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    I can't remember it being communicated. On the 25.05.2018 I got an email about GDPR but nothing about the ToS.

    By the way, your privacy policy is also outdated. The Berlin Authority of Data Protection and Freedom of Information is not responsible for Aeria anymore as you moved your mainoffice to Hamburg and deleted the entry in the Berlin commercial registry.

    I just talked with legal about this topic.
    Although the headquarters of the Aeria is now Hamburg but the permanent establishment is still Berlin, which is why the jurisdiction is right.

    Let me just add somthing so everyone knows how to request the data correctly and the same trouble as with nightmarish5's request won't happen again.
    We have an offical contact for your personal data, here a little quote from the privace policy:

    Hi guys, we tried to fix this issue yesterday during the maintenance. Unfortunately we were not able to do so. We are still investigating the issue.


    Hi S4 Leaguers,

    The new patch has been applied to our live servers!
    It took us a while, but we are happy to provide you a new step of improvement.

    We tackled the issue of loading the game ending in a error message and made some new security measurements!

    Patch Notes:

    • Fixed some minor bugs

    • EAC performance improvement

    • Several stability issue fixes

    We appreciate your feedback on the new patch.

    If you experience any issues please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Have fun,

    The S4 League Team

    Hi 0xFEE1DEAD,

    the game is a bit older an that's why some polygons are pixelated or bad shaded.
    We already started to make plans regarding this and how to improve the graphical aspect of the game.

    We also want to get rid of the old loading screens and implement newer once. More on that is upcoming.

    Hi Voar, thanks a lot for bringing up this list with a decent description for everything you've experienced regarding the listed bugs.

    I already got some info about the clan-chat issue. Can you provide any material for the other 3 bugs?

    I am very thankful for any additional information :)

    fumbi_engage - resized.png

    Hello Leaguers,

    We got some great news for you! !!!

    We are starting to do a scheduled stream for you on Twitch every Saturday, 5pm CET!

    The stream will be hosted by our newest Community Manager glitch.exe and an additional GM or CM.

    The twitch stream includes giveaways, little Q&A sessions, games with the community and more.

    We want to give you the chance to be a part of it and to have a guest role in our weekly Saturday stream.

    How to participate?

    Glitch.exe will post a riddle every Tuesday on Discord in the channel #events which leads you to a task or a hint to get the chance to become the next guest. So, stay tuned and prepare to solve it!

    If you’ve successfully finished the task, we’ll contact and invite one or two of you. The outcome depends on the task/hint.

    We hope to meet you in our next stream!

    Your S4 League Team

    Just some short words.

    Thank you so far for this well debated topic.
    I just want you to stick to the topic and to not drift off-topic :)

    The idea sound good so far and I am looking into it with the team, more feedbacks and ideas regarding this are welcome.
    Keep in mind: I cannot promise you anything.

    Well, you should quote the whole text then. Ripping it apart won't support you. Read it until the end.

    Regarding the Account ID, there will be an update soon. I'll let you guys know once I have more information.

    As Nobody has said, this thread is older than 60 days. Feel free to open a new thread regarding this.

    We are currently focusing on other important topics, but I'll make a note regarding the level system.

    It would be the best way to clean the folder without deleting important files. You can also just leave it as it is right now.
    Based on download: Yes, please from the homepage.
    If it was based on the GMs: You find them here in the forum or on Discord :)

    How come none of the higher ups responded to my apology letter? I thought I did just as good as Swaight

    You put a lot of effort into it, but I won't change my mind with such a text. My recommendation is: just don't violate the ToS and you won't get a ban.
    I was not a part of what happened in the past, but for my future career as a CM I will tell you one thing: If your ban has a proper reason, you won't get your ban lifted. I want a community with fair play.
    I cannot talk for the previous CM. So asking me about a reason and why it happened won't help here.

    2 old gms did the same last time, now they are no longer in the team

    aeria doesnt accept constructive criticism, in their minds everything they do is correct and whoever claims otherwise is wrong

    Was it not Yorem who bid farewell to those two GM's?

    There is more to that, but if you know the whole truth is up to them. Giving up rumors and hatred won't get them back into the team. The decition to remove them from the team was a decition by the S4 Team, not Yorem alone.

    All in all, I understand your points on this situation. All I wan't to tell you, that I am taking my job serious, not only as an employee for Aeria Games, but also as a gamer. This community deserves a change and this game a brighter future.

    I am a noob in S4 League and I still have a lot to understand and I am counting on you for this. To help me understanding the game, the potential and most of all you, the community! Talking about the past and what happened won't bring us forward for now. This is only drama and I am aware of it. Give me some time on that.

    If someone wants to talk, forward ideas or give me some feedback feel free to contact me. I won't be able to take care of it immediately, but I'll take my time for you. Even now, 4am in the morrning befor my shift starts I am trying to give you an answer. Maybe not one to satisfy you, but the one I want to tell you.

    And no, it is not copy'n'paste <3

    There are a lot of trash files (BE and old stuff). I would recommend a new installation, this should clean most of the mess.

    yes, but if the game stops working after the next patch for no apparent reason because it couldn't patch the right files, you may regret doing it.

    If something is missing after a patch you can always contact one of our GM, they have the missing files then.

    Giving feedback is one thing, if you keep the feedback constructive, then we can do something with your opinion :)
    Don't take it personally. I like to get feedback, even if it wasn't my own work and I try to help you, but I need a good base to start with.