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    Hella_Hell Its a fact and i can show you the numbers aswell, maybe you need to explore for yourself and instead of calling pservers malicious things maybe try them out?

    Dont ride a bandwagon and say stuff if you haven't even tested any pserver for yourself. I bet everyone in this forums who called pservers a virus or something hasn't even tried one out.

    Send me links or anything because my country is banned at official one

    I agree with you , all these problems appeared cuz of their mistakes and focusing on money and p2w players forgetting f2p and they banned many countries which made pservers appear,btw how to play these pservers^^

    Do you realize that the current developers is Aeria now? Opheliafacepalm

    Reading the topic will give you convenient answer for your question and I won't say that third time , Have you read the quote above before typing this one ? It proves that you are typing anything without even thinking :|

    Then explain me, who are you talking about then? The old devs?

    If you have read the main topic , you will understand that iam talking about current developers who heiliger have mentioned them in the pictures which you didn't even read or check :)

    I think you stil dont understand what you are talking about. Aeria isnt the one, that banned the countries so please learn the difference between DEVELOPERS and PUBLISHERS okai? Aeria was just a publisher till few months ago and it is not on their head all this mess the game is in right now.

    if you can read what I have said above , you will notice that I didn't mention aeria :)

    Of course they have a lot of plans but they are focusing on the security and game stability, connection, etc.

    -If they are focusing on the security ,I wouldn't have been able to join with VPN or my country got unbanned

    -if they are focusing on game stability , they wouldn't have banned many countries

    -if they are focusing on connection , I wouldn't have got connection has been terminated every 10-15min.

    I do not get it. I do not see him lying.

    I don't want to say that he is lying , I want to say that they have many plans related to different things but needs time to be implemented.

    Check images below to understand



    why don't they [ developers ] implement these plans before they lose memory ? [ Joking as it is off topic]:/

    Soon means there is no definitive time. It is being worked on, though its hard to gauge a certain amount of time since it depends on too many aspects. So soon™ is the current agenda.

    All what I want to know , it may take a month or a year or a century ? To not have hopes and wait for nothing

    Didn't I give you the confirmation above that you will be able to soon? ?(

    There are few things that need to be addressed first but then the block will be removed

    Soon means after 1 year or 2 years ? Do you know specific time ?

    S4 on PSP at one point was going to be a thing, (play on highway map, and you'll see proof). Honestly this game would be horrid on mobile. Imagine how annoying it would be to move and aim at the same time. Not to mention wall jumps'n such. If it were cross platform the PC players would have advantage over Mobile version players.

    anyway it is impossible , it seems that the developers can hardly handle with pc version

    Did you see any progress during the past years? No? Then there is your answer. Old developers don't care about the game, so no, we don't want them back

    of course I saw huge progress during the past years

    -Many countries weren't banned

    -No lag no connection problems

    -new season every 2-3 months from season 1 to Neo

    The thing is, the s4 dev team got changed several times over the years so even the old devs don't know what they are doing and considering they dropped the korean version, it seems they don't want to bother with s4 anymore. Aeria is taking the development so they game won't have to shut down.

    Also the ppl who made the game engine are probably long time gone working for different companies.

    i don't see any progress at all after aeria games took the development of the game since Egypt was banned [ 2/3 years ago ] just some items were added but banned countries remain banned and banned players remain banned and there still connection problems i don't know if it is related to aeria games team or not but if it is possible to bring old developers it will be much more better

    same for PUBG mobile and GTA v five and watchdogs [ both under development ]

    So it is considered impossible to see S4 on mobile?

    S4league system requirements are too low and we should make the best use of this point and here comes my suggestion

    -famous online games like fortnite have become available on mobile [ android/iOS] although of their high system requirements so why don't aeria games try to develop S4league and make it available on mobile as it's system requirements are low so there going to be many players and about controls there is many tools to make control easy on mobile

    Regards Zomsad

    Sorry for disruption , Is it allowed to use VPN to play if my country is banned ? I didn't find convenient topic to ask about this subject.

    Didn't I give you the confirmation above that you will be able to soon? ?(

    There are few things that need to be addressed first but then the block will be removed

    We have been waiting for these few things to be addressed since 2011/2012 anyway, take your time and thanks for your concern

    S5 it's a private server, so they can't have an S4 League license, and S5League still exist.

    according to what you have said , are we going to be unbanned ? it is not our fault that some players/hackers made this version , we still innocent

    the country is ip banned due to other publisher that have acquired a license to host the game in your country. That was yuisy s4 back then and that was the reason why the european s4league version had to ip ban egypt because aeriagames isn't allowed to publish the game in your country.

    Now though, we are planning to remove this ip ban but as I said above, we gotta solve that license issue first and then you'll be able to play again

    As Hella said above, we got ip ban before that another S4 version was made , they made it because we got banned and I tried it myself it was just a hacker that damaged people computers so this version doesn't exist now. P.S: it was called s5 and it's license was given before aeria games come to S4 so it isn't related to aeria games at all ( as far as i'm concerned )

    It is funny how some people still think that Egypt is banned due to some players hacking. I dont know who told you that but you shouldnt believe everyone. Opheliafacepalm

    So what is the reason ? and why we aren't unbanned yet ?

    Hello folks,

    after being banned since 2011/2012 i don't remember and we are waiting to get unbanned

    It is not our mistake that some egyptians used any kind of hacks or broke rules they are who should get banned not the whole country as some used hacks others payed money and didn't use hacks but the result was the whole country got banned but it didn't solve the problem because most of egyptian players use VPN to play but it causes lag which annoyes other players and annoyes us, we can't leave this game , it is a life.

    Hope you give us a chance , we who loved this game and spent money for it not those who hacked it

    Regards Egypt :love:<3

    about 500K egyptian player waiting your answer