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    Well, if everyone stop playing in CPD only rooms, it won't be.

    I'm not a CS player myself but It's an anguish facing them especially against a stacked up room of same clan members. The way you toss someone off the map but simply soars back at you is an advantage.
    The way you can hold the revenge even while dodging makes it struggling to attack him whilst , is an advantage.
    Sweep the sword swiftly at any direction that works as evasion and an attack , is an advantage.
    Holding the revenge against the wall that gives you an absurdly peculiar acceleration Idk why.
    Macro users , Abusing it even more and actually dispersed in every room.

    Some weps might be OP in only one element of the following '' Agility - Attack - Defence '' But I haven't see one weapon that combines all of them yet , But the CS.

    The CS and The PS stun have been always a trouble.
    Especially the cs , got a huge advantage over the entire weapons in the game.
    The only one solution possible is a cooldown or making the stun and holding the CS revenge , SP consuming.
    It's distinctly unfair to make the CS practically the only defensive weapon in the game , Not to mention its agility , Just weeding the CS revenge out or cooling down the stun for both the CS and PS would make it waning out.

    Cause I still play once in a while with friends who have a sht PC and cannot play other games. Why are you so concerned with my life though?

    Now that you mentioned the word '' Life '' You gotta correct yourself first v

    Idk if I should take ur answers seriously to be honest, this game is pretty much your life

    You're the meddlesome one who paws through everyone's life.

    Unfortunately , I got no screens of you saying you'd quit for good. Or actually how many times you criticized those who still play it saying '' Get a (Life) pls"

    I'm not here scorching a dispute at all , I'm not going down fighting , I'm just pointing something out.

    If you gonna lash someone out , You gotta think about yourself first before you dash out for some bunk X/

    okay lets say it was well recieved... but can you call it an event? I think not.

    Why are you even concerned over what's going around in a game that you have said you would quit like 2 years ago ?
    I always see you either on discord or S4db just leading off the drama every single time.
    If you're not interested in the game anymore , Just let the others be interested as much as they want.
    It's that simple ¯\_()_/¯
    Oh btw , No offence intended.

    They weren't unbanned just because they sent an apology ahahaha Probably money was involved or being friends with the right people always helps, and btw isn't that Hans guy a staff in S4DB? If he is all is explained eks dee

    You nailed it eks deedeeedeee , Just due to being friends that's right.
    Friends or not , There's no indulgence with someone who got a horrible past , I'm not even concerned he's banned or not , Just As long as you're a CM , You gotta do things as right.

    I feel ya. The good thing is, they just have to figure out how the deal with this kid and it should be easy from there.

    He's a kid , I even argued with him on s4db as he was trying to absolve himself from any culpability , Speaking of justice like a numbskull.
    But Let's not forget the role '' Some '' CM has played by Unbanning unworthy players and breaching such rooted rules '' The ban is permanent and there's no way It can be lifted ''
    **sake , The game is corrupt , From the community to the staff.
    Community whereas nobody plays for fun , Just keep spewing the toxicity
    Staff whereas nobody gives an ounce of interest to the game and upon all that , breaching some rules Just because someone has sent them his sincere apologies.

    There's no hope the game will be revived , It's gonna live , But clinically dead inside.

    I am hoping s4 finally has found the anticheat that fits it best.

    The only thing S4 needs rn is hiring New professional developers , Or some competent drafted ones for the current situation , As apparently things are getting off hands
    And It's kind of inept to push some new developers still honing their knowledge about Programming and stuff.
    This isn't the best situation to bring some apprentices to work on such a situation where errors already have engulfed the entire game and playerbase.
    Sorry to say that , But It's getting more and more irremediable , and the staff is not being enough candid with us.

    Hello, why do I get this notification? ( Authentification timed out (2/2) ) (EAC-3)


    Same , I don't recommend re-installing the game It's useless actually , I did re-install yesterday and It fixed nothing.
    Just the whole thing seems to be unstable for now :/

    some hours into the patch and already dcs :) what a good anticheat

    I don't think that's Anti-cheat related thing but more of Coding and programming matter as server stability and stuff , idk..

