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    man, hope to hear from you from time to time! Let's play a around of Overwatch when you get your connection back!

    Wish you best of luck! (Also for your internet connection)

    One day i will get my connection back! And sure, when i did have internet i played a lot of OW as well, i got back to Grandmaster finally! Though that was a month ago or so so i'm probably silver againAlice8

    It makes me sad to see an experienced staff member leaving. I wish you the best for the future.

    The new GMs will fill my spot just fine! Thank you though! Lilithemoji

    Wishing you the best but since when inactivity is a reason to quit? Hope we can see you back in the future.

    Well it just didn't feel right for me to be sitting on a GM spot essentially if someone more active can take my place, so i'd rather do that, we will see what the future brings but i felt like this was the right way! And thank you

    Bye Avenger... alice Good luck in the future!
    I hope your internet situation get figured out, and I hope to see you in game~ Lilithemoji

    I'll try to look for you if i'm online! Thank you for the time Alice5

    Wait what.. don't leave us alone with all the new TGMs xD

    Well anyway... I wish you the best for your future, cya Lilithemoji

    They will do just fine! Lilithemoji

    Hey Leaguers!

    I'm very sorry to announce this, but since my Internet was down and unreliable for a long time now and i haven't been online that much recently, i have decided to leave the team. I had a lot of fun while i was playing with you guys, but there just isn't much point to it in the current situation. I still wish the best for S4 League and the team and i hope we will see S4 rise again, though it may very well take some time. I would've liked to play and help more but the situation was just unfortunate.

    Good Luck to all of you nevertheless, it really has been fun!

    Well i get that yeah, but thats not as annoying to me as the knockback spam, it feels cheap to die like that, though yes i agree the slow is also annoying. Personally i'd like to see a nocharge shot with no effect other than damage and the full charge shot do knockback, no slow effect and no airhug spam.

    Well, imo the Railguns leftclick is the worst part about it. I like it overall, but the leftclick airhug spam is just too much of an annoyance to me. The rest is fine-ish, though i guess having the old knockback instead of the blow effect would make it better, and maybe a slight damage reduce. Still i think that using the leftclick spam is kind of a meh thing to do personally

    Personally i feel like rebuilding the game on a new engine sounds good on paper, but it probably would feel so far off from the original one that it just wouldn't be fun to play. That's of course speculation but each engine has it's own quirks and i feel like the feeling can't be replicated. That may just be me though, of course a new engine would fix some issues but nonetheless i feel like it wouldn't be good for the game. It would most likely feel like a cheap clone. Just speculation though

    Thats not what Hella is referring to. If you have a unique Dual Mastery, there is no reason not to pick it. Which makes it unbalanced. In theory if dodging would be your concern, thats what the SP mastery is for. That is the point of skills. But having one that makes both HP mastery and SP mastery superfluous is to be considered not balanced, right?

    Another option woudl be to have Unique HP mastery and Unique SP mastery

    Well my final idea was something like making a unique dual mastery thats split. So a Dual more leaning towards and SP Skill that gives some HP or the other way around. So something like lets say, +15HP and +30 SP, or +25HP and +15SP or some other variants. I'm not sure if that would make sense but something in that direction, not sure if what i said is understandable, but for example for rushers you can take a lesser SP skill that gives you some more survivability but some less SP and the other way round, for a backer to have a some tanking capability but also just a little more SP to clutch something. Maybe thats a direction the unique dual mastery could go. And the players can choose between one of them, something like that.

    To state my opinion, i feel like Dual Mastery was already the strongest skill in the game, it gives more versatility compared to other skills. So a unique one was destined to be OP. So theres two options i see here. Either leave it as "rare" as it is, and people who have it can enjoy the strength, or nerf it and bring it to most people. My issue with that though is that mainly the effect is quite obnoxious if so many people run around with it. That my just be me though

    I really like the eSper idea, you could do like 2 or 3 per role, so like Striker, Backer, Defender etc and then choose whichever one you like most. Cool idea

    Yeah well you seem to not understand what i'm saying. There is certain cheats where you don't need to join a room, good luck finding the account responsible, others don't even show that that account is online, so you can't find out at all who it is. But that's beside the point.

    If you think an account is levelbotted, feel free to report it and we will check if it is.

    I've spent around 2 hours before kicking a cheater until he gave up and didn't come back, this issue is, it sometimes is very hard to figure out their names, though if there's a really obvious case you can still pm the GMs that are online, and he will see to it. But that only works if you know the name of the cheater for example.

    Everybody has a direct address to GMs though, you can pm any GM you want through discord.

    Well the issue i see with this is: 1. It won't get used as long as it's not mandatory and 2. being put on certain weapons you don't like isn't exactly fun. Plus theres not a lot of weapons with movement speed like dagger, which for me for example is pretty much a necessity. I probably wouldn't stay in a room where i would be forced to use 3 weapons i never play, because all the other ones have been picked already.

