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    I haven't play the game for months now. I check on forum time to time. I have to say. I'm pretty disappointed of the lack of actively. All social media site are dead haven't been updates, look through event thread people still waiting on rewards for weeks now, CM Letter haven't heard from 2 month. No real game content patch for months. All I see here is a ghost town.

    It seem S4 might going die. What you think about S4 situation now?

    Still no real game changing content, but

    Finally moving on the glitch site. The new one is a lot fresher. Better than all the site that this game has gone through. Still need more update. Its still lacking tons of information.

    I notice there a "R" in the Logo. Does that mean anything?

    Thanks for free techno sets. Glad to see the super hero art we seen while ago finally made a appearance in games.

    The only downside is..poor choice in color, It would look better with rose pink and red on female set. And she doesnt have any hair..TF A Bald ninja lol.

    As for the second set. It remind me of the unrelease angel sets. Maybe you scarp out and put it in game. If you did..than it a good sign. Now you guys might put the rest of the unrelease content to the game.

    (incase you don't know what im talking about) Official S4L concept art and art book

    I'm glad S4 finally made some content. But its not overral impressive. But its a start. I see some good signs, but ..lets see if that keep up.

    So he gone from being a Pirate to a Director ? I see. Well the way he walk out on us seem very cruel. No goodbye message. My love ends with Pirate. Still respect what he done.

    After all he done and bonding with the community. He really is pirate that show his true color at the end.

    Awwh :[

    We haven't gave him a farewell thread. He deserve. Weird there haven't been official post about him for 2 month. Aeria must had did him dirty :cursing:

    So this your last day. So the reason I saw you yesterday was because of this. Lol..The first match I played with you. It's pretty sad.. DM match. Room full of Stack team/BR. Being on your team. Getting pounded. The first match and last match. The last thing I said thing I said before leaving the room "Help poor Yorem"..The last memory I be having..Pika Pika getting gang bang..So tragic..aliceRIP Pika Pika.. May you have peace what ever you go..

    (BR deserve a nerf for their crime..)

    Hella_Hell Have known already. But just saying. If they want more out of GM who volunteering. They should made that GM position more like a job and couple rule (with little pay). So that there wouldn't be any inactive.

    I never believe Aeria staff treat GM as equal. Ever since that last fiasco a GM quitted because the poor communication. Waited for months to get the person (forget her name) event idea past on to the Staff and never did got to them. A lot of good popular GM left because alot has something to do with them.

    I do believe people who spend their time on the game. Should have some pay. Its funny Aeria staff expect more out of GM when they just volunteering.

    I don't know the reason why they got kick. Could give them a warning or ask them. But even without the detail why they got booted out. Aeria have always been what they always been. Pity.

    Bye GM dude and bye pretty angel your actually my favorite GM. See you around.

    20+20+20= 60




    Why sunflower is 8 is because it double.

    That why 1 sunflower is #4. This got me lost. So dont trust me.

    (There very sneaky on the sunflower..)

    Wonder what other people answer.

    This event is such a mess.

    Why is their even a "Card Fragment?"

    Why is it never mention it early till now?

    Asuming 1 task is 1 card fragment.

    How we get 2 CF to get this 4th task reward?

    Asuming the last 3 task had 1 or more CF

    Saying we must collect 3 CF. Like how much this event actually gives?

    No introduction of CF and explanation.

    The handling the event is poor. Its confusing if this task 4th event give 3 or 1 CF.

    A mess.

    Gandalf: *Raise a army* "Invade EU! Muhahaha!"

    Finally a invasion is coming to EU.

    I welcome all latam!

    *eat popcorn* This going be interesting.


    On topic.

    1)Server stability remain a huge issue.

    2)Security is fine, but if the system find any hackers. Please IP ban And them instead temporarily ban.

    3)Good to hear dev team getting bigger.

    4)Through there aren't any patch worthwhile. Through it seem there aren't any good coming in the patch. Im expecting better hr/gift events.

    Gandalf: *Raise a light* "SEE YOU SOON!"

    Don't worry there will be some news soon. If we could do it faster we would but unfortunately it's not like that

    Oct 11: "Will come in the following week or next"
    Next week Oct 15-19, nothing.

    The following week Oct 22-26, nothing.

    Oct 31: "Its on its way"

    Next Oct 29-Nov 2 #Soon, nothing.

    Nov 5: "Edit vid today or next day. Release soon as possible"

    Next Nov 5-9 ##Soon, still editing vid, nothing.

    Next 12-? ### Very Soon.

    (I made this while again. Time to update)


    Its been 4 weeks now and this week will mark 5th.

    "Do it faster" you have load of time do it it. Excuse's keep piling up.

    The factor that keeps the game down isn't the game itself, it's always been the publishers and how they manage the game. You are not any different that the previous publishers, you're afraid of trying new things and with that in mind, I don't see a bright future for the game.

    1) Play the blame game. ( I can blame mostly on KR.)

    2) I don't mind the current Publishers. Its not bad as the previous one.

    3) Their taking over the game. That something "trying new things".

    4) Better keep eyes in present. No point looking that far ahead. Its gonna be a long road.

    Me casually looking at S4 on Aeria home page for any new news. See something. Look at first news. See Boo-accessories, Me:"more timid item. Great". Looking through Anniversary Special Package next. Wonder more timid items. Goes see.. ME: Confuse .. This not happening ...I'm dreaming.

    Words can't describe this feeling. I'm shock and happy. Thank you guys working hard giving us this gift.

    Hello. We were supposed to have a PM Letter last month. I prepared it, it was to be translated and posted... then things happened that made it pretty much irrelevant (the day of patch basically.)

    We are figuring a few things out and as such, next or the following week you will have the PM letter or more likely, a Twitch session. The date depends on how soon we have answers to a few questions.

    Apologies for the silence.

    Next week 15-19, nothing.

    The following week 22-26, nothing.

    Next #Soon

    Next ##Soon

    Next ###Soon

    After having these discussion. Might as well add more idea to this thread.

    Unique Dual Mastery:

    1) Make them obtainable through events.

    2) Add them in skill capsule from S4 cards section.

    3) Add the original Dual Mastery in shop.(buy pen)

    4) Stop making it exclusive for AP.

    1)Well, the thing is this skill is still really unfair for people who couldnt get it the first time / weren't lucky enough to get it there. 2)Not to mention that the stat-gap between new players and those players gets bigger as well. (I know that new players get a dual mastery for a limited amount of time, but after the DM expired, its the same thing again)

    1) I too, miss the event where you could get UDM. But I don't feel too bad about it. My play style isn't suited with UDM. So its unlikely I ever use it in unlimited mode. But if I do I likely use it more in SO. Maybe there a day we could obtain it. But then again after all these event we had. Aeria aren't being generous enough. Likely won't happen. Sad.

    2) Stat gap, I do agree with that with enchant. But I don't believe UDM make any different. For my stand point. I don't see any problem when I facing them. The start the gap is all started with the starter pack. And its does very much sawk. I have my own thoughts about the starter pack. I leave this here.

    How would you improve S4L?