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    I Like to use the Practice mode for trying out a couple diffrent things (mostly new looks tho), and have thought of a couple minor improvements:

    1. Difficulty setting: No Threats

    this one is pretty simple, give players the oppertunity to go on practice without having to worry about some sentry's ruining your day!
    this way they can easily train diffrent techniques such as Airhug, Reload cancel, or instant walljump without needing a friend or bothering others, even when there are no jump rooms availble.
    You can also use it to try and discover new jumps/tricks on your own.

    2. Return to Lobby (and/or) Change Loadout

    Sometimes you only want to hop ingame for a minute (repeatedly), and dont have friends who are online/want to help you/you dont want to bother them and if you try to hop into practice mode,
    and every time you change some part of your Loadout you have to quit and recreate the whole room
    I therefor suggest an option to go back to the lobby while in a practice game.

    (i think this may be a little harder to implement, but should be possible by bringing you to the resultscreen via losscondition triggred by a button in the escape menu which is only available in practice)

    3. Make every map available in practice mode

    (pretty self explanitory)

    well those are my suggestions/ideas, and im interested to see what you guys think about them :)

    There are plenty of Icons already in the game that are only visible while hovering over the weapon in your Inventory/Shop
    I have extracted all those Icons from the game:

    I thought that it'd be a nice touch to display these on the Weapons themselfes,
    although its probably best only to do that in the shop and maybe your inventory but not your weapon slots in half-time and the Lobby

    I have already prepared a sample of how it could look.
    I also recommend lowering the actual image of the weapons (and thier names) slightly.

    (I only lowered the BSG and RL a little as they were partially behind the icons in this image)

    Some Icons may need a slight rework to make them more uniform with each other (i.e. Melee, Turret and Spreadshot are all fairly diffrent from one another)
    I think this could clarify a few things for new players browsing through the shop, wondering what weapon they should buy, and give them a rough idea of what a certain weapon does,
    since not everyone actually reads the details or pays attetion to those icons as it is right now.

    When selecting a room or server you can see your character on your left.
    Sometimes parts of your character are covered by the weapon or costume slots.
    I Suggest that the character should be slightly smaller to eliminate this issue.

    I edited a Screenshot to show how it could look.

    Its barely noticable that the character is smaller and i doubt alot of people would care for this,
    but i think that its nicer this way as there are plenty of people who like to dress thier character, and having parts obscured by these slots is really annoying and the reason i usually do it in a locked room.