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    Dear Leaguers!

    We are proud to present to you the latest S4 League content!

    Christmas has left the Netsphere!

    Gamers join the Netsphere!

    New Content

    Gamer Boy


    Gamer Boy is crazy about video games.

    He is so enthusiastic that he even carries his gaming setup on his back when he goes out.

    His gaming skills are by far the best in the world.

    He's number one in the video game world ranking.

    Even physicians are impressed by Gamer Boy's eyesight and reaction speed.

    Gamer Girl


    Gamer Girl is a popular video game streamer.

    All gamers want to meet her, since she's at the top of the ranking.

    She's full of charm, excitement, and mystery. Her gaming skills are among the best.

    In fact, there are quite a few pro gamers who have been defeated in a match against her.

    Galaxy Counter Sword


    An airplane-shaped shield made of 8-bit pixels with a rainbow glow.

    The Galaxy Counter Sword can defeat the enemy's attack with the energy of the Galaxy!

    Use them together


    Snowball Fight Mode Event

    This Event leaves the Netsphere

    Ingame changes

    - Repair System is now removed: Permanent items will no longer lose durability and users don't need to spend PEN for repairing.

    - Security Updates

    This is a message from [PM]Karasakal:


    Happy new year S4 Leaguers! I hope you all had a better introduction to 2018 than me: I was sick at home, in fever, yay!

    I finally managed to recover and make it to the office and after reading several mails and catching up with *really* urgent things, I sat down to write the PM Letter that I've been meaning to write since November.

    I know, I know. But I'm here now.

    Before I start, I'll be linking a form to the bottom, please fill that in. I'm not making any questions mandatory but I'd like to hear as much from you as possible. I will personally read everything (at least English and Turkish ones, then I'll rely on CMs and google translate.)

    So, without further ado, let's go through some topics

    Repair Mode

    Yes. YES. It's going away. You asked for it for the longest time. It's happening. Consider it a new year gift!


    A lot has actually been happening in the background and unfortunately I can only speak about so much of it. You know. It's security. If I tell you, I have to plank you.

    Some important hacks have actually been suppressed and there are plans for more.

    We also switched to BattlEye, the company responsible for games like PUBG and we are very happy with the cooperation so far. It started shaky but that was expected. In the long run, I believe BattlEye is the better choice and we'll enjoy the results together.


    About Discord, I wanna touch a few points. First and foremost, the point of Discord for us is to bring you, the community, together. We are also there of course and we enjoy the occasional chat and messing around but I feel I should make a distinction: Discord is NOT a support channel. It's NOT where we handle issues. Now, the CMs can sometimes help, they can join conversations etc but our support system has not changed: It's through tickets. So please make tickets if you have issues and don't be mad at CMs if they don't answer you right away: They are probably busy with other parts of work.

    That said, I do value the conversation between us. So we're gonna set a weekly time where everyone here will drop what they have to do and just focus on Discord. Sort of a chat time.

    Name Releases

    Alright, let's clarify this. We do NOT provide a name release service. We've never done. However, the CMs wanted to be nice to players and release some names. That's extra, that's manual, that's literally something they had done to be nice. However, we noticed this was being abused, names were being stolen. So we stopped. Maybe it was a bad call to start, but it was done. Apologies for the confusion, we didn't mean bad.


    Similar to name releases, we do not provide support with Clans. So, why do I mention them? Well, soon we mean to provide some support. Here is the thing: We do not have automated tools, meaning we need to take care of things manually. This is also very easy to be abused. So we're looking into the situation. We may offer some clan services via ticket and even some more "luxury" services in the webmall. Nothing has been decided yet. In fact, the reason I'm telling this is to have some feedback (see the form for that.)

    New UI

    We know not all of you have been thrilled with the new UI. Here is the deal: This is a big task and by the time we had the version, there was no time for major changes. Instead of making a few small decisions on our own, we now have more feedback (see the form to give some personal feedback.) and we can try to change more.

    New Event Mods

    I hope everyone have enjoyed the pass and bomb modes. I was very glad to see something new in S4L in terms of gameplay. We will return to these mods in time to make some changes, expansions etc.


    So, we're gonna buff railg- Kidding. But we're gonna have a completely new approach in 2018. In the past we've relayed feedback but it was up to developers to change the game as they fit. If something was too broken, we asked for a change. I aim to do things completely differently, be more math-y, take more feedback into account and so on. We're setting up at the moment.

    With that, it's time to conclude this letter. Here is the feedback form that you can fill in as much as you want!

    Feedback Form

    Thanks for reading and have a great 2018!