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    Why yes i'm into loli porno

    The next person came from a time long ago back when metallic killed hackers, there was only 1 chaser, fish was a viable piece of equipment and you had to praise your fumbi overlord if you wanted to a different looking weapon without spending money.

    Hm.. That actually could be a very good thing, the game could use a major overhaul under the hood :S

    Yea don't count on it....

    Aeria isn't exactly known for being supportive towards dying games, let alone actually bringing essential changes to their games.

    Considering the fact that Aeria games has been in charge for a while by now i don't think revitalizing s4 is high on their priority list and if the anwsers here are anything to go by then i think it will remain that way. Sure there might be hope wether it's a big announcement or patch incoming but with the status of S4 i highly doubt Aeria would take such a risk for a withering playerbase.

    But i will stay open for surprises for the time being, s4 stayed alive till now to my surprise.

    the old forum came with too many complications to say the truth and was hard to manage in some aspect. Due to the merge with gamigo that occurred a new forum was planned to come. Has nothing to do with spams and such.

    Well that settles the new forum question. Wasn't aware of any merger happening up and till now although it surprises me that a merger took place at all considering the circumstances of Aeria but i guess there's always an opportunity.

    The manual approval was added kinda recently. It wasn't like that when I registered. I have seen some korean bots at few times so probably that is why.

    Korean bots? What possible business could they have here? Oh well i guess this is the least of my concerns now that i'm actually in.

    I'm not sure what you exactly mean but every game got his own new forum.

    This 3 words thingy I don't know. Sometimes it isn't even working.

    I don't know why they changed the forum tho. Maybe it is easier to handle.

    It just seems arbitrary too me to have a new forum all of the sudden. From what i've gathered from the Discord server they've added a manual approval system to check the new members, leading me to believe something might've happend to warrant such a change.

    Which why i came up with the theory that Coca Cola might've flooded the forums with advertisements or forum server got overloaded with cat picture. Baseless? Sure but i don't exactly have any better clue as of now.

    TL;DR : I haunt the s4 forums once or twice every year, what happend since last december?

    First of all i'm M1spelllol,

    Pretty much an old-timer who played s4 league in the Alaplaya times but i eventuelly grew impatient and tired with the lack quality of life improvements and the pay-to-win model. This resulted in me leaving s4 league probably somewhere mid s2 and since then every december i haunt the s4 forums to keep myself up to date about the state of s4 (how jarring some of those information might be).

    However it recently came to attention that KS4 got shutdown which definitly made me curious....

    So my questions are mainly as follows but feel free to insert your opinion and statements here:

    1. Are the developers still the same? If not who is developing the game now?

    2. Has anything improved at all since last december?

    3. What is the current status of all the other servers? Are more servers planned to get shutdown?

    4. How frequent are the updates now? How big are these updates?

    5. Also what's up with this forum? I took me waaay too long to get in here with sessions timing out for no reason and according to the folks in discord; my account had to be manually approved. Granted i was openly dissaproving of the state of the game back in the Alaplaya period but i wasn't violating any rules. Did Coca cola flood the previous forums with advertisements or something?

    Furthermore it's highly unlikely i will return to the game since last time i've heard the divide between f2p and p2w got even larger and i'm not willing to put any more money into this game.

    Thanks for reading i look forward to the anwsers.

    False, i haven't played this game in ages and just today returned to the forums for 2-3 days just to statisfy my curiousity about the state of affairs. I won't be returning to the s4 game itself henceforth the above statement is false.

    The next person thought that i was new