain some level of nerf or be easier to access. Honestly, I would prefer nerf though.


    If we are talking straight balance, re-adding the secondary prize to the capsules would go a long way, for instance, what it once was (a 1 day, 7 day, 30day +1 rental with a chance to get a +1 permanent) or even giving the chance to gain a +3 or +7 version of the prize either timed or permanent would go miles to assist with the power balance. A +3 or +7 might not seem like much, but it is miles better than a rental you can't really enchant for anything.

    1. Alaplaya was never a developer. They were the original host for the EU/NA version.
    2. P7S1 Bought pentavision. At no point did they collaborate on the game outside of that initial purchase.

    3. "S4 league joined Aeria games" No. P7S1 bought Aeria.

    4. A great deal of those weapons you are complaining about are from dark lightning (1st season)/ iron eyes (2nd season). Treasure hunter was all the way out in 6th season.

    5. S4DB is not an official source. It uses 3rd party hacks to gain it's information and the information it gathers can actually be wrong, I realize that may shock you, but it is true.

    6. "All room owners limit the spammy weapons" Yeah, cause no one ever complains about SD spam, or CS spam. It is totally about balance, not simply not being able to deal with things and banning them. Yeah, totally not... It isn't as if when a weapon is first introduced, it is banned by all those rooms.

    Heck, I'd bet they could literally nerf the rail gun so hard that it becomes useless and people would still ban it from their rooms cause that is the type of community we have.

    7. "Developers are more focused on AP shop than development" Yes, cause coding something and making skins are the exact same process and can be easily done by the exact same people.

    8. "Did I mention the stats" Yes, what you didn't mention however is the fact you can get those without buying a single AP. I-Caps and P-Caps do exist, as do events, heck, closing the gap can be done with Fumbi as well. Not to mention item crafting that goes great with fumbi to get peices. Just because SOME people don't use them doesn't mean they stop existing. For instance:

    Lot of free stuff if you ask me. Also, those enchant numbers, not a single dime went into pushing them.

    9. Toolers, OK, tell them how to fix that.

    10. Hackers: Everything has them. Not just games, but absolutely everything. Yelling fix them doesn't do anything.

    And, since we are on it. I noticed more than 1 account on your video. Multiple account creation doesn't help new players, nor does it encourage them to stick around and get stomped on endlessly. Player numbers would probably improve if it weren't for that.


    plus the current popular games have proven that they can be successful just by selling cosmetics

    Because they started with that -_-.

    It is a little different to spite your current active and playing player base in the hopes of getting a better player base. As a matter of fact, is there an example of that working ever? You need to remember, the game has been open for over 10 years. Changing the system now isn't as simple as you seem to think.

    So, we're in a time where games like Overwatch, Fortnite, DotA, League of Legends and basically any other competitive game has definitely dropped the pay-to-win scheme

    Overwatch is P2P to begin with, not to mention loot boxes they use to sustain themselves are being outlawed in a bunch of places,
    Fortnite has one game mode that is F2P, also, by the quick look on their site, if you want to play comp, you also get to pay for that too.

    Dota and LoL are both woefully much simpler games. Their overhead and production is not the same as S4 league.

    I'm quoting Shigeru Miyamoto because the legend himself said it the last month: "We're lucky to have such a giant market, so our thinking is, if we can deliver games at reasonable prices to as many people as possible, we will see big profits."

    Nintendo sells games.

    If you actually make "no-stats" a thing it will just become boring, limiting the player playstyle is what ruined games like PUBG, League of Legends or Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    How about you not use LoL to try to prove your point then?

    If you have already played the game, you know what to do to maximize profit. The thing is, the newbies don't so for them it looks like a p2w game.

    Not really the games fault. Not to mention people like the OP don't help. The game offers the things to get the stats, players assuming they don't exist is purely on them.

