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    I was wondering the same considering these weapons are rather new but hey, not everyone is here since 10 years.

    Storm bat patch 1! Not old school enough.

    (yes, i know I am not funny)

    I like how diverse the comments are thus far. From seeing the same weapons on every striker every match with a few exeptions I didn't expect that.

    no weapon is bad or as you say (Cancer). The weapons were created to be used and enjoyed, I hope everyone enjoys the weapons of the game and never let themselves be guided by bad comments.

    Sometimes restricting has a reason. Let me give you the most extreme example we've had thus far: The boots on release alongside their collection bonus; you could use the sprint 4 times in succession (and iirc that was on hp mastery), but well, enough offtopic

    gun: SMG: high damage on low-midrange, fixed spray pattern. Burst obligation (which is a weakpoint) that can be outsynergized by shield.

    melee: Revo: Revo-shield is my sword in DM. Fixed spray pattern, big damage, again synergy with shield

    No, it got demolished by sharp, the moment that came out. With an easily superior shooting mechanic and stronger zoom (fair enough, reducing the view makes that vulnerable) the RG didn't have much chance of moving out of cover much.

    Imo the biggest problem is the increasing tankiness of people. It had been a thing shooting people once with a fully charged RG with the wallsmash killing them ( no hp mastery ). The high charge time and bad shooting mechanic just made it not worth the time considering its damage output just before its change, where this wasn't even close to happening anymore.

    The smash was absolutely ridiculus at the time. Keep in mind that at the time, rifles didn't have damage falloff on range. Since this has changed, there would possibly be some hope for the old RG (still'd need a slight buff imo).

    It already managed to kill Chaser mode completely.

    Even if they can't revert it, it should be possible to make it close enough to the old version or at least nerf it enough so the game can be playable again.

    I still can't believe they took a completely balanced weapon that no one ever complained about and ruined it with such changes.

    Yeah considering the old shooting mechanic, they could possibly take that from the canno and hasten the pre- and past-shot timings a bit ( at least i think the canno is slower in both regards when compared to the old RG), that should get them close enough.

    Disagree about the comment on balance. RG was barely used and for good reason. It just couldn't keep up with the popular weapons.

    The remake was not a good improvement anyway

    Why shouldn't they be able to revert it? Every bigger software project uses a version control system. And these systems provide easy methods to revert former changes.

    But as unlimited player I'd like to see the old rg, too. The new one is just annoying cause it literally has auto-aim and no cooldown.

    ^this @ version

    bs @auto-aim and no cooldown. First, there is no autoaim in that.

    charged: Pre-shot-time has been significantly reduced but is still there (and remarkable in comparison to an already zoomed sharp)

    The reduced post-shot-cd is a thing. I mean it doesn't matter if you play shield or bind alongsideit anyway, but i am fine with weapons and skills synergizing like that.

    In any case, there is no way around the pre-shot-time.


    The most complaints i see ingame are because of the new uncharged and the long slow time, and I really agree to those ( even though I only ever see the uncharged as the victim for i am not capable of hitting that).

    I'd rather have it back to a blow on highcharge, taken out the slow, but leaving in its standard disruption effect in any case.

    Changing back the shooting mechanic would imo deserve a damage upgrade for it was quite weak before its change.

    If leaving the shooting mechanic as is, maybe increase the possible max charge time (with dmg scaling respectively), have the blow only on high or max charge, else only disruption and get rid of the uncharged (left click only) attack or at least take away its blow, giving it disruption.

    Both versions of railgun have their problems and would need being updated.

    Sadly, considering for how long thebalance suggestion thread exists and for how long nothing happened in that regard, I don't have much hope for it being changed soon. My hope remains that they gain control over the everything and be able to one day have balance patches again (and probably in quicker and more senseful succession)


    You can take the chance if you make it up to half a million pen (if you already have permanent clothing top, bottom, boots and gloves) and go for the shiny chips (eSper-chips in the shop). It is chance based if you get them all to level 5, my estimate so far (at about 16 chips) is ~100k pen/chip.

    Careful, there are 2 kinds of top-chips, but you only need one (I recommend you take the reloadspeed+ chip).

    The point is, if you have the lv 5 shiny-chips for top,bottom, gloves and shoes, you put them into the clothing you wan't to play with (that's why you take permanent clothing for this) you get a 50% chance of getting Pen on kill. This is limited to 3k pen/match and 30k pen /day, but it makes the further progress much better.

    From there on, you can, if you save your pen, buy I-capsules in stacks of 30 (which has reduced cost/capsule) to get weapons and more clothing if you like (not that these will not carry the esper-chips you used. If you want that, you need to make another set of chips), or go to the randomshop.

    For the capsules: There are booster-capsules from which you get the booster-items (you need to activate those) that increase the chance of getting permanent items from capsules for a set duration. It is worth saving a lot of stacks of capsules, then activating a booster item (there are different ones: x1.5 , x2,x3,x4 and a 100% booster if i didn't miss any) then opening the capsules with the increased chance. The 100% booster is a 1time-use that guarantees a perm in the next capsule (this goes for most normal capsules)



    Just play it, you will eventually get familiar with the maps (escape routes, walljumps, places to avoid etc.), the weapons (spray patterns, mag-size, damage etc.) and so on.

    Touch down:

    The fum_bi is the object of highest importance in this mode. it streams a colorful beam of light in the air above so you can keep track of its position.

    Example: the opponent's have the attack - carry the fum_bi -> you should not be at the opposite side of the map if your equipment is not specifically made for it to be like that.

    Any mode:

    Don't let people's flaming get into your head, just try getting used to the game, try out weapons.

