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    idk about this event but in the past winning entries in one event can't be used in another one.

    I agree, but in my opinion my entry isn't the same as in the last screenshot contest.

    There is a special set or map that you like? Well...use it! We would love to see how your imagination works, use existing S4 League official arts, screenshots, your own fan art or whatever you feel will look good on our forums! We have almost no limitations, in fact, there are only two - the image must be of size 1920x1080 and it must be related to S4 League. That's it!

    I used an existing screenshot of mine, which won in the last screenshot contest, that's true. But I used that screenshot and spend time to edit it - creating something new. In my opinion, these aren't the same entries anymore.

    Feel free to compare:

    Anyway, it's not in the rules or against the existing ones.

    I think it's up to the S4 staff team to decide in the end. ;)

    does it also extend over multiple accounts?

    Yesn't. I had these issues on both of my accounts, but sometimes switching accounts helped. It's not just me, a friend of mine had the same problem yesterday, switched on another account and it worked. Sometimes it works with both accounts, sometimes with none, sometimes with one or the other. No pattern detected so far.

    How much time do you need to start the game?

    If your client is too slow it causes a timeout between you and the server.

    Everything above 5min is too slow.

    If that's the case you can try to improve your performance by closing unneeded processes.

    In such support cases I recommend you to join the S4 Discord Server:

    There you will get help way faster than here in the forum.

    Hello everyone Lilithemoji

    I made a short calculation about mobility or movement speed in S4 League.

    Why? Because I asked myself what the max. mobility value in S4 League is.

    So let's start with the weapons.

    The weapon you have equipped while running give you your base mobility value.

    The values are between 70 (Turret) and 130 (Iron Boots).

    Since we wanna know how fast we can go let's focus on the few fastest weapons:

    • Iron Boots - 130 mobility
    • Handgun, Dagger, Vital Shock - 120 mobility

    To increase your movement speed there are several bonus:

    • +3% from Forcepack weapon (doesn't stack with other FP weapons, e.g. if you have 3 FP weapons equipped)
    • +3% from shoes enchants (max. enchant)
    • +2% from pet (max movement speed for pets)
    • +1% from Style Level 5 Esper Chip (Pants)
    • +1% from Style Level 5 or 4 Esper Chip (Shoes, stats don't change between level 4 and 5)

    So the total max. bonus is 10%.

    Ok let's do some Maths now:

    • Iron Boots: 130 * 1.1 = 143
    • Handgun, Dagger, Vital Shock: 120 * 1.1 = 132
    • Difference: 11 mobility

    These are the max. mobility values you can get.

    But now comes the fun part:

    Let's say you play Iron Boots (FP), a pet with +2% movement speed and max. enchants on your shoes:

    • 130 * 1.08 = 140.4 mobility
    • Difference to Handgun with full bonus (132): 8.4 mobility

    So WHY should I play the style esper skill when I can play Iron Boots + strong esper skill?

    With the strong esper skill I have more damage on my weapons and a skill that one shots.

    Of course the style skill comes in handy sometimes, but the strong one is better.

    I can first pick faster with style skill than an enemy with strong skill, but he just one shots me after I took the ball! :D

    As a rusher it hurts to see that my beloved handgun + style set is slower than a damage machine with Iron Boots and strong chips.

    My balance suggestion: Reduce the mobility of Iron Boots to 120.

    Of course Handgun, Dagger or Vital Shock have other movement improving abilities like Wall Push or Dashes.

    But the Iron Boots Speed Boost attack is strong as well, especially in combination with other dashes.

    That's it, thanks for reading.

    Feel free to leave feedback or comments below.

    Cya Foxtailgirl

    I guess you can't do much about it if you crash midgame without error messages. Sorry.

    Rejoining servers helped a few players to crash less, but this workaround doesn't work for everyone.

    The only thing you can do is sending logfiles to the Aeria Games support. But I bet they should have enough samples of this issue by now.

    I got it, and it's busted af.

    I feel bad for using it, thats why I swapped to another rg skin xD

    I hope they fix it with the next patch.

    Beside the OP fact, I wanna use my pretender again without feeling bad c:

    The S5 tryhards are all on banana servers c:

    Anyway, it's not a good time for a tournament, the game needs to be more stable. Then the players will come back on their own.

    Aeria gets the priorities right... or they try at least.

    EAC seems to be blocking most of the macros so idk what you are even talking about.

    The only OP weapons right now are the bombs, iron boots and the heals. All other weapons are equally valuable for the most part.

    Swords only is pretty much "cpd no f" rooms so the only weapon used there are CS, PS and SD anyway.