    I will freely admit, I do not put the level of effort in that some do. I can also admit I could do better. That said, it is concept art, and it is a contest in which only one victor will be crowned. Be it rotten attitude or whatever you'd like to call it, I see no point sitting here and doing countless hours of work to produce something on a maybe. Some people may be willing to, but I am not. I'd be lying if I said I didn't use outside sources under public domain (Public domain being a legal term for publicly made content to which the original author has legally acknowledged that they forgo their rights to their works and thereby permit them to be modified or reused in any way for anything whether it be commercial or non-commercially), for instance, my characters model (At least the body shape) came from a free to use archetype, done to purely make it decent, that said, that 2d outline is under public domain, and was loosely traced to ensure it looked correct and the proportions are correct. The clothing, hair, accessory, tattoos, etc... are done free handed. To me, that could be forgiven since it follows the spirit of the competition, though, if the rules are absolute, then it could potentially kill off many participants.

    Now, it is clear that there is a lot of either partial or complete rip offs within the lineup of established characters, drawings, etc that if S4 were to produce, it would leave them wide open for both legal copyright and intellectual copyright lawsuits and issues. These are completely a different level. They are taking someone else's artwork and design, in whole, and reproducing it (Such as a simple recolor or outright tracing) or simply stealing it. The fact that they are in there is a joke, and one that at one point would have never happened. For instance:
    Wizard thing with a dragon

    Space pirate with weird racoon
    There are a few others that look really familiar, but I am not going though trying to place them purely to make the point these 2 entries alone make.

    As far as the facebook thing, I bet if I went to gleam IO, I could win that by offering a $10 steam wallet code by thousands of points ahead of the person who has a couple hundred friends backing them. It turns a design contest into a popularity contest and I don't think that is a fair thing to do, especially when I don't recall such a stipulation being originally mentioned in the original post.

    Honestly, indifferent. If the game had the capacity to actually fill the map so that it didn't take forever to find people other than around spawn points, it might be different, but as is, it is basically the Galleon...

    Since no one really answered your question, it is a TD version of the Galleon map. In the existing Galleon map, you can actually see that initial room, even though it is bared off.

    Second map I believe it is called city square if I am not mistaken... there was some sort of problem with it, though I don't remember what it was off hand.

    I checked on S4 wiki, I was close, it is city square 2. It is a DM map.

    I am guessing the 3rd is steel cage 2.

    The 4th is City square.

    If you want to see others, here: *clicky*

    Even though there isn't a character creation contest going on, I wanted to try my hand at the cat costume idea that was floated on S4's facebook page, and it seems like this is the place to do so :P

    This is the Cat Scratch set:


    And the Kitten Love set:


    Originally, I had intended to give both a visor style sunglasses/cat ear headphones, but I kinda painted myself into a corner with her hair ^^'

    I know I am not the best with anime style, but any comments would be welcome :P

    Please no, this is why hmg is too strong rn, because it's played with shield

    So, for something to be OP, it needs to be combined with something else. And thus, the first something needs to be nerfed? No. Not even remotely how to balance a weapon. You balance based on the default on a 1 to 1 comparison. If you want to balance something according to situational reasons, then anyone could propose balances that don't properly asset the capacity of the item.

    Kara is not here today. Look what i found on his desk(top)


    Too me, it looks like variations, 1 and 3 have a simular appearance, 2 and 4 do as well...

    From what I could guess, it seems like variations of superheros... I think 2 and 4 could easily pass for designs of green arrow and 7 has a very flash like look.

    Looking at 3

    "Soldier 76, reporting for duty"

    I wonder what will come out of this. Those are clearly Dominic symbols on the chests.

    I am guessing DC mockups vs Marvel mockups.

    You can't just open it for other regions. There is much legal stuff to do before you can do that. You have to get licenses for that specific region. And that costs money too. So it might be a longer adventure there, but I'm sure it will happen. It's just about time.

    No. That was the case, but right now it is a debate about how to support those players, do they add a server, how to deal with lag, do they need to hire language support staff for it, etc...

    New Ost/Sound track.

    It be nice if we get new music into this game. Help refresh the game and get in more new players into this game.

    They try to make their own music or have some do it. Aslong its catchy and not too cheesy.

    Technically, they could do a contest for that, I have software myself, though have no clue how to actually use it lol ^^'

    S4 has been "dying" since at least 5 years. Probably longer, depending on whom you ask.

