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    Welp, for me i don't use macro..

    And why it's named airhugging? just like reload cancel or rc = double jump..

    it's weird for me.

    It's called airhug or airhuggung because it looks like you hug the air... simple xD

    And the name of reload cancel is obvious aswell.. because you cancel your reload animation.

    I'm not sure who came up with the names but does it matter? xD

    Newt I don't talk about the notifications you get from subscribing to a topic.

    I talk about the "unread message" notification which you even get after you unsubscribed a topic.

    The only workaround is to deactivate these messages for the whole offtopic category, which makes not rly sense.

    The all mighty p2w topic. We are not gonna remove those stats. People paid for it and we also offer a lot of options to get some free stuff (also in FP).
    Only thing where we can argue about are the enchantments to be fair. But we didn't forget that and have already some plans.

    I have to agree, that the main problem are the enchants.

    As Yaita mentionned some smaller maps in TD may suffer from them, but I think this isnt the main issue.

    The community provided you with several ideas how to balance these enchants without removing them:

    One solution would be to implement an option to disable stats (PEN Stats) or remove all enchanted Stats (pure FP Stats, no Enchants & Chips).

    Credits to Hella_Hell for that.

    Another solution which pops up in my mind would be to merge enchants and reduce the number of available enchants like that.

    This way the players who paid for their enchants can keep them and it would be easier for other players to get these too.

    Merge example: If you got +3 TD and +2 DM on your PS you get +3 on all Modes.

    • For weapons this would mean to merge all mode-based enchants and remove useless enchants like object damage or weapon based useless enchants like chargetime reduce on sharpshooter.
    • For Top and Bottom enchants make weapon categories like all meele, all guns and remove the below 10% HP enchants.
    • Gloves and Shoes are a bit harder to balance (feel free to leave suggestions) but remove useless stuff like invincible time after respawn or recovery by heal.
    • For accesories merge the SP consumption enchants for different skills into one.
    • Pets, Head and Face are not that important but there you could merge the mode-based enchants aswell.

    There are tons of enchants as you can see in this list.

    glitch.exe you promised us more informations and transparency

    I'd like to get more informations about your plans regarding stats balancing.

    We gave you enough ideas and feedback, now I want to see concrete plans and actions.

    I think that would be a good idea.

    There are several lists, like item lists, enchant list or the fanmade wiki.

    Would be nice if we can gather everything on one place.

    But we really need the help from the staff team and more transparency how everything works.

    Especially if you consider, that most of the staff team don't have an idea how stats and damage are calculated anyway.

    Indeed, the HP/Stats bug isn't fixed right. You may start with full HP in first half, but several players complained about losing HP in the second half of the round. Same goes for stats: players complaining that they get too much damage, probably because they don't have any deff stats.

    Hello everyone Foxtailgirl

    I'm really annoyed by the unread notification from threads I don't care about (looking at you "Counting Game").


    I know there is the option to ignore whole forum topics, but that's a bad workaround, since I don't want to ignore all threads in offtopic.

    That's why I was looking for another solution and maybe I found one:

    I found a plugin which would end my suffering.

    The creator of the plugin kept it up to date so far and the feedback in the comments is promising.
    The plugin is not totally free, but I guess 4.17 Euro isn't that much. ;)

    I am not asking for more features. Just all the available commands so far.

    Maybe you should take the time and try to understand my reasoning and read it again...

    I wasn't only talking about new features, it was about the current features of the bot aswell.

    But just to be clear, in case you didn't understood what I said before:

    For me it doesn't make sense to add all commands and I gave you several reasons why.

    But I may consider it in the future, depending how the Bot develops.

    And as I mentionned in the first post I made this content restriction intentional.

    This shouldn't be a documentation of the whole FumbiBot, just about the Ranking System.

    I hope you respect and understand the decision I made.

    Nice but shouldn't this also be on discord too? (or if it is, idk where to find it)

    Also woudl be nice if it includes other things that can be done like random pug and so on. Maybe Heiliger can make a full list with these?

