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    Yeah, might seem small but it's a HUGE step. Railgun was breaking the game.

    This one isn't perfect either, but I'd rather have unrewarding headshots for the time being instead of the broken model.


    RG was barely used and for good reason. It just couldn't keep up with the popular weapons.

    That's just not true though

    Railgun has always been used widely, just less than smash rifle and such. You don't see every player sniping in every FPS, the vast majority prefer much easier roles.

    It just had a high skill cap, either you were good with it and kept playing it successfully, or it was just meh without any practice

    I might be biased here, since Railgun is all I play, but there's no way around it.

    Railgun is one of the most messed up weapons in the game. Everything has been said over and over, but it seems like everyone just gave up on this.

    It's like oh well... they're never gonna do it at this point.

    There's no denying it is an issue and it has been like this for a long time, but you guys can still easily fix this. It's never too late, going back on a change you made will only make us really happy with close to no effort on the dev-team's part.

    Please, bring back the weapon that so many people loved and get rid of this broken disgrace that is plaguing the game.