    Macros don't get blocked by EAC. Most gaming mice and keyboards have their own software, which allows you to remap keys or assign macros. They don't get blocked at all.

    Hello everyone Foxtailgirl

    Have you ever wondered how the servers in S4 League were named?

    Then this is the perfect thread for you.

    The servernames are not random, there is a concept behind it.

    Hard to believe but that's the information I got.

    These are the hints I got so far from glitch.exe:

    • "It has to do with something I (glitch.exe) use daily."
    • "Other people use it daily aswell."

    Maybe our kind glitch.exe could give us more hints to make it a bit more interesting ;).


    • Carbon
    • Neon
    • Argon
    • Silicon
    • Lithium

    REMINDER: This thread was created to talk about the naming concept only!

    Please don't discuss things like server size, numbers of servers or any other related topics.

    So what are you guessing?

    Feel free to leave your ideas and thoughts in this thread. (I'm gonna ignore the troll comments)

    Maybe we can solve this riddle together.

    Greets Schoggi Lilithemoji

    I can agree with the feedback of you all so far, these are all good ideas to improve the forum.

    I'd like to add something little aswell: replace all Discord invite links with "".

    The topic servernames is a bit offtopic, but I'm still curious about the naming concept.

    I think I'm going to open a separate thread about that.

    The ability to ignore certain threads so that they don't show up on "unread" - looking at you, counting-thread.

    Already suggested here, even with a solution.

    But I'm with you, I hope they add that plugin.

    We are aware that the Pretender is still in a state where it shouldn't be.

    We are working to change it with the next patch, maybe already the next week.
    We've discovered this issue at the end of the patch and couldn't change it anymore, since it needs a client site patch and thus a new patch build is needed.

    We understand that this shouldn't have happened and we've learned from it.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    But my question is still unanswered:

    Why did you decide to hide the actual state of the pretender railgun? You just wrote "No changes to pretender" but that's not the case.

    Did you not know about it in detail? Or did you want to hide it that it's not going to be abused like Hella said?

    I hope you can give me an honest answer, thank you.

    Either way... In my opinion you should edit the patchnotes. Because everyone has the right to know about it. Before innocent players get reported by unaware mates. I even posted a draft several times on discord.

    However I think it should have some of its Critical Damage Modifier back for head shots

    I agree with you, it should be rewarding to hit the head and an oneshot, but only if full charged + headshot (for every kind of stats).

    But the crit damage isn't gone completly, if you play with crit enchants or stong esper chips you still get more damage with crits (headshot is still considered as crit hit).

    Since the base damage value went up and the crit damage is calculated with %, you can even oneshot players with bodyshots (random crit enchants) in some cases.

    It has happened already

    That prevents it from happening in the fist place.

    You don't have to solve problems if you can avoid them :bigthink:

    Awareness is good when it provides solution for the issue, not when it is making it worse.

    Awareness and transparency is always good, for several reasons.

    I think I don't have to explain that further, but just a little example:

    A player abuses pretender and other players report him for tooling because they don't know about the fact, that the pretender was changed like that.

    glitch.exe promised us more transparency aswell. That's why I see no point about keeping facts secret.

    Balance? To be honest, it's more like reverting the railgun to its old form. It feels like they just changed some files and didn't do balancing themself. In my opinion, it would have been better to keep the shooting mechanic of the new railgun, adjust numbers like dmg and magazin size and remove the slow.

    Well, about the pretender skin: we all agree on that it will be fixed soon.

    But you have to admit the information from the patchnotes "Pretender (Rail Gun) - changes haven't been applied yet" is just wrong, since some changes were applied.

    So what do you suggest?

    Better internal testing and don't implement patches with errors and other bugs.

    There is also something like last minutes touches..

    So everyone can abuse it. Genius.

    It's not about abusing. It's about awareness, since Aeria Games writes the patch notes poorly af. Genius.

    Edit: A problem doesn't solve itself just because you don't talk about it or hide it. Aeria Games in a nutshell.

    Doesn't really matter. It is going to be changed anyway.

    I beg you pardon? Is this a bad joke? In my opinion it matters a lot.

    Ofc it will be fixed with the next patch (at least I hope so), but it doesn't change the fact that the weapon is unfairly overpowered.

    Double magazin size with the same reload speed and almost half the charge time compared with the normal Railgun...

    The weapon skin is basically pay to win now xD

    Also I think it's good to know for everyone, since the patchnotes say that they didnt change Pretender at all...

    No pretender rooms incoming.. lul.

    Pretender - balancing and gameplay change:

    Basically the pretender is op now.