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    When you select server i mean, not when u're entering the game.

    That'd mean to have a p2p connection with all the users waiting, entering/leaving the roomlist. Good luck doing that and making your game even worse.

    Also the effiency/speed of this (costume loadings when someone enters ur room) will depend on ur computer's/network's speed since its p2p. (client-to-client) Not possible from developers side to fix this kind of thing cause server doesn't care for it.

    But to fix this lag issue, u have 2 different type of choices. It will be either to upgrade ur computer's skills or wait for developers to change the position where costumes get loaded. (2nd one sounds like less likely to happen)

    Have fun with your game.

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    Can you guys move the discussion to a PM and let others enjoy the fact that the game got an update after some serious time.

    If i won't be able to express what i think towards this game against some "Like hunters" on this forum, the topic would not have gone to the other way.

    But sure, feel free to PM me if anyone would like to keep this up. I go easy, dont worry :whistling:

    I am not sure who is wasting their time. I just enjoy the game.

    What do you do with your time? Alice4

    I do the same with non-trash games. Thanks for pointing what i generally do more. Feed my ego more ;^)

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    Im wondering that too xD Who is crying here?





    i guess no more than 12

    Still wrong. appreciate it that u tryan to get to know more of me but sorry, im shy u know...........

    maybe you are expecting someone to cheer for you, lmao.

    Yeah, sure..


    if you are such a big deal, try that out in AAA games that are hold by big companies instead of a game that is on a life support.

    This has to be the most accurate thing I've read incoming from you, congratz for being relevant for once.

    Never got a chance here to mention what games/apps im working on mostly anymore but this one is true and im getting enough of profits from it already. Appreciate it to pointing it out instead of me. Though not gonna do anything in back to this, i would still like to see those "EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE!!!" notices and stuff. (if u know what i mean) Keep crying and "wasting ur time" for that "life support" game :P

    laters sickos

    I can clearly see that

    Bad try. There is a difference between training and doing the actual job in an advanced level. Don't get too obsessed with aeria's low skill level one alot while u doing ur cheerleader job for them. :^) We all know they are new at this.

    may i ask how old are you

    :/ Old enough to make u ask as "may i" formally..

    It is obvious that they have just re-enabled the mode. We are not stupid.

    But you have forgot the part where they were probably wasting time fixing your crashes. Thanks, m8.

    Fixing my crashes? What, do u even know who i am? Last time i worked on s4 was like 3 months ago. (No need to train myself anymore in this trash game XD)

    Though i support the ones who keep crashing it at the present and will do in future aswell. :^) Np, anytime.

    They will find a fix sooner or later :^)
    By then , You'd be some jobless mofo.

    No matter what if exploits on s4 finally gets fixed or not, this community's mimimis about a broken game will always remain in here. :^)

    ez game guys