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    Well this question was obviously addressed to you guys the S4 League Team. How the hell should we answer that? You guys messed it up not we the normal community.

    Well I mean thats right, but you don't do anything. If it is a problem here to avoid the rules why it isn't on the official S4 League discord server? The rules get broken on a daily basis there and no one f-ing cares there Opheliafacepalm

    don't forget that official discord server is a circlejerk between same old people every freaking day with their stupid shît, most of the rules gets broken every freaking day, "old" players abusing new faces and stuff like that, but who cares. :^)
    Also holy hell this censor hurts me inside.

    Hella, did someone dropped you while you was learning coding or what? We already have a game to rip from, we ain't building anything from scratch. With decent and experienced devs coding would be one of easier parts of remaking this game. You'd possibly have to remake the models in the engine you moved over to, but coding would be way easier when dev team has better tools/language.

    Yeah but the general opinion now is that the CS is fine. Some may even still complain about the revenge though.

    I'd rather nerf revenge than nerfing the damage, not to mention there are 12412987 animation cancels that makes CS absurdly strong so nerfing its damage actually seems fair, yeah.

    Well, the CS damage was nerfed ages ago and mostly because people were complaining about it. The revenge is still very strong ability which makes the CS still a must have in sword only mode even if it just for that.

    Yeah, CS's damage was absurdly strong but it doesn't justify nerfing it to the ground entirely imo.

    The only good reason would be FUN. But the game and the community is taking that kinda well away so I guess there is no good reason . Only people that are addicted to the game are still playing it.

    I'm not addicted, so I just uninstalled again and I'll wait till the game gets fixed... But I don't have any hopes for that.

    play if you still get fun from the game simple as that. Otherwise theres better options elsewhere

    I'd play RB6 than playing this tbh, I still long for a game that has a similiar gameplay to S4L while being actually good.

    Then leave. No one needs more people crying for stupid things.

    Oh, I guess you're triggered? How is anything I said stupid there? There are a lot of softwares that you can still macro with also. Keep your stupid white knighting for yourself, random. Also, telling the stuff I don't like in current S4L is crying and I should be gone? No wonder why this game doesn't have any new players then, drown in your ego.

    There's still a lot of macro users as far as i know but like u said its an improvment

    Yup, It's still better than before but there are still people that uses macros.

    EAC seems to be blocking most of the macros so idk what you are even talking about.

    The only OP weapons right now are the bombs, iron boots and the heals. All other weapons are equally valuable for the most part.

    Swords only is pretty much "cpd no f" rooms so the only weapon used there are CS, PS and SD anyway.

    Yeah, I noticed that but I still don't like how a fp cs tickles people, or how broken SD's damage is. Also yeah, screw bombs.

    So, I tried to play this game again, last time I properly played this game was around 2013 or so. All I see is basically people facetanking hits, one shooting, macros everywhere, it seems like even having semi decent enchants on FP sets/weapons doesnt helps anymore. Weapon balance is literally gone, and it feels like most old weapons are mostly inferior to new ones, same applies for swords. So um, Why I should even play this game? I can't seem to find a good reason for that.

    You know what. For once I'll actually give actual feedback.

    Firstly, to revive this game you would have to fix it's retarded clusterfuck of a engine, then you would have to fix the servers, then you would have to try fixing it's delusional community.

    Then, you would have to actually make decent ads, and remove this retarded system of "be a whale, and pwn every noob in game with stats!!!!", is there anything else I missed?

    But for a 10 years old game, it's too much effort, I would just milk the remaining players and let the game die eventually. But hey, life is hard, I'd like to see this game alive tbh.

    Think S4L like a fighting game. When you're new, you'll get stomped by older players, but if you're willing to actually study the people you vs with you'll get eventually better. When people kicks newbies from rooms, they either play with people same skill level as em, or they quit game, so we have no actual new competition.

    Yeah some people are obviously immune to the bans, it happened before with <name removed>, some people have provided enough proof with videos of her hacking but nothing had been done, she just got her account unbanned 2 days later

    You were around back then? There was a lot of people who supposedly "perma banned" who got unbanned shortly after, it is nothing new.

    Oh, after reading for some time I see. I feel sad for you since you got the bad end of the stick. But hey, life isn't really fair. :^)