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    What do you suggest? Buy the code from them and do it better then.

    id suggest actually doing the various improvements that get constantly posted but since thats never happening they might as well keep doing what they are doing while people sit here going DONT WORRY S4 WILL BE GOOD AGAIN ANY DAY NOW

    It just needs some time until the current devs gets comfortable with the code. After that it can get back on rails or gets even better if managed correctly.

    I just hope we won't be getting a lot of staff changes too often cuz that really slows the things down even more.

    oh look its been what 9 months and what new content has their been? oh right diddly squat lmao

    game is on life support and they are just milking whales until they quit

    My solution is accessibility: We want to make FP more accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, putting out patches has been delayed way longer than we imagined and there is nothing to show at the moment.

    Honestly thats going to be the best thing to do, removing stats will annoy people and keeping them too cash heavy annoys people

    Ultimately I'd say the best thing to do is work on S4, get a good grip on what people like, what works and what doesn't and then make an S4 League 2.

    The simple fact is, S4 is basically ancient in gaming terms and people very rarely want to play old games. Even moreso when they are multiplayer as most of the players left have been playing for ages and will stomp new players into the floor which then drives most of the few interested people out.

    Thats easy to solve, give those people 3 chances, after that its a 1 day ban, then a 3 day ban, and by the third time its perma ban.
    Because in the end, thats the only true thing that keeps players on every online game in check, baning.

    or instead of potential hampering an already small playerbase, find a way to reduce or outright remove their pen/exp gains for a set period of time

    you can still play, you just arent getting anything out of it

    I can sort of understand the rail gun restriction here and there, and the no heal/ms (though with that restriction I prefer it because me with a few healers can be OP <3) but some restrictions are there only to ensure they can win without effort. How are people even considering themselves good at the game when a simple Cannonadier can just wipe you out with rookie-level skills >:

    yeah, some people use them just so they can braindead win

    id personally only block off stuff that i find obnoxious (boots, rail and by proxy of rail ban anch) since i just flat out hate dealing with them and maybe heals and bombs depending on my mood


    Instead of lamenting about how the railgun is, why not just petition to keep both iterations of the railgun with the newer iteration becoming the Mark 2 variant?

    so nobody uses the original because the mark 2 is busted as hell and every game continues to have both sides rapid firing onehits everywhere

    just put the current iteration deep into the dumpster and never look at it again

    Stun and Bind are both good teamwork moves. Stun Lock is the only version that feels nasty, but otherwise they're both good defensive moves. I know many players don't like things that're inconvenient for their setup to handle but seriously we shouldn't just delete mechanics of the game that have been there since the games birth just because of players crying "I don't want to be stunned or binded anymore qq". What's next? Suggesting that on-hit effects in general dissapear?


    stunlock is generally only a problem if you try to solohero with the ball which is entirely on you for not going with your team in most cases

    No, stun and bind are fine. It means people at least have to vaguely work as team instead of turning the game even further into XMLGX SOLOHERO.

    Also lol@trusting OW developers, they've made one of the worst FPS I've ever played and are more interested in fighting """""""toxicity""""""" than making their game not a dumpster fire.