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    Now the ball in TD is bugged. Once when a player that held it left. Another time i joined a game and it was bugged.

    Cant pick the ball so its basically DM. Its really annoying that i played 20 mins then the game died. Fix pls.

    I rather have a useless RG than an overpowered one that's breaking a whole mode (looking at you, Chaser).

    Heh. Whenever seomeone sniped me in chaser. If i got out then i kill them with MS :). Rage rage the little rg kid. I put it on just for that.

    Can you focus on toolers next? I really hate to play against airhug macro that shoots faster than hmg.

    Cant you guys just revert the fixes? Like dont you have a backup? You patch the game on a whim?

    Im pretty sure we will survive without the scythe not stunning people from behind bug.

    But its been 2 weeks and I still crash. And people still complain from hp bug. What the heck is this?

    Oh no you just called the aeria devs noobs.

    I actually saw s4 ads on youtube but dont remember when, maybe a year ago?

    They are already recruiting people see trial gms.

    You want your anime character hairstyle and thats cool. I think this is a good idea if they wont have copyright issues.

    A nice GUI would be great. Also maybe i wont go to 7-15 fps everytime i do something in the menus. Like, its not rly that bad but it just feels very rigid.

    About items dont event bother about descriptions.

    Not even the stats make any sense.

    Ill give u an example:

    FP Lightning bomb without any enchants has damage 90(+9.9) and kills me instantly(179 hp).

    FP Mine Gun has 90(+9.9), enchants : +5 TD dmg, 0-2 random dmg, full strong set,crit enchants and I almost never get 1 hit kills, even if i do headshot crit(maybe with pity?).

    Dont even mention the players stepping on it, that does like 1/3 of their health damage. Unlike bomb that insta kills you even if u are 4 meters away.

    Makes absolutely no sense. So they should just disable the damage indicator on an item because its bs.

    I enter a room, start the match. Shortly after the match starts(like a few seconds sometimes 15 secs) it crashes to desktop without any error notice.

    I reinstalled the game a few days ago. Still happens most of the time.

    Just remember, we have beside the ToS some In-Game rules.

    Sometimes it is hard to separate a friendly tease from an annoying verbal assault. So just be kind to each other. You wouldn't believe how many friendly players the community has if you speak with them nicely.

    What about the famous "You suck, leave!" phrase that almost all Amas get from so called "pros"? Is that bannable? Then you need to ban like half the community.

    You can already buy FP weapons and sets with pen. You can enchant them also with pen. You can also buy enchant chips and upgrade them also with pen.

    What more do you want? Everything to be bought with pen? You want to cut off the whole financial AP support from the game?

    I really like St-2. But I agree with you.

    I remember playing S4 League like 6 years ago.

    There was Chaser, DM and TD. Pretty much for most of the modes of play there were rooms.

    Dat Side-3 map was so cool and needed so much skill...

    I sometimes see a Chaser or DM room, but its very rare. Wish I could play it more.

    This game is so unique and fun.Thats what keeps me going I guess. Never had so much fun in an online game as I have in S4 League.

    Regardless of all its crashes, lags and hackers(way less hackers nowadays!), unbalanced weapons, and rooms being 9/10 OS St-2, even if i find a gun room I still enjoy it very much.

    Maybe one reason for this is because there are not many players still playing and mostly the "leet" OS players are around. Too bad.

    On the other side it's suddently it's cheap af.. what's the reason in this change of pricing?

    I'm a bit scared.. scared of this could be one of Aeria's attempts to make easy money before dropping the game?

    I hope not.

    Dont think so.

    Though it would help if more people bought AP. Its free to play yes, but supporting your game is a way of preventing it from being closed.

    SMG - dunno why it just feels good to play it.

    Mine Gun - just listen before you disregard. This weapon requires skill. That is, aim...

    Unlike bomb which hits everything in a 5m radius and often 1 hit kills, if you dont get a headshot with a mg then it becomes quite useless.

    Even then it rarely 1 hit kills, with full strong set, +5% damage, damage and crit enchants on my set, i rarely get 1 hit kills. So you still have a chance.

    It also has a good disatvantage, that is it hits the person shooting it pretty hard. So if the opponent is staying right in front of you, and your mine hits him,

    you can pretty much kill yourself, or if you shoot it then step on it. Feels good and balanced.

    Plasma sword - versatile in all fields. Can stun, knock back opponents and dash to the td. Kinda lacks damage but its ok.

    Yeah I have a lot of fun in S4.


    After playing 26 minutes(out of 30) then suddenly crash.

    When I play on Europe server with people who are not from Europe and they hit me with a SO weapon from 5 meters away.

    When I want to do a TD, do the noob jump on the stairs of St2 then someone enters the room and I have entry lag and just fall.

    When I buff up my health to 179 and have decent defense, but a bomb insta kills me no matter the distance(even if 3m away im dead).

    After I play a game i go back to channel to enter another room and the game crashes.

    When I start the game, and it takes 2 mins to start. Meanwhile a famous 2015 worth 45gb of a game takes like 20 secs on the same PC.

    Other than those(and others i just forget) I have tons of fun.:)

    If you play against someone with a PS its not hard to dodge a stun with 2 conditions:

    you're not a total noob

    you and the person performing the stun dont lag or have distance lag relative to each other(ideal <30ms).

    Unless you're an OS player, I dont understand how PS triggers you and bomb doesnt, which can take 179 hp in a 4m radius(even lightning) with below average enchants.

    I miss the times where I was a rookie and people would actually teach me how to play, that's why I encourage newbies to be the ones to TD and us the players who know "how to play" to defend them or teach them

    You cant have people holding your hand all the time. Most they learn by themselves. And where can they learn? When they reach AMA level all they do is play with far better players who insult them because they play bad. And forget the kicking of newbies, they just get insulted and most leave by themselves.

    Either way bring the kick system back. Just because some people abuse it doesn't mean you have to disable it.