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    Played since beta, sometimes returning for like one week. The game didn't seem to improve on any aspects, but well.
    The gameplay is what keeps me interested to come back. It needs a lot of love to make use of its great potential.

    I am all for making the game more welcoming for new players, but a band aid fix for an issue like this, is nothing we should even consider implementing.

    We need to rethink the whole economy of the game and how a player is faced with the casino which is S4 League now, gamble everywhere will scare a lot of people away. And rightfully so, everyone has played those 3rd class mmorpgs which gave you gamble everywhere and some boosters for your gamble and enchantments etc.

    Which basically give you the impression that players have an egde over you and you will have a bad time playing against veterans and this is not inviting at all.

    I wouldn't call the HMG op at all, it might be a rare pick even. People didn't learn how to play against it properly. Because it seems to be off meta.

    Obviously, because the weapons mentioned usually shut those down too.

    The problem here isn't the hmg+anyskill combo. Early on, if the hmg player got focused, there wasn't a lot of damage coming in.
    It used to be a popular invading style, to go flying underneath ST2 and pop up behind the currently defending team.

    That was pretty legit and the large spread made it reactable, but if there are other priorites on the board, such as an approaching fumbi, then if course you need to take him down first etc.

    The problem at hand is that we have enhanced skills that draw from an increased SP pool on a character that has increased HP.

    The FP/Premium stats made it so you don't really give up anything if you do not get your 30hp+ or SP+.

    Of course it still is a plus and useful, but when you decide to go for a shield, you cannot take it down as quickly as you used to be able to.
    And if you did, the user still has above 130 hp even without hp mastery.

    So if we want to balance skills and weapons, we need to look at how premium stats warped the whole thing to be way less tactical and much more overpowering.

    A lot of gameflow died with the inclusion of premium stats and enchants, if you knocked away someone with sp mastery and they have to dodge out of it, they still have enough sp to perform a walljump when they arrive at the GP on ST1. I mean, that usually was a shutdown. HP mastery users were only able to perform the walljump if there was nothing in their way.

    In terms of weapons, I personally find smash rifle, homing rifle, spark rifle, any bombs, airgun and breaker to be questionable inclusions (Might've forgot sth)

    Why? Because smash rifle sort of does the job a semi rifle and a sub machine gun would do, but I think it has a 50 shot clip? Yeah? And also a smash that knocks opponents away (Not all that great, but options are always a plus)

    Homing rifle and spark rifle both are bad for the game, you don't want to have aim assist in a highly mechanical game such as S4 League, what is the purpose of dodging and trying to juke bullets if you get hit anyway. They have an ammunition limit, which I think shouldn't be a factor to include for balance. Sure they will run out of bullets, but they can just go and SD or, you know, probably get killed before they are out of shots. The damage ain't that great, sure, but that playstyle shouldn't be taught as a standard to new players either.

    Bombs are such an unfun thing to begin with, when you are about to die, just toss one out and whoever defeated you will die too (or pretty much)

    They make it incredibly easy to break up groups in a team based game, that it discourages to actually group up. You have almost no time to react, so you are being punished for doing nothing wrong. They should be removed imo.

    Airgun usually only used in TD, is a pretty boring weapon, you defend successfully, jump to SD and have your shots back. I am not saying that the weapon is op or anything, I am just implying that defending with it is somewhat easier than defending with melee weapons (correct me if I am wrong)

    I also don't think that there should be weapons to be only useful in one mode.

    S4 league lived off mastery of certain weapons and it was very rewarding to get better with any weapon. You could build a character from the ground up and eventually come up with a unique playstyle. This has gone missing, this feeling of "I could try anything and improve"

    Because of several reasons of course, but those aren't asked for.

    Late post here, sorry about that.

    I think the damage pity was a good system when it was in place, it kept the match going and players that were behind, would feel that they can put up a fight.

    All that doesn't matter if you think competitively, but it is very important for new players and a sense of accomplishment.

    It also could change the tide of battle sometimes :D

    The statement that a better player shouldn't be killed by a player that isn't as good, think stats. I think the dmg pity system is a system way better in terms of fairness.

    Concerning skills and unique skills, personally I would think those skills should be kept unique.

    But with a plus side, there should be a down side too. For example the flying variations could alter the value so you move 10% faster/slower and consume Sp faster/slower, take more damage while you flying/take less damage while you're flying, etc.

    It doesn't have to be a straight buff, I feel that it gives the game some variety and a player can decide what is more important to his/her build.

    This keeps the skill unique, gives players who alreay own a unique skill some choice and doesn't straight up **** on players who only own the basic skill.