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    The ppl have stuck with the game for what it is. In fact, most ppl refuse to play anything but st-2 and reject any new modes or maps.

    There should be new things ofc o keep the game fresh but the community doesn't really likes changes (take for example the burning buff system or the chip skill system. No one liked them).

    About the lack of players right now, i think you should thank your dear friend for that.

    The old community almost does not exist anymore, as a developer I would just take the path that is more lucrative for the game and attract new players with better and new content.

    S4 can't really compete with Fortnite for a BR mode. Not only that but there are tons free BR alternatives right now. Why woudl anyone bother with a game that has the graphics of Tomb Raider 5 unless they have a very bad PC?

    People play S4 because it is own unique thing that hasn't been replicated yet. BR on a big map won't be even fun in s4 not to mention the engine limitations.

    S4League has his own unique movement and playstyle that’s right but the game needs major changes to stay alive, either change something or let the game die. Maybe you should be less selfish and think what makes the game work and not what you like. Not to mention that we have only a player base of 500 so it can not be so many people who like it that way.

    A few minor adjustments from EAC are still missing. After that, the game slowly (after 10 years) should finally be able to be published properly. Last but not least is the task of the Product Manager how to get more players to play. As mentioned many times you could jump on the BR train (Fortnite) and do something in that direction because its taking over the market.

    For whatever he has been banned, seems like was justified considering what he did with the servers.

    Also someone getting unbanned is not a reason or excuse for cheating.

    He was a GS / GM back then, with a hacker background he would never get into the team. His actions came months later after various things. You would certainly be disappointed, but you probably would not be in the position to do the things he has done.