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    I say what i said because i had to contact to Battleye and was useless. I'm sorry for you :(

    yea bro it's ok , i wont contact em anyway

    You should be buying stuff only from the ingame shop or the official website:

    Everything else is illegal.

    i can't continu any more the guy who i traded with , broke my heart :/ .. Ty anyway

    Ty for the advice :) !

    I see. I didnt see the list of banned countries for long time so I am not sure about Algeria right now. But if its bought/shared account, then as Nightmarish said, it is ban-able and it is not possible to unban the account. If I were you, I would just create new one and play on it. And if you exchanged it with someone for something else, then the person that gave you this account should be aware that its banable action to "sell" accounts. Basically he scammed you.

    Also please avoid triple posting in the forum, use the edit button instead, you can add many quotes in one post ;)

    Ty for the illustration :)

    no need to beat a dead horse jeez.

    Dude Im gonna be real w you. Try and get your money back. Im so sorry this happened to you.

    simply he scammed me i just realize that and Ty for the support :)

    You won't get unbanned, that kind of bans are managed by Battleye as it says the window, and rarely Battleye answer the ban appelations.

    Ty anyway i'll try to create another account

    You bought an account. That's against the rules and results in a ban (afaik perm). But it looks like the account is already permanently banned by Battleye.

    Thanks for the good laugh I had.

    like i said i'm new in the game & forum ... and if its a perm ban how i can get unban , btw wich laugh u're talkin' about?

    hi im new in Game/forum and i dont know where should i post this topic but i'm just gonna ask , i just bought a s4 account and when i enter to any server the game says ( picture below ) , i just wanna ask if this a ip ban for countries or its account ban , if its a ip ban how i can enter and if its an account ban how i can get unban THANK YOU .

    pic :