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    Ugh, that again. Guild wars 2 has an entry cost, it's a terrible example. You're asking Aeria to endanger their income in the hope that it will attract new players (which also means advertising in most cases, meaning more expenditure). It's not a wager a company will take blindly. Give me examples of free2play games that stay afloat with a playerbase similar to that of S4 and a cosmetic only business model and I will actually take you seriously.

    That's why S4 needs a reboot. Take the game down for some time and rebuild it from the ground-up while fixing everything wrong with the game, then re-launch it.

    Why it has to die anyway? TF2 is still holding after 10 years just like s4 and there are games that have been around for like 20 years.

    Probably because the game is in an absolutely dreadful state now that's beyond repair given the recently unfolded events, such as their empty promises. Sometimes you gotta just pull the plug.

    Forget about the servers, forget about content patches, forget about hackers. The first thing that they HAVE to do is to remove stats if they want to attract new players to help ensure their game survives. I cannot think of any scenario where a new player will join the game and think, "Oh, let me dish out a 300 bucks JUST so I could fight the other players who have premium items, high enchants, esper chips, etc." I do not care about giving new players free items because that won't fix the problem and it won't give them incentive to play more or to make any purchases on the website. You HAVE to adopt the business model that other successful companies already have which is MONEY = COSMETIC ITEMS ONLY. S4 League isn't an MMORPG so stop treating it as such. This is the 1st thing that they have to fix otherwise the game will simply die once old players get bored.

    I watched Karasakal's video before and he mentioned that they can't simply "remove" stats because people spent money on it. Well the best course of action would be to close the game for a few months, fix it, then re-launch it as a soft reboot. You need a clean slate because the game had too many awful patches and horrible management before which affected its reputation. Either that or the game will simply die soon without a chance of being revived.


    I have one more suggestion regarding balance patches in general. I think you should be tweaking weapons according to the official modes. So if you'd wanna tweak a melee weapon, then you should be adjusting it differently for unlimited and swords only modes. While a gun would be adjusted differently for unlimited and guns only modes. This would be ideal because a certain melee or ranged weapon might be overpowered in unlimited mode but it wouldn't really be overpowered in the other modes. I hope you take this into consideration when you design the balance patches.

    Breaker's vertical range was effected, but they also made the hit-box activate a little bit later than before on the JA. You just have to be a bit higher than before to hit someone who's air born or up on a higher platform. I've tested this with Nithorius not too long ago, but it pretty much requires you to also take Exo/Cs with it to hit people in those higher positions.

    I'd disagree because it's simply impossible now to do mid-air attacks with Breaker like before, and I mean a specific thing here, so I could show you in-game if you'd like.



    - Reduce left click range

    - Make the left click damage the same or less than jump attack

    - Remove stun from right click

    The reason for the suggestions above is because the main attraction of the weapon is its jump attack, so having the left click attack do more damage with the same range as the jump attack is nonsensical. Please fix that.

    Counter Sword:

    - Slightly increase the damage of all attacks, by maybe 10-15%

    - Remove the 1 second delay from jump attacks

    I think this weapon was nerf'd too hard before and you should buff it slightly, but don't make it as overpowered as it was 3 years ago. Also, the delay on the jump attack makes no sense. Remove that please.

    Twin Blades:

    - Add delay to the first hit of the left click combo because it's too fast as it is now

    - Slightly reduce the range and damage of the jump attack

    - Slightly increase the recovery delay of the jump attack

    - Slightly increase the damage of the left click combo

    This weapon shouldn't be as fast as it is now. The jump attack has huge range and it connects too quickly with the first hit of the left click combo. Really cheap combo and I've seen people using a macro of this.