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    A remake would be interesting I guess, but oddly enough I would of prefer the opposite. S4 from 5 years+ ago minus the hacks and what not. In my OPINIOMN the latter changes of the game killed it for me till I eventually stopped playing altogether.

    I know the topic at hand is a remake but I really enjoyed old S4 the most.

    lmao nice vid superb editing.

    I thought you were gonna play with that ko___k namechange while rasing ur ping to 300+ and clip the hilarious (sometimes racist) reactions and comments from other players for a few matches. That would of been golden but not everyone can handle that kind of humour lmao.

    I understand you feel that way about ps but I dont share such feelings. PS has been this way since the dawn of time (took a break for a year & when I came back the dashed seemed stronger correct me if im wrong). Maybe the stun could use a cool down but like the op mentioned, theres other broken weaps that are waaaaaaayyyyyy higher on the list.

    TL:DR I think ps is fine stun could use a CD but its nowhere near a priority.

    I liked the old levels before they changed them. I remember when Donee, hella, futurejortrunks etc etc were s1 and such. It use to be a big deal. When they converted it to the levels we have now it just got bland.

    I dont think we need a new system, the one prior was cool.

    I am not into kicking newbs but hey they still are going to be verbally harassed and insulted by the same community so whats the difference? Getting bashed into depression for being a scrub or kicked from a room is all the same, at least if you get kicked you might find a better room lol.

    Having the best "thing for the game" is a joke. That starts with the devs not the players. They screwed things up with their unecessary changes, thats on them.

    I think the best way to solve this is to have the staff do a poll or something and let the community decide whether to bring it back or not.

    Since at least that the devs are capable of changing that via a maint.

    I know some weapons are indeed annoying but you are not really supposed to kick for those on the first place.

    The whole weapon rule thing was born because of the vk abuse and it is not a good thing to begin with.

    I don't like facing a full team of rg and bombers but i don't think it is fair to kick ppl for weapon choice either. Weapon balance should be handled by the devs and not by abusing the vk.

    I completely agree in regular, no rule rooms no one should be kicked for using any weapon, skill or F. Thats clearly an abuse of system. But the VK kept rooms WITH rules in check.

    Theres the arguement that rules in s4 is a stupid idea but thats another story. From someone that has been playing since 2010 and has seen the degradation of changes since then its somewhat refeshing to play something similar to classic s4, or even "fair".

    Now thats completely gone. I hope you understand where I am coming from.

    P.S. "Weapon balance should be handled by the devs." Come on now, we dont even need to get into that. Non existent nuff said.

    But it is not something that vk can solve either.

    Yeah lol. But what about afkers trolls and the occasional script kiddies.

    Ik you guys probably dont care about no RG/IB/bomb rooms but rip those to. Game is just gonna be more polluted with "ez mode" weaps in every room and all matches will look the same.

    For people that like "fair" matches or matches without the obvious broken rubbish thats option has gone down the drain.

    I do agree that this game has way bigger problems than VK yet they didabled that, a feature that has the potencial to remove a player that would disrupt the flow of gameplay during a match.

    Yes yes yes yes it does get abused blah blah blah but yes yes yes it has its good uses to. This company just tackles problems randomly IMO.

    I know somethings are harder to fix than others but have they even gotten the clan system working yet? I havent logged in a bit so I'm a bit lost on current affairs but I can assume game is pretty much in the same state.

    vk has its pros and cons which has been repeated over and over so no need to go over them here. But jeez is it me or has the majority of you have been playing with jerks.

    In my PERSONAL experience vk has been used in the right situations (kicking afks, occasional script kiddies) and yes I have seen it been abused as well. But most times when people try to kick newbies most players just dont vote.

    Vk was necessary imo now, theres no way to get rid of such players. If someone decides to troll,afk or use a tool gotta sit there and deal with it for 30 mins thats really frustrating lol.

    Report system is a terrible alternative since it can be abused just the same or to a greater degree. I play paladins alot and people would report you for picking a certain class or not healing them or any number of ridiculous reasons. Any system can be abused, its not the systems fault its just people are toxic.

    Rg got a buff (broken). Virtually anyone can use it. Try it yourself. Players that never considered sniping before are now cod 360 noscope snipers. you can just spam shots and only 1 you need to knock back /slow you and the follow up shots are easier.

