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    On the other hand if we have Kick system our polite community Will start kicking everyone because they are either too bad or they re doing something they don't like or using a wep that they don't like and etc...

    I have done a review on the votekick system when it original came out in 2010, when alaplaya was still alive.. The community were trash talking me because i made a topic about the pros and cons, since everyone was desilusional and rather wanted the system so bad,i decided to move on into other game, i knew they do wanted this so much that they would start kicking out players that didn't had the skills to learn to play or a pro was to good for them to handle on the room.. they even got mad at newbies that couldn't play the game as them, they didn't give new players the tools to learn and play S4. (Yes i mentioned all that this would hurt the game long term) the hackers we can't do anything, unfornately every game is hackable even the servers are hackable, you got to have a good self defense and regular updates for it, developers didn't want to listen to the community, so they kept pushing harmful updates to the game until now the game is on a s%$t state.

    I know what would be a good choice for this game to grow up again. But someone will always get mad at something and think they own the game and everything goes at there way.

    Truthfully, we lived just fine without it in the past.. Though we had a lot more patrolling GMs at the time. As much as it can prevent hack tools from being used, people are just getting smarter to circumvent it on purpose and it gets used to kick new players more these days. I would rather take more patrolling GMs than the VK anyday.

    The Votekick and buff system were the primary reasons i quitted the game, we had hackers back in the days with or without the vk there was like 3 of 10 rooms with them.

    We used to call an active GM there was on the looby to kick them if we needed assistance.

    Good night, people have downloaded the game and it has not allowed me to log in, so I denailed it and reinstalled it but still nothing could someone help me and tell me what I should do?

    Upgrade your system. either to Windows 10 , or windows 8.1.
    Windows 7 is to old. Those scripts will never happen in recent upgrades of windows.





    As a long time player, i haven't touched in this game, i knew how the state of S4 League would go, i predicted this, no one really bothers right now about this game, hiring some coder to fix the issue would be preferably.

    I have said it not once, not twice. Since alaplaya era 2010, don't spend money on this game, make the company change the way it treats there costumers, you guys just kept on wasting your money on a CASINO game, what do you expect? free stuff?! This isn't League Of Legends or CS GO.

    This is S4 League, on beta patch 4, i do remember where you could buy every single weapon for 30000 pen, and the skills were 50000/60000 pen. This game became garbage, because the developers lost faith on it, and since the creator of S4 had some years of life, he left the game on someone hands and that person took the chance to profit with it, what this companys are doing is what it is.. You guys are just to blind to see it or your seeing with your butth%le instead of racionalize, do you really believe the S4L Creator who made this game would want to turn this game into a CASINO Game? No.. The ones to blame were the ones that wanted to profit the max of it,NEOWIZ before it was PMANG the original creator. that's why alaplaya on the beginning made that mass money with S4L, because this game was TOP 3 2009/2010.

    One more thing to add up, about Aeria Games and there Product Managers/Community Managers that change every year.
    It is well shown the stability of people that comes and goes , as far they keep you all in the dark about blatant lies "to fix the server and new content" but they have no idea of what they are doing, since the original creators abadon this game, there is not much content for it period.

    The server has been "screwed" since 2013, breaks/dcs, STATION 2 Dark Theme, NO clan system fix, bugs and more bugs, spectating a game and leaving counts as a lose, doubt? Leave the server and join other server, you will see it does count as a lose, until now 2018, you still have the same bugs from 2012.

    I am not buying into what you guys have to say nor im losing time.

    I gave my all to this game, i contacted every possible person on this game, to revive it, or at least to make things a bit easier for users but as i see it's all money or all nothing.

    i was blocked here on the forums, everyone knows who i am. I used to make videos on youtube and i used to play casuals under the name of -_DarkInstinct_-, .[Dignity]. , -Cye.Kaizen, ET-Ciso (event creators alt account) and my last name Nezure. due to the hate on the past i had to take some of my own videos down. Which were related to Jumps , learning how to Reload Cancel, in every most of the maps back on 2010. I have played this since 2008 and quited 2012 i even played on the Korean S4.

    i dont want to be here talking about myself, i wanna talk about my game and others game.

    The issues it has, since votekick system was introduced everyone was excited, but i knew there was a possibility of someone would abuse it.. i even made a petition on that time too not bring this system because there would be abuse..It waa good against hackers but it wouldnt solve the problem.. Since the votekick had been out i had seen from everything, rookies not having a chance to learn how to play this game..even with pros in the same game.

    Back on this days everyone had to play with afks, rookies and ragers.. it wasnt an issue, in the sense that you couldnt carry, the issue is when they introduce it and had after became obsolete because people would start to kick rookies to equilibrate the teams in other words calling a friend to 'screw' the other team to make his own team even more stronger not giving an chance to others learn or play.

    Other issue was the introduction of the chips with aditional stats to everything from clothes to weapons and the buff system that shouldnt even made to this game at the first place.

    If i could help mold this game with my vision as it was off the early days.. this game would be perfect to everyone and the company.. It would even earn reputation and trust. All i wanted was someone to listen to me and give S4 a bright path. Im old guy right now.. still i am here.. havent gave up on this because i still look aford to return entirely. But i wont until the buff system.. the chips with additional stats to the clothes.. the votekick system, and the damage balance between ap and pen are fixed.But i know this wont happen not until the greed for money is changed, not until the young imatures product managers see with theres eyes what potencial this game has.

    When i see a debate or a talking 'we will change things, we will work on those or stuff like that it's a fact there isnt any plans on' i love S4 League as much my dear friend Silver does.. I mention his name has you wonder.. we were a rival of young guys playing this game back then and turn out a friendship.We both shared the same opinion in this game, it deserves a lot but a lot more then the way its been threat.

    It is sad to see the author of this game fade away, it is sad.