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    I'm so disappointed about this event. Watching what kind of ideas are uploaded by the most of the artists here makesme feel so sad about future contest of s4 league. Nothing personal to anyone of participants but guys before you post your "art work" please take care of your skills and the most important - the concept of the game. Because if u had played back in 2009 to 2011 you simple can see example for what exactly i mean when talking about good sets and stuff. Slowly and roughly you turn this game in some kind of Space MMO not the Esper Stylish Shooter League that was meant to be D: I know its about the personal preferences but it is just annoying for me and i'm pretty sure it's same for other old players from the beta.i hope that some of you will put more effort create something awesome. Thank you for your attention and I wish you the best !

    who are you to tell me i didnt put much effort into my art how dare you! I spent the whole time sketching, reviewing old sets, reworking the design lots of times till it was ideal to me. IVE BEEN HERE SINCE THE BEGINNING TO and there is nothing wrong with changing things up. The game wont be disturbed because of 1 new set. Me and the rest of people submitting designs are growing artist and this is a fun chance to contribute to a game we love. Im so “disappointed” in you.