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    Jumps rooms are allowed to show other players how to perform specific jumps.
    Need to be displayed as "Jump Room".

    If you get caught in there staying around AFK or just chatting, it is against the in-game and event rules again and can also end up in a disqualification.

    farming isnt bad tho

    It is not allowed and can disqualify you from the event.

    1. Hire some experienced developers.

    I think that this is vital to the game, given that it is barely playable at the moment, needless to say that there are many gamebreaking bugs that make the game unplayable (I can't even join rooms rofl).

    Here I have to quote Hella_Hell  

    This is easier said than done when the code is written by someone else. Even the old devs couldn't fix their game properly and you expect someone completely unfamiliar with the code to do it? Also the fact that they are messing around with the game means that they are trying out stuff which is good.

    The devs are learning about the game's code and are getting better over time.

    2. Market the game (properly).

    Another vital part of making a game is advertising it properly. I think investing in some ads would be the go-to method. Also, am I the only one who remembers that S4 League actually used to have ads on TV and stuff?

    Now let's watch the game from outside. A 'tabula rasa' is seeing an advertisement of this game, let's say... on Facebook. The person downloads the game, plays 1 game, crashes and deletes it again. Wasted opportunity in marketing.
    Priority here is to fix the game first. Once we've managed to handle the worst issues we can advertise more, make more cooperation and even more awesome stuff.

    3. Involve the community.

    I think that this isn't only a way to get more content (by making costume creation contests, for example), but also a way to acknowledge the fact that there are talented people in our community that can improve the game tremendously. Did I mention that it is FREE?

    We are involving the community and collect feedback for changes on the game, sales and our events. We are also currently developing the sets of the last community design event (farmer and basketball theme). Designing isn't even the hardest part. Modeling is it and is the most time consuming thing in the process. You can still give us feedback here:

    4. Add some easter eggs/references

    Maybe I'm the only one who values easter eggs in my games, but I'm still going to put it on the list. When I say easter eggs, I think of wearable items, like a Hatsune Miku hairstyle or something like this.

    First thing I have to consider here is the copyright of such things. Yes, we have already some sets with a reference and also yes, we have such ideas in mind ;)

    The UI definitely needs a change. In-game and also in the lobby, no doubt. The team thinks the same way ^^
    Therefore we are planning already and we want to change a lot.
    The loca files of some items can be changed, but they need to be changed in 5 languages and then it also needs a proper reason before we do so. if you find a typo, let us know.

    How are we supposed to get new players into the game, when they go against mostly Full FP players enchanted to oblivion and back? I had several people

    The all mighty p2w topic. We are not gonna remove those stats. People paid for it and we also offer a lot of options to get some free stuff (also in FP).
    Only thing where we can argue about are the enchantments to be fair. But we didn't forget that and have already some plans.

    Hello Leaguers,

    After some time we've decided to be more transparent with our bug fixes and show you every fix which has been applied to the game.
    There are some minor bug fixes and some major bug fixes. In the past we've been showing you the major ones mostly.

    Maps & Modes

    • Snowball Fight - removed



    • Weapon stats not showing when killed - fixed
    • Localisation of pet items is missing /wrong - fixed


    • Fixed crash picking up a weapon while shooting in training - fixed
    • Disconnect from spectator when disabling spectators - fixed
    • Unable to start conquest and Training modes - fixed
    • Display Bug (Gifting AP Items) - fixed

    Known Issues

    • AI in Warfare mode not visible
    • DB Error message when joining a server for the first time
    • Item have no stats in second game (100/103 HP Bug)

    Hi Xane ,

    I understand that you've concerns for the game and their development and that you want to have more transparency about what is happening and how far they've progressed with each steps. Unfortunately, I cannot give you details on that, but I assure you that the development team is a group of dedicated developers for S4 League and that they all give their best to fix problems and implement new things to the game. It just takes some time.


    Hello Leaguers,

    So I guess, we can now release you the real patch notes after some hours leaving you discovering some changes.

    For this we've 4 new guests in our NetSphere. Two of them have traveled a long distance, from a galaxy far far away, the other ones have traveled trough time, from a futuristic cyperpunk world.

    And no, no worries, we didn't disabled Only Swords or the Station-2 Map. But we brought back some features, we bet you were missing already.