    Okay, EAC patch released. Now... did you notice that the game won't open because it still opens the game with S4Client_BE instead of S4Client_EAC? God.

    Same , Nothing show up after Pressing log in at all

    Let me guess , Will EAC be able to detect Macro ? Whether It's AHK or compiled it to an EXE ?
    Cus I really wish Macros would be precluded for good. :|

    I personally don't think it's a hacker or someone crashing it, I mean If we look at the bright side, It's probably game developers themselves like temporarily decommissioning the auth server so that they can test / implement the servers, Otherwise, how would they be able to do that?

    Thing is, There are no posts announced on the official website but still that doesn't exclude that they are working on something.

    If I recall it, The pm letter post was posted a day or two after it was posted on YouTube I guess.

    Well yea , and how unprofessional of them to not even announce any prompt actions , Just remotely watching the situation going worse.
    Conclusion : 15-22Y/o hackers > aeria staff.

    Killing the game that is/was already being killed by a hacker and the long anticipated patch ?
    I said Temporarily , If the game developers wanna kill the game , Let them postpone the patch release even longer , that would be their fault , Why would we '' players '' incur their racked up faults and incurious professionality ?
    I don't think planning on a worked up patch to be released in one month from now can possibly kill the game by temporarily closing sign-up server during that month and wouldn't critically kill the game
    Also , You're imposing possibilities when you say he will '' probably '' , Well Imo embarking on such a stride like that would be 10 times better than watching empty handed.

    We all have witnessed the current situation of the game and How Dorq keeps creating new accounts to cause all the mess , Guess he makes accounts the more he gets banned

    I just had something up my mind Idk if it might sound like a wacky idea but It's just a suggestion

    Why don't you guys temporarily pluck out the registration server or The Sign up option until you come up with a new patch ?

    I mean , The game is basically decrepit regarding Security system , Playerbase , Lag issues etcetera. So , Instead of compelling the players to bear out and cope up with such a dire situation until a new patch is released which nobody actually believes it will be , Why don't you take responsibility for once ?

    Close the sign up until the new patch is released then ?

    I might be unthinking about the consequences of that step or whether it'll be a good one or not but ya It's just a suggestion.

    Just something I've been wondering , Tf was the latest new patch and game overhaul for ? Game developers pretended that they have updated Battleye somewhat , But in fact It's thoroughly the opposite
    Game crashes every now and then
    Hackers prevail even more and they actually found out a way to bypass and breach battleye
    Game is even more laggy Even 60 to 90 ms is unplayable yet It's '' Green '' MS

    Either they keep their promises or They hand it over to anyone else that can pull it off.
    Such a ludicrous fact that hackers seem to be more like .. prolific in terms of programming and security turn-off than game developers providing better performance for the obsolete S4. What. a. Joke.

    Sorry but the rewards are really disappointing. x-x
    I remember some of the past anniversary events especially the 6th. The rewards back then were really worth it.
    I'll just boot off the event for these rewards :/
    Oh well , Moreover It's kind of tacky the way you gotta just reward anyone who just sits on chair , Makes a room and getting drowsy for 2 hours doing nothing but farming.
    I'm just saying you could have made it more competitive at least.

    Wake me up when you see OSer actually preferring fighting over solo rushing 1v4.

    I personally consider combat and defending skills extremely indispensable in OS as much as GUNS , Every defeat I concede is mostly due to my mates battling skills deficiency.
    Glad there's someone thinks the same. :/

    I had the same issue and I'm win 10 user
    -Check The program compatibility , Right click on Game Client , in compatibility tab Check the compatibility mode and Select win 8.
    If that doesn't work , Download Speed fan , a really mini program but actually helpful somewhat to determine whether you have thermal throttling or not provided that the temperature goes up during the gameplay as you may have to clean your internal specs.

    -Adding the game ''patcher s4 , S4 client'' to Firewall exceptions is also necessary.

    -Make sure your windows Junk files are all binned and there's enough space in C drive.

    -During playing , Try opening Task manager, proceed to performance tab and click on Resource monitor, That would help you to display all programs running in the background that may affect CPU , Memory or even your network performance , Just suspend what's not needed especially '' Svchost.exe '' as it continuously keeps updating your win 10 with some bunk features.

