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    help it tells me when downloading the last patch:

    Failed to extract partch file.

    I've installed them 3 times and they always tell me the same

    1. S4 league pertence now AeriaGames

    2. They are doing everything possible to revive the game

    3. Implemented a new AntiHack system

    4. They released IP to Latin America

    5. Because of these big changes, the server is currently suffering problems ...

    6. Surely the server problems will be solved as soon as

    7. Stop complaining you are investing too much and improving your security for all ....

    Nice update #makes4greatagain. You guys really need to stop updating this game, all you do is just keep breaking it more and more after every update and you only care for the money not for fixing the game or making good updates. You keep making promises which you don't hold or search for excuses and the only purpose of them is to ensure that your "cash cows" keep buying stuff from you. The only updates you ever did was to make the game more pay² win or to break the game more with "rebalancing" weapons which made them unfair and broken. Who had the idea of changing perfectly working weapons into this? The shop didn't get updated for months and just by replacing the anti cheat system nothing will be fixed(It got bypassed after a few mins). The best you could do now is either to stop updating the game or learn how to properly fix the game itself or sell the game to another company which can fix it. It's sad to see the game die day by day, because the concept of it is really unique and there is no other game out there which is like S4. Sadly this game had a lot of bad luck with the developer which couldn't fix even the smallest bugs and caused even more and publisher who were greedy and only cared about the money. S4 League is the only game I know which has this hardcore pay² win factor and it's very beginner unfriendly. When they download it and try it out all they see in the beginner channel is almost no player or only hackers and when they finally get into Netsphere 1 channel they get kicked out of most matches for playing bad, because of the try harder for who s4 is their life and which can't think of losing any game because of some beginner. No wonder that the player base is decreasing like this.