    • Techno Shinobi
    • Techno Kunoichi
    • Galaxy Warrior
    • Galaxy Valkyrie



    • Scythe - attacking from behind with special attack doesn't stun the enemy - fixed


    • Daily attendance reward - fixed
    • Daily Mission Reward - fixed
    • Cannot receive clan messages in a room - fixed
    • Canceling the ready status during countdown - fixed
    • "Disable Item Stat" option can be activated by a non room master - fixed

    Known Issues


    • Not Showing Weapon enchantments of the enemy, when being killed


    • 100/103 HP Bug


    • Missing ceiling hitbox on Luna-2
    • Not able to see the NPCs on HoliDay


    Galaxy Set


    Techno Set



    Hello Leaguers,

    It has been a long while. Our Netsphere requests some updates and we've prepared some cool new features for you!
    Something we've been waiting for so long!

    • New Guns? Nah!
    • New Skins? We are no snakes!
    • Tanks and Vehicles? Exactly!

    We also heard some other of your request and removed some maps for you and buffed the Rail Gun.



    • Railgun - damage and magazin changes and new shooting pattern
      • Damage: 78 107
      • Magazin: 8 6
      • The Railgun now shoots 3 bullets at once with double sized collision box
    • Lightning Bomber - doubled effect range


    • We removed Station-2 and Tunnel due lack of usage
    • We added vehicles, little 1-man tanks, buggies and scooter
    • We removed the Only Sword Options to give the unlimited mode a better chance
    • We removed the dashes to balance and slow the game down



    • Glitch Destruction Set not looking cool enough - fixed


    • Rail Gun - head shot not adding the 20x multiplier - fixed
    • Plasma Sword - Stun duration too short - fixed


    • Room inaccessible with female character - fixed
    • Stuns can be dodged - fixed
    • Fumbi isn't moving when a hacker appears - fixed

    tell me why should i talk nicely when half the room is telling me : Lag Egy leave or i kick you where is the vote kick etc etc

    Because you've accepted these rules, when you created your account. Simple as it is.
    Feel free to screenshot it and open a ticket if you feel like someone is acting against them.

    Just remember, we have beside the ToS some In-Game rules.

    Sometimes it is hard to separate a friendly tease from an annoying verbal assault. So just be kind to each other. You wouldn't believe how many friendly players the community has if you speak with them nicely.

    Hello Leaguers,

    We were waiting for a long time and checked many applications. At the end we just had few applicants left and and fewer applicants have been granted the chance to become a Trial GM for the German team. Today I want to introduce them in English too.
    Thanks again to the numerous applicants!

    If you got any question in your mind, which you want to ask the new Trial Game Masters, do not hesitate to post them down below.


    [TGM]Psalloe - DE

    Discord: Psalloe#5614

    Twitch: psalloe
    Charakter: [GM]Psalloe
    Forum: Psalloe

    Psalloe wrote:

    Cheers everyone,
    my name can be assumed as Psalloe and I've had the chance to experience this game's many ups and downs for over a decade now,
    making friends and all things necessary to make you understand my hard bitten love for this game. While my dedication is still present to this day it's undeniable that over the years there was a noticeable steady fall for S4 League.
    Obviously this is where I believe to come in place with the already existing staff team to back up this game to what it used to be for me 10 years ago
    I'm sure you do not know me yet but I hope this will be a chance to change this set fact


    [TGM]Hana - EU

    Discord: Hana#8595

    Twitch: gm_hana

    Charakter: [GM]Hana

    Forum: Hana

    Hana wrote:


    I am a new GM for S4 League and i will be trying my best to support the community in whatever way i can! Other games i play include stuff like Overwatch and CS:GO but i still mainly play S4 League. I've started way back in Alaplaya times so i've seen all the phases the game went through, i still believe though that there is a way to improve the current situation and that S4 does deserve a future. I'll be looking forward to my time as a Game Master and i hope to catch you all ingame!


    [TGM]Tarosaki - DE

    Discord : Tarosaki#9795

    Twitch : tarosaki

    Charakter: [GM]Tarosaki

    Forum: Tarosaki


    [TGM]Crowlax - DE

    Discord : Crowlax#0097

    Twitch : xcrowler

    Charakter: [GM]Crowlax

    Forum: Crowlax

    1. That's the F-Skill / eSper Skill and you can obtain this skill by having 4 eSper Chips of the same color on Level 5.

    2. Don't redeem the reward, you can unlock the 2nd tier and after fulfilling the 2nd tier you can start the 3rd tier.
    At the moment the daily missions are not working as they shouls, so it could be that some rewards are not send.

