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    How can that be cool? ._.

    We are in EU servers, Germany.

    no sorry we're not in Germany to be more specific it's a google servers

    ASN: 15169
    ISP: Google Cloud
    Organization: Google Cloud

    and it causing a lot of lags maybe they don't have idea or they don't even care like always !

    seems like you didn't understand what I wrote. still fine by me o-o

    Please mind to not share that link again

    it is. The game simply has flaws that need to be fixed. Other than that, battleye is doing its job
    that what you said and i got it the link was hide but now after someone release a full bypass and there will be like 999999 hackers in the game by tomorrow so what's the plan

    probably it's game need a lot of fix but that will request a lot of time i am sure dev's will never rebuild the game to fix all the bugs

    It is. The game simply has flaws that need to be fixed. Other than that, battleye is doing its job

    I play in random rooms from the EU 1 Server, the latest antihack we have is doing its job

    battleye is doing its job !
    if it's why they made a full bypass of it and crash others and blacklist them is that mean battleye is doing its job? if battleye allow that well we ok
    allow that will be ok keep such as this failure system and someone going to make a public gamebreak tools and game get break like always and i really now hope see this day soon and see what aeriagames going do in this case will keep battleye as it doing its job or going blame it and change to something better or just ignore everyone like always with tickets
    wish you luck guys bye

    god i was just talking about it and here we go

    that was a very fast lol now let's see how many hacks and how aeira will act

    Pretty sure they all already know what the current issues are and what is causing them (for most of them at least)

    Making S4 server-sided ain't easy to do and it could be a high risk of messing too hard with the game itself. Not to mention that the anti-hack we have now dealt already with most of the hacks, i didn't see anyone hacking in a long time now

    probably you playing in empty server or private rooms or you lucky !

    The p2p system in itself isn't bad but the disadvantages that come out of it make it worth considering another solution for example net neutrality while playing. Of course making it serverside is something that they are already considering but isn't something that can be expected really soonish because, as you may have said, it means to destroy and build up a new netcode

    destroy and build isn't bad idea but it taking long time and maybe old players will back to the game if it get fix until every time to try fix something cause more bugs in the game

    Mxiyan you have to talk to battleye that where the real problem lies they can't do anything about it

    battleye isn't who saying keep it or change it i tried with battleye and send them a lot of tickets to fix they problems or fix they wood system but they just keep ignoring and problems keep coming out so aeriagames really should change it to a better system

    I doubt it he really hate me xD.

    you can hope to don't blacklist again xd

    At this point is rather about the game having a big hole in security manners than anti-hacks

    it's true but with BattlEye = 100% no security like the game running without any anti hacks system

    Search the person? He blacklisted me because i told him that i was going to report him for using infinite F Hack. And he blacklisted me. Do you know how blacklist Works? It's and invisible bot that search you and kicks you. And i know this cuz i've got the luck to talk with him and ask him why i got blacklisted. Anyway his blacklist seems that doesn't work now cuz i can play again in eng 1.

    i know how it work maybe he remove you from the blacklist but it's still working

    Bro it's no reason to talk about it you need to send a ticket to battleye they can't fix the problem only they can Aeria do not work for battleye they got a lot of other problems they need to attend too

    you know battleye never reply on the tickets and i am not talking about a problem that come only for me i am talking about the problems that come to most of players and it happened again and again

    a lot of other problems they need to attend too

    security is the most important ! you just saying hi let's rebuild the game to fix everything and ignore the security so what's the point of fixing something and leave security can you imagine what going to happen later ?

    Well, actually blacklist it's not forever, i got blacklisted by gotleigh and his blacklist gone, so it depend of the person and how much he wants to keep it on. But they are working on a fix for blacklist in their next update.

    Well, actually blacklist it's not forever

    it's true
    i got blacklisted by gotleigh and his blacklist gone, so it depend of the person and how much he wants to keep it on
    so all we have just watching and don't looking for a better security system to stop that
    But they are working on a fix for blacklist in their next update

    they saying that since the players begin getting blacklist 2 years still exists blacklist no fix so just have wait the person to stop it ? it can't be

    Like which one? Which anti cheat has no bypass yet?

    i am not saying there an anti cheat that cannot bypass almost every anti cheat can be bypass but game disconnect after 3-5 min so what i am talking about is the heartbeat of the anti cheat for BattlEye can bypass the heartbeat without edit one singe byte and it's not just a one method there alot of methods to do the same by editing the memory or no and for others anti cheat to bypass the heartbeat must build a emulator and i am sure you know that not easy and no one of the hackers that doing tools for s4 now have the skills to do that
    you asked for which

    easy anti cheat

    Xigncode3 ( ofc not the version s4 used before)

    i played a lot of games that have Xigncode3 and there was no hackers at all maybe there was a privates tools or exploits

    yes s4 used Xigncode3 before but it was an old version of it and no they wasn't able to bypass it when heart rate applied they just found a way to hack without bypassing and Xigncode fixed that already

    i playerd already a game with Xigncode3 and it's a private server it don't even using it own xigncode3 version so it not even full working but there was no way to break it even at this status


    Xtrap we already know s4 used xtrap before but not with heartbeat and that was from long time

    and maybe there something better

    just hope they reply on that with some good news

    What about the security system as you all know now BattlEye is so bad and we got a lot of issue because of it for now and most of developer who creating tools and exploits for the game already made a full bypass for BattlEye even they succeed to bypass the heartbeat and normal it's very unique to see a heartbeat bypass of others anti cheats that exists till now that make of BattlEye is the worst anit cheats ever

    my suggestion is making an vote for a better anti cheats for now we have [Blacklist - and someone keep crashing players from rooms - servers crash]

    and aeria just stay watching with an empty hands some people payed a lot of ap and got blacklist and what aeria doing about that as always we working on that .................. till when since 2 years working on the same problem and there no fix of blacklist or room crash whish you guys have a plan for that