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    that's actually the issue that I have as well, try to switch chars before entering a room and have one char that wears just the necessary to enter the room. then it's always 50 50 for me

    Wish that worked.

    To be honest, i am tired of this kinda stuff and i am not the only one.

    The game just keeps on crashing and so far it crashed 10 times in a row,100% sure if i start it up again it will crash.I did reinstall it and restart my computer but despite that it still keeps on crashing when i try to join a room.When i click on a room it just says that im in the room without actually being in it,and i am sure that you had this issue as well.Please fix this or else you will end up with a game without any players to buy your stuff. I posted this on the patchlog forum just to remind you of an old issue which you have been ignoring until now along with many others.