    *Patch 10 introduces AP*

    Players: Game is dying D:


    is dying since when aeria games took the renderings of this game and it's been over 2 months that still does not open the ip ban this company believes that all of Europe plays this game.

    #s4 league unique game in the world with ip ban -ezClap

    It has not been over 2 months, it has been less than 3 weeks since they made the announcement and they need to decide what level of support they will offer them, which has been stated multiple times -_-

    Not gonna open the game to 300ms people, surely some of them want to get kicked out of rooms so they can have a reason to complain about in the forums

    It could, but they need to determine how first.

    kill several enemys at the same time at a long range while canceling them

    I honestly don't understand people saying this about the dagger. To kill 1 person in the daggers stab, the last 2 hits are absolutely necessary, possibly all 3 dependent on the enemy. Also, I very rarely seeing it killing multiple people at the same time unless they are huddled stupidly close together.

    Do something against the possibilty to endlessly stun a target.

    They did, you can dodge out of it.

    Counter: Change the mechanic completely. Make a timed counter move. If you use it and time it correctly aimed against an attack, let the aggressor not be stunned, but tumbled backwards and open for an attack.

    No. CS blocks most attacks that are easily spammed/spammy. Almost every weapon (Melee) has a direct counter to it. As far as timing goes, lag beats timing 100%. Forcing it to a time limit means the possibility of the user dying despite "Using it correctly"

    Revenge slows the user at a cost of having a one way defense from some attacks. The slowness of the user makes up for that defense.

    4. Can you disclose a list of major bugs you are currently working on

    I can answer this without being on staff. None. As is, they are still learning how to work with it's engine and train staff. The most major thing we have been told is they intend to do a weapon balance within the first couple patches though.

    What does it change if your plasma sword loses 5 damage if you're only using it to stun / dash or if the breaker does less damage.

    And if CS looses stun? CS's revenge stance is exclusively set the way it is because people can shoot it. Same with all melee, their damage outputs are higher due to the nature of closeness. To set up balance, the closeness factor would have to be reduced, thus could eventually break the mode depending on how balances from that viewpoint work.

    If anything from the sound of it Unlimited gets the special treatment, and OS gets the attention.

    Unlimited includes all weapons, meaning it is the best way to balance all weapons. You asking for mode specific edits is the definition of special treatment. If that mode is in need of special conditions to work, then that means it shouldn't be there.

    Who uses CS in unlimited where everyone uses guns, making revenge useless?

    Since UNLIMITED includes all weapons including swords, it is not worthless.

    TB was broken then I be seeing more people abusing it, but sadly it not. Not even meta too.

    TB actually has some interesting meta capacities as far as minor utility movement, the thing is, most people don't really care to use them. For instance, the jump attack slightly raises the player up, meaning that people can get a slight bit higher with basic jumps but 180'ing and jumping backwards. This can be helpful on station 2's stairs and jumping over people slightly higher up than you. It is a weird thing to get used to, but can be useful when you do.

    Though, as far as attacks go, it does kinda pale in comparison to it's cousin the breaker.

    Are you talking about that one xmas thing from like what, 2? maybe 3 years ago? That basically every person who was waiting for it kinda gave up because ya know... #soon

    Um, no. It happened, in quite possibly the most insulting way possible, but it did happen.

    Bind would be way too powerful in SO, there's nothing to contest its range, and once a player is bound you can just spam them with BRK JA. You might as well allow rail gun.

    Or you could spam them with breaker jump. In SO, bind could be more balanced really, both players have to deal damage with close range, meanwhile, in unlimited, several people use bind and then wall shoot their opponent to death. That couldn't happen in SO.

    Let me clarify. Combi Set cap was a mistake. I still haven't forgotten about it and I still want to do something about it. Maybe sending an exclusive reward to people with the right combi level.

    Not now, the focus is somewhere else, but it's in my mental list.

    Hey, look, the new xmas thing.

    Although I’m not sure if that has it’s own expenses.

