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    You lag = They lag
    They lag = You lag

    It's Peer To Peer game, there's no advantages like you said the only advantage can be with the room creator since he can pick before the others (on the "others" screens) and it's not a real advantage but a disadvantage imo because his respawn can be delayed. It's just like a mirror.

    and tbh i rather to play this game with laggers than players who complains about 30ms lol

    hello i'd love to see this in game tbh.

    What is it?

    Give us more options to customize our in game graphics settings, I'm not a fan of "High effects" i prefer the "Low" effects but whenever i select the "Low" Option it lowers everything such as textures etc.

    How about separating all these options and let us customize it?

    Well that's pretty much it ;)

    Somehow i was able to receive all the rewards while being in the inventory so try urself

    Open ur inventory open Mission tab and claim the rewards

    Can you guys remove the servers that nobody joins? another suggestion merge all the servers into one server with no limits.

    I broke my mouse trying to join a server with 3-4 TD rooms. The game is not playable at night.

    please take a step forward not backward and undo the server capacity changes or take my advice and merge all the servers with unlimited amount of players

    Best regards.

    a hacker is using some packets to spawn mobs or smth like that and ur pc can't handle his spam. that's what i think

    How can someone disable v-sync if they can't get in on the first place?

    Why not? I can't speak for others but the Game boost mode in Driver Booster does it 100 times faster and you can revert it at any time. If that doesn't do, the chances are nothing will change even if you do it manually.

    by deleting s4_UserData.s4

    Because it's using some of your PC resources for smth u can do manually

    Hello frns, Hope y'all r doing gud.

    If you're encountering EAC-3 problems then u are at the right place!

    The reason of making another topic is because i encountered this problem after upgrading from windows 7 to windows 10.

    Solutions :-

    1-Disabling V-Sync, if you're using 60Hz monitor and can't play without having V-Sync turned on (like me) then do the following: Disable V-Sync and close the game using the 'X' Button not from the task manager to save the settings for the next run. After you start S4 and ready to play make sure to enable V-Sync again. To not mess with the settings again close S4 from task manger under 'Details' not "Processes" tab (Force closing) Your previous saved settings wont be changed.

    2-Close unnecessary programs and services: Open your task manager and click on 'Startup' tab then disable the programs that you don't want to run for a faster boot time and to prevent EAC-3 error. As for services hold Windows Key + R and type 'msconfig' or search for 'System Configuration' in the start menu then click on 'Services' tab and then tick on 'Hide all Microsoft services' and disable the unnecessary services.

    3-Increase your Random Access Memory (RAM) if you're still using 2 gigs of RAM upgrade it to 4 at least

    4-Use SSD: If you have SSD installed in ur machine move S4 league to it, put all apps/games on ssd, and use hdd for media.

    5-Increase Virtual Memory: this one worked for me after upgrading to win 10. Search for 'Advanced System Settings' in start menu and under 'Performance' click on 'Settings' and click on 'Advanced' tab you should see 'Virtual Memory' click on 'Change' and do the following, unselect 'Automatically manage paging file size for all drives' then select 'Custom size'. In initial size write the amount of installed RAM in MBs for example if you have 16GB of RAM (16GBx1024MB=16384MB) that's for the initial size. For the Maximum size it should be times 1.5 or 2 *up to you* for me i use this.z Hit 'Set' then 'OK' and restart your computer.

    6-Disabling Superfetch/SysMain service: they are the same just different name on the latest build of win10, description 'Maintains and improves system performance over time.' Disabling it prevented high Disk usage. how to disable it? Open Services and search for Superfetch or SysMain and Disable it.

    7-If you're using old toaster: Disable windows visual effects. how to? Same as step n.5 but 'Visual Effects' tab instead of 'Advanced' Select 'Adjust for best performance'

    8-Disable fullscreen optimizations: you can read about it here and to disable it for S4 League. Right click on patcher_s4 and In the context menu, select Properties. Go to the Compatibility tab. Enable the option Disable fullscreen optimizations.

    9-Repair EAC Service, Open S4 folder and look for EasyAntiCheat folder then open EasyAntiCheat_Setup and click on 'Repair Service' or uninstall then install it again.

    10-Reinstall the game. (if nothing worked)

    Don't use external softwares to Boost your PC if you can do it's job without impacting memory usage.

    Best Regards!

    Hi Voar, thanks a lot for bringing up this list with a decent description for everything you've experienced regarding the listed bugs.

    I already got some info about the clan-chat issue. Can you provide any material for the other 3 bugs?

