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    Thank you, for all your feedback!

    We are currently at a state of changes and have started to work on fixing major bugs. As always there can appear new unwanted bugs which have slipped trough the QA or which are not that mandatory as other bugs and will be fixed later. We have learned from our mistakes in the past months and have developed new strategies to offer you better patches.

    We understand that you love the game and want to have it in the state as it is in your nostalgic memories.
    We may not always fit all expectation, but I can tell you that we care about the game and your opinion.


    Hello Leaguers,

    And again the time has come for a new patch and today the patch is a little bit bigger than usual. We've been working on this for weeks now and have learned from previous failures to enhance our methods and bring you a higher quality with our patches. Our NetSphere will get a lot of bug fixes, some new minor bugs have appeared, but won't bother you a lot. Oh, and the Railgun got tweaked a bit.
    So let's have a look at the changes and what will be new with this patch :)


    • Railgun - FOV and Delay changes
      • View Angle: 15 20
      • Delay Time: 1 1.5



    • Rail Gun - Critical (head) damage is the same as the body damage - fixed


    • Starting a match with no weapons and skill - fixed
    • Wrong map textures when joining match in progress - fixed
    • Players joining mid game have no stats and are not affected by stats - partially fixed
    • Locked main menu after room master changes match settings - fixed
    • Not possible to pick the ball if the rooms master leaves - fixed

    Known Issues


    • X-mas Ophelia Gloves - wrong texture


    • Misplaced/not visible crowns in Captain mode
    • Character slot bug when leaving a room after changing a character
    • RailGun crits are sill not working in Scenario mode

    I had to answer to this several times yesterday.

    We are currently in a time of changes and I am also someone who appreciate such work.

    Since I've started in the team, we have been working on the security part of the game. Our next step now will be the game stability and then some new content.

    This already takes time and is fundamental for a game. Having a competitive ranking system is something that can follow after all of this.

    1. Having a competetive mode while the game itself is running on a "P2W System" is biting itself.

    And here I agree totally. To make competitive matchmaking, this is something which grants an advantage. And competitive gaming should not be effected by an advantage of money.

    We have other plans at the moment. More fundamental ones and something to bring some fresh air into the game. Once we have resolved all this and also gained more players back, we might could figure out a ranking and elo system.

    Also, little hint: Concepts should have a bit more depth. Numbers are cool, but how are they related to each other? But I like the idea itself.

    I have planned some stuff before I made this thread, here I list what has been prepared on my side:

    S h outbox

    is planned, connected to the discord #general-chat (only accessible when logged in)

    Header gets a change, maybe also with symbols for the social channels. Here I made 2 different options, let's see what works out better.

    Box with a direct link to the bug form is a good idea. (hasn't been planned yet)

    I plan to get a different slider, which will replace the logo and show news, events etc.

    Forum badges will be added and updated with the Icons of the ranks. Also will get new roles.

    Discord Sync is planned, but since we have 2 different DBs we have to come up with a solution.

    If you have more ideas, post them. I'll check them at the end of the month with the team.

    We gonna plan to give the forum a fresh new look. And therefore we need your opinion!
    Please vote in this poll, so we can customize the forum for your needs.

    If you want to have something useful included to the forum, please write down a comment.

    Thank you guys for your opinion!


    Hey S4 Leaguers!

    It has been more then 1 year without a cool new background already.
    Additional to some cool forum updates we also want to provide you new design options.

    Of course, we will need your help.


    Create a new background for our Forum. The winner’s background will be added to the forum styles.*

    There is a special set or map that you like? Well...use it! We would love to see how your imagination works, use existing S4 League official arts, screenshots, your own fan art or whatever you feel will look good on our forums! We have almost no limitations, in fact, there are only two - the image must be of size 1920x1080 and it must be related to S4 League. That's it!