    Good idea: Maybe Heiliger could link the list in one of the FumbiBot commands aswell.

    About the implementation of other features: I talked with Heiliger directly about it.
    It would be an option to implement the other features aswell, but is it nessecary?

    My main goal with this list was to provide a preview function for level ups, profile, ranks and levels.

    Since there is no way to preview these before you buy them.

    You can try commands like "H!pug" directly.

    The other features are well explained by the bot itself:

    Use "H!commands", then use these to show more details.

    Beside Heiliger mentionned that the bot is still under development.

    He planned a lot, the weapons you can buy aren't just for show ;)

    Maybe I consider to add certain features if the time is right.

    Hey everyone Foxtailgirl

    I created a list with all currently available daily rewards, level ups, profiles, and ranks from FumbiBot.

    Just in case if you want to join the official S4 League Discord click here.

    As a short explaination, FumbiBot is a Discord-Bot developed by our dear GM Heiliger .

    I do not own any rights on these graphics or any other parts of this bot (Source: github).

    This list covers the part of the ranking system, since there is no preview function for that.

    Other functions like chat moderation, weapons, randomshop and other features are not covered by this list.

    Click here for the listgoogle_docs.png

    I'm trying to keep the list up to date as good as possible.

    Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions to improve the list.

    Greets Schoggi Lilithemoji

    Same here, maybe we should open a thread so that somebody from the Team sees it

    Good idea to create a separate thread for this, because it's not rly about the patchnotes.

    And maybe there are more players with the same issue.

    Another way to make the staff see the posts is to mention them.

    Sadly there is no function to mention all staff members like in discord.

    (Btw the feedback on bugs or technical issues is way faster on discord than in the forum. Maybe you wanna join the official S4 Discord Server:

    That is not really a reason to quit.

    I never said I want to quit s4 league but ok...

    Every game has bugs (and s4 has been buggy mess for years).

    Every game has bugs, I agree, and S4 has bugs for years.

    But in S4 they were never fixed, only a few got fixed, because they were too gamebreaking.

    And other bugs like RC, airhug and wallshooting are viewed as "unique game mechanics".

    If I say "fix gamebreaking bugs or issues which crash the game to make the game enjoyable" then I mean it like that.

    I think we should post one outfit and can post the same outfit in different views Alice3 If that's the case I have to edit my post

    Like I said, I wasn't sure if it's allowed.

    But I thought it would be a shame not to share my top 3.

    But acceptable if I have to decide for one set.

    I like the general idea of this thread.

    But I see several downsides on the ideas you proposed:

    To encourage joining a room before the match starts, how about having some special rewards only for those who have been playing the match from the start (for lets say 4vs4, 20 mins or more)?

    What if you started a game and several players leave (ragequit, DC or whatever).

    Where is my motivation as a player to fill up these free spots?

    Other games like Overwatch give you an EXP reward if you fill up the team, basically the other way around.

    It could be done by disallowing to create a new room when there is an existing one having the same mode, map and weapon limitations.

    What if I want to create my own room?

    Like playing with friends, deciding which players I kick (because toxic, lag etc.) or whatever reason I have to create a room.

    But at least the entry lags could be fixed by preloading all textures.

    On what moment you want to preload them?

    I think its a fitting moment to load them when you need them, especially for performance reasons.

    Would be better if they would fix the issue of causing a lag for everyone.

    The only system that 'could' work would be giving some extra pen or exp (like an additional pen/exp + 30% buff) if the room is full when the match starts and nobody leaves during the match.

    Same problem with DC or other reasons that make players quit a room.

    Integrity check would be nice to have.

    But I could live without it, if they would provide us with an installation with only all nessesary files.

    The current default size of an S4 League installation is about 6 GB.

    I could bet about 4 GB of files isn't nessesary anymore to run the game.

    Mostly these files are trash from old patches and anticheat solutions.

    Beside saving some diskspace (who cares about diskspace these days) you could reinstall it quicker if you have any issues.