    Submachine gun, smash rifle and assault rifle are good and easy to use in many situations. I recommend getting used to at least one of them early on. If you try to master turret or cannonade first, this will just get you frustrated. There are many weapons in between, ijust think that the 3 rifles listed above are somewhat easy to get started with.


    You can try and discover them yourself, ask people or you can search for tutorials for them. ( I always wanted to make a series of short vidoes regarding those, but i never find the time)

    example: the revolver has a high delay after shot where you can't use your evade moves. Shoot then activating shield (shift, while you have the skill shield equipped) allows you to dodge, skipping said delay. (this technique can also break the 4-bullet-burst-obligation from the smg)

    Hello there,

    this only happened recently to me. I haven't been online for about a week or so.

    As of today (this has happened 3 times within half an hour) s4 starts freezing midmatch, windows tells me, the application doesn't answer back, and the process dies after about 10 seconds.

    Has this occured to anyone?

    Neither GPU nor CPU are even close to operating at full capacity. RAM was (with chrome) at 9/16GB.

    Any ideas?

    ^Display more

    I understood that.

    Choices here: Make a cut and let the 80s start at the same position ( the ones with 38M exp just the same as the ones with 7M exp). Or use the exp gained so far as progress within the new system.

    That is what i was talking about.

    That kind of overhaul would not prevent farming though, would it?

    I have been S4 rank for a long time now. Often I also see lots of players that have become S4 nowadays.

    In my opinion it would be much more fun to reintroduce the S1, S2 and S3 ranks after the Pro rank.

    Agreed. It just feels so stale.

    I think this seems like a cool way to change the ranking system in S4 League. Maybe there could be some unique costumes or other rewards when you get to the different S1, S2, S3 ranks. Like the Master set you get from combi levels.

    I'd be fine with the old one, but this is a good one too.

    As for people who are already rank 80. What if they stayed rank 80, and got all the rewards from the earlier levels if they introduced a new ranking system.

    I don't like this one. There are people who invested far more playtime than others (I guess, when it comes to the "long term" S4s, I am on the low end).

    If you keep exp-gain the same, some people should definitely start higher up.

    If they give special sets for certain levels, they could make it so S4 gets way out of our reach ( the system we have now had its goal so easily reachable) and over time develop said sets.

    Considering COMN: I'd like to see exp unfarmable but how can that be achieved?

    Just out of curiosity:

    Is that you?

    If so, you're very well part of the game dying. Farmers and toxics like that are terrible people who aren't helping the game in any way. So please.. glass house..

    If not, please do ignore this post.

    Those aren't new players, those are just players who are bad.

    Even if that was the full and undenyable truth (which it clearly isn't, there are enough people being newbies and clearly playing like they are seeing TD for the 10th time at best), it is dumb. You want "good" (aka metabuild-solorushers) people denying the "bad" ones their training grounds? If you want the 3-clans-on-1-server- "competition" so bad, go kiss the 47's feet.

    It's funny how naive people like you think this game has a future, lots of people moved on to other games.

    It's funny how some people need to push their ego and set themselves above others, calling them naive, thinking their own opinion was the one and absolut truth.

    Guess what, I am fine with others moving on. As long as I have fun playing s4 I will play it, no matter what anyone wants to tell me.

    And as long as there are more people thinking like that, the game is very much alive.

    And Hella unless you play 3v3 or 4v4 don't try to talk about those garbage 6v6 rooms you play in 24/7 where these so called " new " players get kicked.

    They get kicked in every kind of room, unless there are enough people who actually care about the game. So how would you have ever noticed

    Even now I come to this forum to see the dumb posts of people like you when I'm bored

    You must know best where to look

    Why are you guys bickering about wether or not to keep the vote kick option, Official is dead move on. There are no new players in this game.

    Vote kick has more pros than cons, and the people crying about the kick are players who are just bad.

    Because it isn't dead, and we can still try to improve it. Btw has today's player count beyond 650. Before a certain someone chose to throw overboard what was left of server stability we barely went over the 1k. After such a long bad period i'd call being back up beyond 60% of that "not too bad".

    Maybe the 40% are just all the macroers who have been "banned for no reason at all" ( I am only partly being serious in this last sentence).

    Just out of curiosity: are you implying that another certain someone (hint: 47) really brings an alternative?

    Most aren't "crying" about vk. More like bringing arguments against it.

    It is just straight up hostile towards getting back a playerbase. In the last year I was barely the target of vk other than in rooms where people wanted to kick me for not farming. Still I am against it. you're just making claims that you can't prove because.. well they aren't true. Ofc you can call me bad now to try to keep your point. But that wouldn't fit what you were implying.

    There is no competition in this game anymore

    I summon you, Astoria

    I don't think the number of cores really matters. The game is so old, single core performance should be your stat.

    fyi .... it ran s4 perfectly before these newest updates

    "an i3" does not say very much. The new desktop i3 will beat older i7. I haven't read too much into it, but the i7's hyperthreading shouldn't do much when it comes to s4.

    Anyway, i guess i'll check back with my toasters some time

    my old pc does it (i7 920 @2.66ghz)

    and you don't need a good gpu - that one has a gts 250, and even a gt 550m (alongside some i7 XXXX QM @ 2.00ghz) can do it.

    Edit: even a 630m can do it

    Pre EAC:

    The loading times were strange and aren't really stable to me. The 1st time usually failed on my toaster-laptop while any subsequent tries worked in <1 min (still i could usually do something else when loding in for the 1st time and then proceed to the 2nd usually sucesful try).

    What toaster-level is your laptop?

    Didn't I already tell you that I'd get you some, but because I don't know where you live I'd have to eat it myself before throwing it away.

    You could come over though

    Can I find a quiet place for tonight?