    I am very thankful for any additional information :)

    that's the observation bug, the player 'Maecy' was in a spectator spot and when the room master changed the room settings she got the termination msg.

    as for the weapon bug i'll send a vid once i encounter with someone having this bug


    Hello, After the last patch i noticed some bugs and i guess many of you may not notice this

    -Clan chat problem: There's a problem with the clan chat, if a member sends a msg in clan chat. The clan members can't see what that member sent
    -Observation bug : After the last update this problem started to happen. If the room master enabled Observation mode and players went to the spectating slots then the master Disabled observation from room settings. All players that are in spectator spots get disconnected from the game.

    -Room join bug: i don't know why this is happening but after the last update it happens more often. A player tries to join a room and he gets stuck at joining like it says for him that he already joined the room yet it doesn't let him in the room and then he gets disconnected from the game

    -Weapon bug : This bug occurs not too often but sometimes, a player joins the room with three obvious weapons from his point of view, but other players could see that he is using weapons that he is not even using, it only occurs as in shape and not as in effects

    Best Regards!

    I completed all the tasks from part 1 and haven't got the rewards (70k pen and Rudolph pet) kek

    Didn't receive 4x Lucky Golden Dragon Capsule, and ^

    But pretty sure that i played 4hrs on neden 2

    But anyways thanks for the event, enjoyed and made new friends by joining "EVENT 0/8" rooms xD

    past is past but u still continue to do it . And i'm not talking about missions bugs , more like Omar's AP Shop and etc...

    That's personal, And i talked about the others not myself mr stalker ;), Also be SpEciFiC about u want to discuss here or 'expose' U said free things now u said ap shop, but lmk wut been looking for when u saw that AP Shop :bigthink:

    The fact is someone did something illegal and should pay for it. The max i'd accept is if Aeria gave a second chance , and if they were caught doing illegal things again perm ban forever. But tbh , if they hacked once they'll do it twice so meh

    Agrees but u know new baby born cats urine and faeces would be anywhere in your house unless you punish them and show them the way to the bathroom xD

    C'mon Voar just make some hack to unban yourself dude. Are your skills only good enough for exploiting Aeria's systems and create hacks to give people free things?

    Past is past, also for your knowledge the exploit u talked about that 'give people free things' was existed since they renewed the mission system so ig 2k13

    imo they need to reduce punishment of the "perm ban" and change it to something like 1 year ban. Because y'all know s4 community isn't a new user friendly, newbies are getting kick for no reasons, newbies can't enjoy the game if they are playing against 'high enchants' with their pen or normal fp stuff, they have low damage and low health. When i started S4 League in 2008 i searched up for hacks after losing a few games and i'm sure many of the players did the same even for a try. Aeria banned many players permanently over a small reason. I agree that even for a small reason they must be punished. but hey the game doesn't have millions of players to give a perm ban as a punishment. I would say adding different punishments according to what they did, is better than banning them permanently, You want them to learn from their mistake not to make them leave the game permanently.

    Then this should be applied on every banned account :thinking:

    By making this video, i am willing to achieve two goals, first of all i want to wish you all a happy christmas, may you spend all the good time with your beloved ones, and my second goal is actually to hope that this upcoming year of 2019 will be a great year for S4 League, a year that we will never forget, a year that we will cherish as well , and that can only be done by the people first, because i have always known for a fact that people working up together have the strength to overcome anything, and of course the hard task goes to the game team as they are trying to manage and control everything, so therefore i am wishing all the best for everyone and once again happy christmas for you all!

    Hello to all of you, due to recent stories I've been hearing, I have decided to write this apology letter. Some people in the community had advised me to write an apology letter in order to get my account unbanned from 3 years ago.

    That being said I would like to apologize to Aeria for messing up that badly 3 years ago. I didn't really have any items on my account so I have decided to use YTC which was bannable in the game.

    Once again I am very sorry for my actions, even though I was not using really op stats on the items, I would still like to apologize to the community against whom Ive sinned and ended up killing with my fake stats from the YTC. I am sorry to you guys I didn't not mean to make any of u angry by using YTC while the rest of you paid insane amounts of money for your legit stats.

    I promise not to hack ever again on this account, I promise to invest some money into this account due to the fact that I really like the name and this account holds many memories to me. It is the account that I've met so many of you from this community, we played together and became friends. I really wouldn't want to let go of it that easily.

    This account name was [666]Voar, Voar, V0AR

    I PROMISE to all of you guys and the S4 Staff that I will not do such mistakes ever again.

    Hoping for a reply soon,

    thank you,