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    If you are talking about unbanning Egys then no no no omg no... Remember how everyone celebrated when they got ip ban, it was like best day ever for most ppl

    I'd celebrate if they banned germans since the one who's crashing the server and affecting everyone's experience is a german guy :)

    let's not disgrace any country :)

    Why K Person gets different replies from Marika? ;)

    Like I said many times before, they unbanned "some" players with no valid reason. It's too late now.

    Ban them again or unban some other players. Not everyone.

    I don't have any banned accounts and I won't gain anything if they ban or unban others. I just want a fair community.

    Justice above all.

    yesterday i saw green ping from another player for the 1st time in months. Other americans have been red since they messed with the servers a few months back. I assume they resolved that issue recently.

    That being said I also believe the servers are under malicious attacks. No way they can be that unstable on their own lol. No anti cheat is gonna help as well, as I believe anti cheat engines dont protect against ddos & server crashes. Its something the tech guys gotta fix which they cant seem to do right now.

    cuz they enabled P2P

    thats why u saw green ping

    So they can use even more hacks?

    I am pretty sure they can make a new acc and just play in a legit way for once if they want it so much.

    You say this like they aren't using them rn.

    You think someone who spent a lot of money and got banned would spend money again?

    Since you guys unbanned latins how about lifting the ban from the other banned countries?

    This video would bring my old friends back to the game. But when they are trying to access to the game server they wont be able to.

    They have to use VPN and become lagging otherwise they wont be able to play the game

    I'm sure lifting the ban from the blocked countries will bring old players again

    S4 europe is a place for people who fight over a game and no wonder why people are leaving the game..

    When this game was available for everyone it was great.

    And also since you have unbanned a few players and gave them a second chance how about unbanning the others and give them another chance? instead of having them on your game using hacks etc.


    Surprisingly Voar is actually right. The game indeed loads way faster when v-sync is off but who has it on anyway? The loading bar moves slower when the game is capped at 60fps. With v-sync off, you can get +200 fps at times during the loading process and the bar goes through faster.

    on windows 8+ VSync must be enabled otherwise they will have screen tearing and stuttering < 60Hz users

    Well i think that the heartbeat is causing the problem, same issue occurred when they added battleye, reason was taking long time at loading screen (might be the same issue)

    Try disabling vsync to make the game loads faster and lmk

    If you encountered any problem at starting S4 league after the new patch you will have to re-download the game.

    I reinstalled it and worked for me then i tried to copy a few files to the old folder and s4 started,

    You need to download this file

    and extract it in S4L Folder after it you will have to replace "BEClient.dll" and "S4Client_BE"

    It should work

    U know that using the phone isn't the same as using PC? i have used different forums and i thought writing another post would merge them together
    But thanks anyway :)

    Kicking hackers, the hackers should be automatically kicked by the game security itself. Not by players i remember one hacker blacklisted one of my accounts for kicking him lol

    Btw kicking players so your mate joins is a trash move uk why? Because if u asked him nicely to leave he would leave but if he didn't want to for some reasons like having exp etc its something up to him, but ppl like u abusing the kick function for the needs which actually bad and made the community way more toxic

    I have a better idea. How about just get rid of the vote kick so no one gets kicked?

    Also restricting the channel to lvl 40 means even less ppl to play with and splitting the community even more. It may not be big deal for OS mode but i see the same ppl in unlimited every day.

    I was going to say the same.

    There are indeed a bunch of aimbotters running around (which no one kicks) but is not really a reason not to play unlimited. If less ppl are playing the chances to get an aimbotter becomes even higher then.

    that's a fact.

    Trust me 90% of the players in this year are using macros does'nt matter in Os or UL

    Ofc you would see more ppl using macros because OS is more populated.

    Bad suggestions uk why? Because the players aren't enough to be separated in different channels

    Rookie channel is 80% of players who can actually play like pros maybe higher in level

    All the channels needs to be merged to one channel where everyone can join it.

    Imagine a player from america joins at 4am europe time but its around 9pm for them and he is a new player

    The rookie channel would be empty so where can he play? No rooms, no players in the channel. Lets use exp hack to hit lvl20 so he can play with the other plays if not he would quit the game lol

    no sorry we're not in Germany to be more specific it's a google servers

    ASN: 15169
    ISP: Google Cloud
    Organization: Google Cloud

    and it causing a lot of lags maybe they don't have idea or they don't even care like always !

    it's not about the server location or where it s located. Before the last portal update the network between the players was based on peer to peer which only shows the ping of the distance between you and the other player. But now it's not the same anymore, its peer to server to peer i guess, whatever the ping u see is the distance between you and the server then the other player,

    That's why german players are crying about having 20ms to each others

    Meanwhile players from America or Canada can't play anymore.

    Oh look, another OS player showing of his solo rushing fighting skills.

    I've seen a lot of Tunnel rooms lately. Since when are people playing that in OS and why?

    Oh look, somebody who doesn't like OS trying to roast with his english skills.

    Let me tell you why unlimited rooms is dead, because wherever u go there u will find aimbotters and aimassist users in every single room

    U might be one of them l0l