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    So I recently I ended up spending over 12K AP trying to get kitch style, which got me up to about 5 tiers I think in megladon tiered spender. Out of 3 were Kitch face flip boxes x15 (you can get pen or kitch style fp) each one I kept getting pen! I just want to know what are the percentages of getting each? I certainly don't believe it's 50/50 chance cause I kept getting only pen for every single thing and now stuck with 200+ pen caps.

    I’m curious to know people who play with fem characters or play only fem character like myself. Do you guys like the current fem faces? (The ones you get in shop/fumbi) I personally want the old faces but I wanted to know. Maybe if enough people want it, maybe s4 will bring it back.

    Idk if anyone will actually read this but WHY NOT :). Hiya I’m Cookie (no, not my real name just what people call me in game.) I used to play back in 2010 or earlier than that, I don’t really remember. Most likely 2008-2009. I only remember I just played during the alaplaya era. My old username was iCookiesKingdom/Princessx_o/ and etc lol. I used to be really dedicated to S4 but quit for years until now mainly because I got busy with school. It was really weird coming back this year to really big changes, and kinda sad some old friends had quit but it’s okay as I now have made new friends on the game. But anyways ntmu you all, feel free to add me in-game as i’m always open to new friends to play with!

    Sorry for the lame title, but like I'd LOVE if some of the old female faces came back. (delicate style, pure style, etc etc) I've been noticing the males get those mystery faces fp and perm, but never a girl face mystery pack. To the people that might think/reply with "wHy DoNt YoU jUsT dEaL wItH tHe CuRrEnT fAcEs", NO. Because they are not so attractive or kawaii lol. So just a suggestion, cause you'd get a lot of money from me if you release them again lmao. 8^)