    I see your idea and i'd also like some variety, but not being able to play something simple like a dagger or a handgun just for the movement speed for example would already kill that concept. Also as i already said, if theres 20 CPD rooms before that changes, there will be 20 CPD rooms after the change. At that point, may as well just put on a game setting where everyone gets 3 random weapons assigned and good luck with those

    Well this topic has moved, some pserver do peak over 100, but that doesn't really matter. For now whats important is that the security issues will be fixed. Once that update rolled out new sets, events etc. will start rolling out as well. Out of curiosity i asked our PM what he would think about recolors but i can't say anything about that yet.

    If theres feedback you want to give about balancing, as i said there is a thread for that. I hope that this clears up everything.

    So you would rather see the same old stuff get refurbished over and over again instead of trying to make something new and better, that's an interesting POV. I mean sure, why not make the Honey Hot Pants red, make it a 5 minute effort and call it new content. That's not how this works though. And as i've stated before, there's more pressing issues than cosmetics atm.

    Avenger Nah adding reskins should be a piece of cake of a job and atleast your bringing something for the community. Every tuesday the maintenance is just for the show, testing your stuff and still we have disconnecting issues and crashes, its all a joke. You need to implement something in the game so we know ur doing something.

    Adding reskins indeed is really, it is a very easy thing to do, however that is not something that will be done. Not because they are incompetent, because the devs aren't the ones doing the skins, but because new skins is better than simple recolors anyone with 5 minute PS knowledge could do.

    Don't know what u mean about this but i'm taljking about s4 eu blacklist issue

    And yes i know, but pservers don't have to deal with a blacklist, that's is my point. That is the main focus of the devteam currently. These amazing private servers you mentioned don't have to deal with these issues. Also our devteam is working with other source code. It's not always easy understanding source code someone hast just given to you and to understand how the game has been built from the ground up. That is also not something the pservers are changing. So yes it does take a little while to get accustomed to someone elses code, to see the issues and to figure out a fix, but that is on the way.

    Well, for once, not 80% of the community went to private servers. Secondly simple recolors are not whats the issue, there will be new items coming soon. As another explanation, there is no blacklist on these private servers and their playerbase is significantly smaller. Fixing security issues for now is at the top of the priority list. And the opinion what the game "needs" is as said, an opinion. There's a weapon rebalancing thread, so if you feel like you have ideas, feel free to post them there, that will also be happening soon. You want everything to happen at the same time, but there is bigger issues to be tackled first.

    I agree with you , all these problems appeared cuz of their mistakes and focusing on money and p2w players forgetting f2p and they banned many countries which made pservers appear,btw how to play these pservers^^

    Yeah no, thats not right. Heiliger explained it to you already. We don't ban people from countries because we want to, it's a legal issue. We can't just illegally open S4 League to other countries as other companies in these regions have the S4 League license. We are working on making it playable globally though.

    Well not really, 5 hours of playtime are still 5 hours of playtime, whether you are afk or not. People do it because they can do something else besides and are lazy/don't like the map since its not Station-2. It only technically takes more time to play rather than to farm because in those event rooms the master usually starts the game right away, whereas in normal rooms gaps tend to be bigger. Those are my two cents

    Well, theres always going to be people basically min-maxing time and effort. Which in an event based on playtime is mostly just farming sadly. Theres people playing normally which is great to see, though i doubt there is a way to completely remove people farming, seeing as even without an event there is countless jump rooms etc. Maybe theres something that could be done though, i'd like to see people play more with more variety

    Soon means there is no definitive time. It is being worked on, though its hard to gauge a certain amount of time since it depends on too many aspects. So soon™ is the current agenda.

    no rg seems to work fine as well Alice4 Jokes aside probably dead memes or sort of funny-ish room titles are probably the most likely to get people interested in your room in particular. Though i do wish people would play more Neden-3

    What's up guys, Avenger here!

    I will be serving as a Game Master from today on for English and German-speaking players! I've been playing S4 league for the better part of the last 9 years and I am currently a student. You will mostly see me roaming around in the gun rooms as my skill of wielding any kind of sword is absolutely abominable. I'm reachable on discord almost all around the clock, so feel free to message me in either English or German. I'm currently learning to write in Russian too, and I'm in the process of learning Japanese properly. My next plan is to move to Japan as soon as possible.

    Other hobbies include 3D modelling, obviously some anime, and a massive collection of over 400-500 mangas in English, German and Japanese, although I may have lost track of the count a little! Other than that, I play the Bass and I'm learning piano.

    My favourite anime series is Fatem which is where my name originates from, other ones at the top of my list are Evangelion, Akame ga Kill, Your Lie In April, and Initial-D. Otherwise, musically I listen to absolutely everything if I like the song. Some of my favourite bands include Metallica, Babymetal, Eurobeat stuff and some World Order, although like I said I listen to every genre if I like the song!

    Other games I play include of course Fate/Grand order, recently Monster Hunter: World which I've been in love with, and stuff such as Pokemon shiny breeding, CS:GO, and Overwatch where I peaked around 4200 with a top 50 CTF placement. Other than that I usually play random games I feel like, but nothing too serious as those are my main time stealers.

    Hope to see you ingame! Alice1