    (* we reserve the right not to add it if not enough submissions)


    1st Place: Any weapon of choice FP or lower stats + 15 G’s Capsules of choice + 50.000 PEN

    2nd Place: Any weapon of choice FP or lower stats + 5 G’s Capsules of choice + 50.000 PEN

    3rd Place: Any weapon of choice AP or lower stats + 50.000 PEN


    The event will run from 03.06.2019 until 31.06.2019


    • Only one submission per person
    • Size of the image must be 1920x1080
    • Only S4 League related creations
    • You must post your entry in this thread.
    • Any copyright infringement or piracy is absolutely forbidden. Your designs should be just that – your own designs!
    • We reserve the right to disqualify any design that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!
    • No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!
    • You may not use multiple accounts to participate – this will be checked!
    • Nothing inappropriate!
    • No cheating allowed
    • Every submission to this contest can and will be used by Aeria Games for promotional purposes.

    Now show us your wonderful designs and more importantly, have fun!

    We are aware that the Pretender is still in a state where it shouldn't be.

    We are working to change it with the next patch, maybe already the next week.
    We've discovered this issue at the end of the patch and couldn't change it anymore, since it needs a client site patch and thus a new patch build is needed.

    We understand that this shouldn't have happened and we've learned from it.

    What you describe is another issue which has been reported to the team.

    The one above was a service issue.

    And we are also looking for improvement on the entry lag.

    The Vital Shock is the last released unique weapon (not talking about re-skins etc.). The developers back then didn't created an I-cap for it. Our development team is currently investigating in it and we will release new capsules in the future



    Welcome to the Official S4 League Discord! We are glad that you are here to voice opinions, give feedback, hang out with friends and meet new people.

    If you have any questions about discord please contact a CM (No pestering, if it can go in a ticket then you should write a ticket via the support system:

    We will not ban or unban players via the discord!).

    We ask that you follow the rules of this discord and to also ensure that you use the appropriate channels to communicate with your companions.


    The same rules that apply in Aeria Games' Terms of Use will apply to this Discord:

    With that said, a breach of said rules in this Discord channel can result in a ban ONLY on Discord, not on your Aeria Games Account or Character.

    The Staff team reserves the right to remove messages from the chat and if necessary, to mute, kick or ban users from the S4 League Discord if the following violations occur:

    • Discussions of decisions made by the team such as muting, deleting posts, kicking and/or banning
    • Any drama or private conflict on our official channels (solve it in private)
    • Advertising of any unrelated game that is not associated to the gamigo group
    • Names and conversations which are derogatory and/or NSFW
    • Publication of private information and chats (e.g. Tickets)
    • Disrespecting other community members
    • Political or religious discussions
    • Not following the channel rules
    • Avoiding the word filter
    • Posting epilepsy gifs
    • Spam

    A warning before the punishment of a player with a mute, kick or ban is optional for the moderating force. Thus it is not a matter of course to receive a warning before.

    Even if it is not explicitly mentioned in the rules, if a Moderator tells you to stop addressing a certain thematic/and or behavior, this has to be acknowledged and accepted, otherwise the Moderator may take action against it.

    The S4 League staff reserves the right to mute, kick or ban players from the Discord server if deemed necessary.

    Explanation of Text Channels:

    #tech-faq: Your first aid if you encounter bugs or issues.

    #s4-league-news: All the S4 League news.

    #official-twitch-stream: This channel displays announcements about twitch-channels of GMs, CMs and partners.

    #general-chat: This channel is dedicated to moderational languages. (see below available languages)

    #s4-eu: This channel is dedicated solely to the English language.

    #s4-de: This channel is dedicated solely to the German language.

    #s4-es: This channel is dedicated solely to the Spanish language.

    #s4-tr: This channel is dedicated solely to the Turkish language.

    #s4-fr: This channel is dedicated solely to the French language.

    #s4-pt: This channel is dedicated solely to the Portuguese language.

    #s4-ru: This channel is dedicated solely to the Russian language.

    #memes: This channel is dedicated to memes related to S4 League

    #fanart: This channel is dedicated to fanart related to S4 League

    #bots: This channel is dedicated to bot commands

    #free-roles: This channel can be used to assign yourself unique roles to display your main game style in the game

    #music: This channel is dedicated to music and any music links should be posted here.

    We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, therefore you should take a look at them from time to time.