    Tl:dr dont think they're aimbotting its just rg

    lMO events arent even an issue right now. Once people can log and play without crashing constantly is good enough lol.

    Lets talk about balancing next once thats achieved properly.

    This post has been deleted.

    Well to be fair the server is getting wrecked by a hacker. I assume thats out of the control of the CM/GMs. More like the tech guys or who ever is in charge of server security I assume.

    Totally disagree with you. first of all, The way you express yourself is disgusting. Second of all, I would love to see you taking a place of a Community Manager or a Game Master and take care of a 100-1000 player community. As much as you know how to talk, you have no idea how things work.. So maybe next time before you call the staff members 'garbage' consider their position and duties. after all you're just a player, other than playing on their development you're doing nothing.

    Disagree with you again, revenge is not always the right answer. Maybe it's your attitude that's gotta change then the game will look much better.

    I would not ever take such a position as cause i have no desire. Also the persons that fill those roles knew exactly what they are signing up for so the burden is on THEIR hands to perform. Also I dont really care if the staff is competant or not since i dont ever come into contact with them. I was speaking from his point of view hence i used the word "If".

    Also I also dont agree with revenge hence i used the term "as he sees fit", since I cant speak on his behalf nor i am responsible for other peoples actions. I was just offering an alternative that excludes the entire playerbase suffering "just cause hes mad at the staff."

    If I come across as disgusting to you thats your problem.

    Players should not have to suffer cause the staff is garbage but what ever.

    He should get "revenge" if HE SEES FIT on the people that did him wrong not innocent people trying to play the game.

    Players should not have to suffer cause the staff is garbage but what ever.

    He should get "revenge" if HE SEES FIT on the people that did him wrong not innocent people trying to play the game.

    No, we act because we like the game, if you dont, we respect your opinion equally.

    Completely missing the point. I like the game to else I wouldnt of been here. It's some peeps cant take criticism. God forbidd somebody says something negative about s4 even though its completely understandable given the state pass 9 months maybe more.

    "If you dont like it dont play it". I can express what I want regardless and it has nothing to do if i play or not. The game was (is) in a bad state. Facts dont care about peeps feelings, dont get butthurt if something gets points out and move on.

    call me toxic or a hater for stating my opinion lmao doesnt matter.

    Somethings are better off in the dumpster. You guys acting like this game or any game is immortal. Its in abyssmal state as it is and i wont be surprised if has another 5 months left on it. I still have fun on it and if they fix it thats all good and dandy.

    But dont get so defensive/butthurt if ppl opinions differ.

    i played this game for 8 years and i dont care if it dies. Well shut down, since its already dead. Not the end of the world.

    Better off dead than the state its in anyway.

    I have s4 followed on twitch and the only time the game gets views is when something on a pserver is streamed lol. When some one streams official they pull like 5 viewers max.

    I will never play a pserver cuz i just dont care about s4 like that but i wouldnt be shocked if pservers will have a larger population than offical in a few months, if they dont already.

    Other than the guy who is crashing the servers I really don't see what is the issue with it. it can use some balancing and more content but nothing is really wrong with the game.


    I dont know where to start on whats wrong cause its been repeated time & time again.

    DI rather see the game strive than die but things are just bleak.

    S4 right now is at its lowest its ever been in terms of population and gameplay mechanics. I'd say stability to but this game been plagued with a long history of abuse so i am not sure lol.

    It will quite LITERALLY take a mircale to resurrect this game to ANY kind of saving grace.

    cuz they enabled P2P

    thats why u saw green ping

    O ok. I am not to familiar with those terms but hopefully it just makes the game more playable. Idk why they changed it in the 1st place to begin with.

    S4 has a tendancy of making stupid changes nobody asked for.

    Move on

    yesterday i saw green ping from another player for the 1st time in months. Other americans have been red since they messed with the servers a few months back. I assume they resolved that issue recently.

    That being said I also believe the servers are under malicious attacks. No way they can be that unstable on their own lol. No anti cheat is gonna help as well, as I believe anti cheat engines dont protect against ddos & server crashes. Its something the tech guys gotta fix which they cant seem to do right now.