    As someone who needs to deal with server hosts, I can tell you that you might be able to get away with putting a modified version of this game (Meaning no user data) on a free server, but the data and storage on them would probably limit the max number of players to 10 and be operational a couple hours on weekends only to not exceed bandwidth. For those players that claim there are over 1000 players on one, and that one is always up, I'd say it would probably at least be $500/month if they got a sweetheart deal with a new provider, probably more if they didn't. Of course, they could own a private server, but even then, keeping it cool, power, the internet bill per month, it would all ad up really quickly.


    1.I have explained to you there are many private servers of the wow cabal metin, among many other games that do not pay a single dollar to the company that created the original game, that is why they are private servers that profit from the different things that the original game offers but at a lower cost if these private s4 league give you the opportunity to pay a membership for example to have force packs every week or choose your force pack pet the one you want without capsules people will pay just because they want to play s4 league and the original not allowed, who is the fault of the company or in this case the group of people who manages the division of s4 league that isolated the other countries

    PD: Private server does not pay intellectual property right.. Omegalul

    1. No you haven't.

    2. Blizzard actively closes private servers. And yes, there are a lot of people pissed off by it.

    3. As is, no one pays for the games they are ripping off. However, they could be made to very easily to avoid a lawsuit. Factually, Aeria owns S4 League now, they can sue people for using their brand name alone, never mind hacked software for it.

    Who is even going to do that?

    To make money they will have to sell AP and no one will play on a such server. Not to mention it is more likely those to go underground than pay fees.

    Even if we assume a private server will make a good money to be able to pay the fee, Aeria may be just running a server and selling AP by themselves if it is still profitable.

    It is a public relations loop hole. If they want to have a private server, they can pay for the intellectual property rights owned by aeria. Also, who cares if they make money? That is 0% Aeria's problem. Running a server capable of playing a game in a way that could potentially damage Aeria's bottom line to begin with would be ridiculously expensive to begin with, so if adding on a cost for them to remain open will bankrupt them, is there a major difference if the end result is the same? Aeria giving them a chance, even a small or unreasonable one will save a lot of hatred being projected at the company. Just look at blizzard and rockstar closing private servers for older versions of world of warcraft and GTAV respectively, the fan base imbued them with hatred and trashed their names for the slight against them.

    As for the having them all here, even I, someone who is against private servers to begin with, realize that they treat the game differently. Those differences will keep some hackers off their case in the name of "Fair play" (Absolute max enchants at the best possible rates is hardly the way to balance given natural rarity to me), and leave them to their own. In that aspect, they could be used as useful tools. However, it may mean a drop in revenue in some rare cases, as such, to make up for that disparity, having them pay for licensing of the brand should be just as fine.

    they are closing all the private servers, if aeria game does not remove ip ban this game is dead, as it is clear that the s4 league is so bad because of the low participation of people in the official game

    Considering some peoples reaction to stuff like that, I think it may be better for them to enforce licensing rights rather than full closure. That way they could charge the private servers a monthly cost in order for them to exist, while ensuring less hackers on the main servers. Refusal to use this system would result in closure and Aeria would get less heat for allowing them an out.

    Rail Gun [Nerf]

    Either remove the slow effect -or- drastically reduce it's damage.

    A weapon, even a sniper, shouldn't have so much power to negatively effect another player. While dodging to avoid finishing shots with the slow effect is possible, being able to do so multiple times unless right next to cover is nearly impossible assuming relative decent aim.

    Turret [Nerf]

    Either remove the defense increase when set up -or- make the spread less accurate -or- Reduce damage over distance.

    As is, having a turret set up provides a rapid fire, high damage and very accurate weapon across a large area. Those 3 factors should not all be set to true. While turret as a whole has disadvantages, being able to decimate opposition from a far distance while not having to worry about snipers is simply too much for the cost of not moving. For instance, if a set up turret and a sniper take opposite ends of the Colosseum, I have no doubt the turret would win, it's power and accuracy combined with it's defense make it very hard to deal with adequately regardless of skill.

    Sentry Neil [Balance]

    Allow area of detection to exclude direct sight.