    These issues have been solved now.
    If you want to report such issues you can always contact us immediately on Discord and we will check them.

    If you want to make bug reports I highly recommend to fill out our bug report form. We can figure out the causes of the bugs with your help then.
    Bug report form:

    Jumps rooms are allowed to show other players how to perform specific jumps.
    Need to be displayed as "Jump Room".

    If you get caught in there staying around AFK or just chatting, it is against the in-game and event rules again and can also end up in a disqualification.

    farming isnt bad tho

    It is not allowed and can disqualify you from the event.

    1. Hire some experienced developers.

    I think that this is vital to the game, given that it is barely playable at the moment, needless to say that there are many gamebreaking bugs that make the game unplayable (I can't even join rooms rofl).

    Here I have to quote Hella_Hell  

    This is easier said than done when the code is written by someone else. Even the old devs couldn't fix their game properly and you expect someone completely unfamiliar with the code to do it? Also the fact that they are messing around with the game means that they are trying out stuff which is good.

    The devs are learning about the game's code and are getting better over time.

    2. Market the game (properly).

    Another vital part of making a game is advertising it properly. I think investing in some ads would be the go-to method. Also, am I the only one who remembers that S4 League actually used to have ads on TV and stuff?

    Now let's watch the game from outside. A 'tabula rasa' is seeing an advertisement of this game, let's say... on Facebook. The person downloads the game, plays 1 game, crashes and deletes it again. Wasted opportunity in marketing.
    Priority here is to fix the game first. Once we've managed to handle the worst issues we can advertise more, make more cooperation and even more awesome stuff.

    3. Involve the community.

    I think that this isn't only a way to get more content (by making costume creation contests, for example), but also a way to acknowledge the fact that there are talented people in our community that can improve the game tremendously. Did I mention that it is FREE?

    We are involving the community and collect feedback for changes on the game, sales and our events. We are also currently developing the sets of the last community design event (farmer and basketball theme). Designing isn't even the hardest part. Modeling is it and is the most time consuming thing in the process. You can still give us feedback here:

    4. Add some easter eggs/references

    Maybe I'm the only one who values easter eggs in my games, but I'm still going to put it on the list. When I say easter eggs, I think of wearable items, like a Hatsune Miku hairstyle or something like this.

    First thing I have to consider here is the copyright of such things. Yes, we have already some sets with a reference and also yes, we have such ideas in mind ;)

    The UI definitely needs a change. In-game and also in the lobby, no doubt. The team thinks the same way ^^
    Therefore we are planning already and we want to change a lot.
    The loca files of some items can be changed, but they need to be changed in 5 languages and then it also needs a proper reason before we do so. if you find a typo, let us know.

    How are we supposed to get new players into the game, when they go against mostly Full FP players enchanted to oblivion and back? I had several people

    The all mighty p2w topic. We are not gonna remove those stats. People paid for it and we also offer a lot of options to get some free stuff (also in FP).
    Only thing where we can argue about are the enchantments to be fair. But we didn't forget that and have already some plans.

    Hello Leaguers,

    After some time we've decided to be more transparent with our bug fixes and show you every fix which has been applied to the game.
    There are some minor bug fixes and some major bug fixes. In the past we've been showing you the major ones mostly.

    Maps & Modes

    • Snowball Fight - removed



    • Weapon stats not showing when killed - fixed
    • Localisation of pet items is missing /wrong - fixed


    • Fixed crash picking up a weapon while shooting in training - fixed
    • Disconnect from spectator when disabling spectators - fixed
    • Unable to start conquest and Training modes - fixed
    • Display Bug (Gifting AP Items) - fixed

    Known Issues

    • AI in Warfare mode not visible
    • DB Error message when joining a server for the first time
    • Item have no stats in second game (100/103 HP Bug)

    Hi Xane ,

    I understand that you've concerns for the game and their development and that you want to have more transparency about what is happening and how far they've progressed with each steps. Unfortunately, I cannot give you details on that, but I assure you that the development team is a group of dedicated developers for S4 League and that they all give their best to fix problems and implement new things to the game. It just takes some time.