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    Then why the heck they got the code from the koreans on the first place?

    They probably thought it would be easier to handle.

    They are probably not even getting money from it now.

    I'm quite sure S4 League is a loss business.

    Yet they do stuff like a new website.

    There is one person who could answer that..


    Well, if we take a look at Fortnite, around 25GB if i'm not wrong, uses EAC and it loads faster. The answer is that the game is almost brand new, optimized so...

    Well, we don't know what's getting checked by EAC. I could imagine, that only a part of the game could be checked to verify that no cheating is possible ( = possible optimization). I agree with that, it needs some kind of optimization, although I don't know if that's even possible.

    Also the game doesn't seems to be loading more stuff than usual. It floats around 1,5GB. It just loads it incredibly slow

    I got 16GB RAM, my game doesn't start faster. Like you said, the game can't even handle more than that amount of RAM. Ofc a good PC increases the speed a bit, but it's still not acceptable.

    The first potential cause which pops in my mind are the ressource files.

    EAC checks the integrity of all files before starting the game.

    That said, the ressource files of S4 are a mess... I would guess out of these 6 GB, about 4GB is trash from older patches...

    Cleaning up the ressource files would make it about 3 times faster.

    The startup of the EAC service who protects the game shouldn't be an issue, it works the same with all other games as you already mentionned.

    a) To play against

    • Lightning Bomber (both versions): nothing to add, you already said everything
    • Heal (all versions): If the healer is good, you can't stop a team, but at least there is some counterplay.
    • Iron Boots: Way to fast (130 Movespeed, compared to all others like Hg, Dagger or Vital only 120) + Insane boost distance, hard to deff in TD.
    • Autoaim with payed enchants: Over all the autoaim weapons like Homing or Spark rifle are good balanced, but with enchants they're broken.
    • Gauss with airhug macro (I know it's forbidden) but you will still see some abusing that you can avoid losing accuracy by airhugging the hell out of it.

    b) To play yourself

    • Dual Magnums, just because I like them and they are way too weak. Pls buff them c:

    game needs so much balance that pointing out one thing becomes pointless, mostly if the current devs lack enthusiasm

    Same. I don't care that much about balancing at the moment. Most important they have to fix all issues like the roomjoin bug, joinlags and random crashs to make the game playable again. But I guess that's not gonna happen..


    Well it could have been worse... like no devs and having the game close after kr got down.

    Maybe that would be better.

    There is a German saying: "You should stop when it's the best."

    Instead I see my favorite game suffering a slow death.

    Hardware macros are usually forbidden in multiplayer games to begin with.

    You didn't get it... let me explain it for you.

    Most gaming peripherals only work with their software including drivers, settings etc. AND macro functions.

    In my case that software would be Razer Synapse, which is always running in the background.
    If I would use that, that would be a software macro, not a hardware macro.

    Let's take IWJ as example:

    Imagine you have a keyboard that sends the signal for pressing space twice, but you only have to press the key once.

    The OS of your PC doesn't know about the macro, it only happens inside your keyboard.

    Also it would work with any other OS or PC as soon as you plug in the keyboard.

    To achive that they are USB-pieces you can program and plugin between your PC and your keyboard as example.

    That's a hardware macro.

    Anyway, it was a joke to begin with..

    I'm pretty sure they have their ways to detect software based macros.

    Before contacting EAC you have to contact the gamigo support to get your player ID.

    Without this ID, EAC doesn't tell you something about your ban.

    Guess I was right after all... xDD

    since the patch day of january 24th, a player id isn't required anymore to contact easyanticheat regarding a ban appeal. It can be done with the ingame name / login name as Hella mentioned

    Weird.. I had to get my ID from the gamigo support first.. that was 2 months ago.

    I can show you my ticket replies if you want xD

    Before contacting EAC you have to contact the gamigo support to get your player ID.

    Without this ID, EAC doesn't tell you something about your ban.

    That's a point that bugs me for a while. We have no idea what the devs want do to next and what they priotize to fix next. I suggested a roadmap or something similar before, but naah...

    And I'm dissapointed. Always when I asked if what's planned next, a CM answered me that they know the priorities. But the priorities should be to make the game more playable again... not cheap 2min recolors.

    No, this statement is only half true. A game is not only called dead when development completely stops but it's also dead when the community completely loses faith in said game and abandons it even if development is still on-going

    I mean, it's cost effective to just keep working on the current version and milking your community over reskins, reshades, and low quality skins

    Sad but true.

    Pretty much the current situation of S4 League.

    Just saying from where the knowledge comes from.

    At least the got knowledge.

    Would it be that wrong to accept help from these people?

    Anyway.. cya next patch in 3 months lul

    S4 Dev Team:

    There appears to be an issue with some of the weapons. the Metal Fist variant, Curious Cat Claw, does not have a working special attack (RMB_Default). So far it affects computers re-installing the game from the official website. Please consider fixing this (unless the special attack was patched out).


    That's interesting. The bug of that weapon skin was already reported several times before, but I didn't know that it still works with older installations. Thank you for sharing that.

    I throw off the link to the topic with the same problem there is a screenshot.

    Ty for the screen, didn't the link sorry (maybe they should change that within the forum settings).

    I think the problem lies within the Internet Explorer settings.

    Is the problem still there after resetting your IE settings and enabling the TSL options (like shown in the thead you linked)?

    Update from my side:

    I found a workaround which works for me.

    At least it works with my semi account so far as I tested it.

    1. Login and change graphics to low

    2. Logout and Login again (to save the settings)

    3. Join a room and change graphics to high

    4. Play

    I can even change rooms after every match without getting DC or exit the game without DC.

    Quick question regarding:

    So.. if they don't have the data anymore, why am I not able to change my current nickname into my older account's nickname (which I had in 2013 or so and was definitely not migrated) ? america explain sksklskasdkkl guess I misunderstood something as always

    First off.. necromancer!

    #close c:

    Second, your question:

    They don't have access to the Alaplaya accounts, the ingame player data is still there.

    That explains why so many names are still taken.

    Just to make sure we all talk about the same time:

    My time was from the login to the press any key screen.

    Vsync doesn't affect the time in loadingscreen (screen between server selection and channel selection) for me.

    It's always just a few seconds. :shrug:

    How fast the game loads for you? Do you also get Authentication error sometimes?

    Game needs around 50s - 1m 20s.

    And no, I don't get Authentication errors.

    Edit: I was afk in lobby after looking how long it takes for startup (for like 10min) and created a room (just to see if it bugs again)... worked..

    So did that fix it for you or?

    I tried to confirm it.

    Because yesterday (after deleting s4_userdata.s4) and earlier today I could join rooms without issues, always first try.

    In the evening I couldn't join rooms anymore (tried 3 times), so I deleted s4_userdata.s4 again.

    It worked for 1 time, restarted the game and it was bugged again for the next 3 tries.

    So I tried it again (had to start/quit S4 once without bug, to write a new s4_userdata.s4 file).

    But I still got the join bug... *babyrage*

    To be honest.. I don't know anymore.

    As soon as you think you found something out, S4 says "nope, it's not that easy"...