    Hi Shanic ,

    Thanks for the bunch of feedback you wrote, I appreciate it! Let me structure it a bit :)

    So, it's good to know that something was being developed, that there were things getting done in the background. But in the end what are the users getting? The same end results that the previous devs left us at, a few events and just some AP Shop changes.

    Our developers are doing a lot stuff in the background. We have some stuff that is blocking other stuff in their process. I see your point as a member of the community, that the players don#t really see the changes which are applied to the game. We tried at least to change some Shop items again after a long time and we may tackle the random shop too.

    We aren't even getting PM letters anymore not to mention that the actual new PM doesn't even bother on chatting with the community just to give some headsup or you know, spend time with it.

    I agree, PM letters are important and I also asked the PM to prepare something, since the changes are not really visible at the moment. On the other side I have to defend the PM a bit. The CMs are responsible to engage in chatting with the community and not the PM. The PM is allowed to speak to you frequently, no one forbids it to him, but he can not, unlike us as CM, monitor the Discord and Forum the whole time. As I said, it is our duty to do so.
    You also cannot compare every PM with each other. Everyone has another way to work with his game.

    Of course i still have fun, that is as long as friends are playing because there isn't anything left to do in the game due to lack of content CHANGE in the free side of the game, something that could had been done by now but as it looks, changing the AP shop has a way higher priority (I don't find it bad to be a high priority, the game still needs some support) but that doesn't mean that we should forget about the rest of the game.

    The shop rotation is done by the CMs and the APM. Adding new stuff is done by the developers. So there is no less priority on the new content, don't worry.

    I personally don't understand the way this is getting worked out, wouldn't it be better to be updating things little by little making people know that PROGRESS is being made to keep the game up.. Change the minimum stats available in the PEN Shop, let people buy permanent stuff with their PEN (that is already hard enough to get unless you have the Shiny set.. at LVL 5 which is another whole topic) Balances (not weaponry wise) that really, doesn't need additions to the game.

    Getting permanent PEN items is a feedback i appreciate and I am glad to forward. We won't make changes to the stats at the moment, but durability would be something possible. Balancing is, as I said many times already, a topic which I attack with a careful manner. But we are on it and will work on it.

    Again, thanks for the events and the efforts that some certain GMs are making, but the game isn't advancing at all.. it's just frozen in a state of perpetual loss of players, loss of giving reasons to keep playing or simply saving some PEN or leveling up.

    We are aware of this issue and appreciate our GMs and their effort to run events and helping us in our daily tasks. The game since 1 year without any major content updates and our last announced update has been to be honest unfortunately postponed without an ETA, but it is not forgotten.

    We definitely need more reasons to keep the community playing the game. Something they can work on. Rewards, Ranking or any other drive which a player needs to keep playing the game. And our team came up with some ideas and we are checking the possibilities for the near future.

    We are back to square 0 with lack of communication, with lack of transparency between the staff and the users.

    The most stuff is processing and we don't want to announce anything we can not realize at the moment. Helpful here would be a PM letter, I agree there on your first point in this thread. I also try to make a little QA in every of my stream to keep the people updated.

    Normally it shows you which word(s) is/are forbidden.
    There should be a little info box below your written text.

    I actually tested it seconds ago. It looks like this:

    Hi Nithorius ,

    You can give exact the same feedback on the end of the form.

    But at the end we will also consider the feedback here in the forum, don't worry.

    At the moment we cannot do a lot about balancing, due to missing knowledge of the pretty new team and some other changes we have to focus on first, but we are working on it.

    Once we have more experience on balancing, we'll come back to the community regarding weapon- and gameplay balancing.

    Hi Rezilia,

    We don't delete any characters of your account.

    Players’ characters (“games characters”) cannot be deleted. It is subsequently the user’s responsibility to choose names for the characters that do not allow his/her identity or real name to be inferred.

    If you've picked the wrong character nickname, then you are free to create a new account with a new name. Otherwise you have to buy a nickname change in the shop and since it is a low level account, I would go for option 1 (new account).