    In actual combat, placement of the neil can be excessively hard (especially since most snipers can easily pic it off). I propose it being allowed to be placed on the corner of a wall and have it take effect through the wall.

    Sentry Gun [Buff]

    Add HP to it somewhere between 20-30% should work.

    Given how easy it is to destroy, and the relatively small amount of damage it does for being an open target, it should at least be able to handle taking more than a couple shots from a sniper outside of it's field of view.

    Bat, breaker and CS [Buff]

    Bat's, breaker's and CS's jump attack should go slightly lower, even by one or 2 degrees.

    Smashing something on the ground should be able to effect the ground.

    Breaker [Nerf]

    Make the charge have the same/similar time limit that was given to the twin blade.

    It doesn't make sense that only the twin blades charge time has a maximum, especially when the breakers charge can stun. The limit to the TB's charge was added to stop camping, when that happened, the people doing it just switched to breaker.

    Rocket Launcher [Fix?]

    While using the rocket launcher, I notice sometimes it miss fires and blows up in my face, other times, if I am close to a wall, it will end up hitting said wall while the damage markers don't indicate that.

    Just fix it so neither happen .-.

    Iron Boots

    -Reduce the movement speed and increase the SP consumption. It is used as a scoring tool and not as weapon.

    -Increase the damage or reduce the cooldowns of the basic attacks. The basic attacks are literally useless considering they makes you stand still for a long time after using them.

    Mind Energy/Mind Shock - Nerf

    -Reduce the fire rate or the amount of heal/damage. Both weapons does too much for something that doesn't require a lot of aiming.

    I can agree with both points, but with the Mind weapons, I would like to request consideration that their ammo should be limited based on the comparison between the rescue gun and mind energy, both are healing weapons, yet mind energy clearly has a massive advantage over the rescue gun. Also, with the Mind shock, I believe a comparison could be drawn from the homing rifle and shock rifle despite being in comparison weaker than the mind shock.

    Cannonade: I think it wasn't that bad before the Rail buff. So let's just assume you revert that buff. So from this point I now compare the Canno to the old Rail Gun. Obviously both should be viable. But the Rail Gun was used more often than the Canno, even before the buff. My idea: lower the delay after a shot so that you have a higher rate of fire. ("But you could just airhug, you noob", you might say now. That's true but I think Canno only has it's full power when you use the high ground. So being using Fly with Canno would be much more effective which the lower delay.)

    Cannon actually has a slight aim assist, no where near an actual homing shot, but because of it, it can usually hit people who wall snipe as well. It is one of the 2 reasons I use one myself. As for higher ground, that is probably due to its small area of effect, on contact with the ground.

    Based on:


    When I asked if I should re-upload idea's from the old forum, I figured I would re-upload a couple of suggestions and 1 new map design to these forums :3

    Corruption mode (Was on the previous forums)

    Map design: Aquarium (Also from previous forums)

    New Map: Station 4

    I come from the time of pentavision where the players did not care who had lag, we just thought about playing the largest amount of points and obviously make touch down, the time you had to spam to enter the Spanish server because everyone wanted to go there Latins ,Americans, spanish Germans etc. all Europe concentrated on the Spanish server we all wanted to play, over time they were focusing on things that do not make sense that it is annoying to play with someone lag, but that never matters to the pentavision generation the only thing that bothers me of aeria games is that the 21st century comes to a company to put ip ban players who are paying for your game and buy ap in each event, I do not know who the marketing manager of this company or in this case the manager to have I took that decision, but the only thing that is clear to me is that they lost a lot of money when they put the IP ban into countries

    PD: It's unfortunate to see that all the private servers of s4 league have more people than the original

    They were forced to ban countries by GameOn. Likewise, GameOn refused to sell them the licenses for those area's based on... Really who knows? I know originally NA was suppose to go to Neowiz, but alaplaya somehow got the license instead, so it could have simply been immaturity that it happened as such, or it could be something to do with support issues (Like having no one on staff that speaks <Insert language here> for <Insert language here> speaking countries, or not having a <Insert language here> forum)