    Hopefully that works :)

    its ddos if u know what it happened in the past its just happening again so wait till they find a fix and it will be fine again

    Hmm , ddos
    How upsetting , I'm kind of hopeless regarding '' Them finding a fix '' :x
    Thanks for your reply. :D

    Hello guys ,

    Just wondering If I'm the only one having this issue , It's been like a week or so and Today it has gotten even worse.

    During this week I've been having a really unstable ms but It used to take like 30 Mins or so to occur while playing. The MS Just sparks up and everything goes way too wonky and unplayable.
    However , I have done Command prompt Ping test and I found out there's no packet loss at all and my internet connection is just stable.
    Firewall Protection is off.

    Today and after the Connection termination issue with the servers getting fixed , Everything has become much more horrendous and unsustainable. Requesting takes long , Joining rooms seems to be a little laggy and As soon as I start a game , The lag pervades.

    Any idea what's going on ? or what am i to do ? :|

    So screenshots while the game was still on going are approved or not ? Cus I unfortunately had taken a screenshot scoring 6 TDs 4v4 and when I took a screenshot after the end of the game It was 4v3 Scoring 7 TDs. How's the situation in this case ?

    Sorry but this Event is upsetting.
    Make an event that compel the players to be more collaborative not more inimical , The TD scorer is the only profiteer in this kind of events , He can be doing nothing but Just waiting for the ball, While supporters and defenders caring about team win.
    Could've just made it based on points , Would be much better Instead of having those Fiddling scorers who just tease the rest just cus they scored more regardless of their points by the end of the match.

    Idk but I feel a bit elated about what's coming up? I'm optimistic. But guys pls be as good as your word this time.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing the game having an improvement regarding Security issues , Lag issues , Game layout and bringing back the events asap.
    Thanks for your efforts anyway.

    CS already got nerfed hardly in damage terms years ago because it was both OP in unli + sword. Right now the weapon is fine in unlimited so why should they nerf it again ? It would make it useless unless you are using it to flydodging, Right now it stills a good defensive weapon which allows you to make interesting things without being OP. As i said, in unlimited.

    They nerfed it yea But that was only for combat dep. And It's not even considered a huge execution like they didn't really drop the damage crucially It's still there about 4 Uppercuts just finish you off and The CS is really quick That's the agility I'm talking about Which is nowhere around any other wep.
    And yea don't forget Pushing the revenge against the wall gives you a really weird acceleration.

    At least nerfing that speed or leaving the CS without the Stun feature would be fine. Cus from my perspective , A skilled CS user becomes really handful to beat Using the speed and revenge , You gotta just Prowl about him until you're blue in the face and You may or may not succeed to kill in the end. :smile:

    Hella_Hell , Idk if they are exploits or Features actually , I don't think It coincidentally exists. They are still sometimes nerve racking nevertheless.

    They said They were working on the B11 issue I guess.
    Blacklisting players and sealing them from Joining rooms is a different issue as far as I know.
    and Yea I got blacklisted today as well

    So , I have got a question , It's probably Like inappropriate for a huge rack of players. ?
    But I'm gonna state the reasons to imply the question.
    Aren't you guys considering Nerfing the [ Counter sword ] ? I mean it's getting handful and almost flawless The features It got are beyond ridiculous.
    In addition to that , People refine it with tools
    I mean If you gotta compare a specific weapon to the CS , CS would still have more features In terms of Combat , Defensiveness and agility and definitely It's up to the player I'm aware of that.
    If you can just shake off one of these It would be a little bit more balanced to other weapons.
    Like , The swift displacement it causes when You just swing the sword to some direction ( People use tools to make that displacement even wider ).
    The Jump attack , Which CS users have maintained the feature to Easily recover when Tossed out of the map.
    Protection Feature , Which leaves The attacker stunned for Long especially when you have no SP left ( People use tools to ward off when Dashed at with a plasma sword or a dagger stab OR Prolonging stuntime )
    Not to mention the other Features like the Comet for instance.

    P.S : I'm absolutely friendly. Consider that just a suggestion and I know there are more Overpowered weapons out there Like The BR BUT they are just OP in terms of combat only , Not the three aspects I mentioned above.