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    I played S4 today and even though I'm extremely critical of the game state and this company, when the game is working as intended (no crashes etc) it can be fun.

    I say that to say this, if this gane had a decent battlepass I would support it even if I rarely play. Maybe with the revenue earned they can make progress fixing it.

    I played yesterday 3 matches and it was perfectly fine for me at least. No MAJOR bugs and definately no crashes. Patch wise i think the company is going forward.

    Gameplay wise this game just isnt fun anymore with all the BS you have to put up with and the redundant st-2 or OS rooms ( miss the old s4).

    You have worked on this patch for multiple weeks? A single developer could fix that stuff in a couple of hours.

    Haha no.

    havent tried it yet but this patch looks sexy. I am glad you guys finally fixed that fumbi bug, it was game breaking and should of been hot fixed asap but hey I,m not avid on this game so I'm not complaining.

    As for creating new bugs during a patch, that happens in A LOT of games. Once they arent as bad as that fumbi bug the playerbase wouldnt mind that much lol.

    i feel like making a new topic about another bug is overdone so i'll just say it here. I logged s4 pass 2 days and each time there is this bug where the ball can't be picked up by either team, regardless if the RM leaves or not.

    Happened in multiple rooms sometimes 3 times in a row. This should be hotfixed asap.

    I know we can't really expect new maps to be made for a long time, or at all, but I can at least put the idea out there in case something actually does happen on that front in the future. 0.001% is technically higher than 0%, even if there's no reason to expect it to happen.

    I respect that.

    That use to happen a long time ago when the servers were lagging. Usually those issues would resolve itself and go away after a while. Or maybe a maint or something will TEMPORARILY fix it.

    Havent logged in a while but some things never change.

    Well its hard to tell who you're actually talking about but yeah vets who chase new players out the game can definately gtfo. Those types of players just harm the already fragile community. I feel you there 100%

    Personally, I was part of the toxic community (when I was younger, shame on me q.q), but fortunately I changed my attitude. I report everybody who insults me or other players. I think muting others is not a good way to get rid of this behavior - the toxicness is still there. In my opinion reporting these toxic ppl might change their attitude once they get temporarily banned from the game. #bekindtooneanother

    Treat others as you would want to be treated. I totally agree with you and if you chose to report everyone that insults someone I can also understand that. But lets be realistic people say mean things when they get annoyed. Even the nicest people get tilted by games. Theres always "toxicity" even if it doesnt show itself.

    I really dont see a big deal maybe, Im just numb to it or have other things to worry about. Yes I believe theres a breaking point to everything but to each their own. The way you operate theres nothing wrong with that. Now theres players that ARE actually just toxic people (i dont really need to explain). Those are the ones that get under my skin & yes they should be reported. But to report EVERYONE that loses their cool at some point is just overkill imo.

    Cant be such a snowflake man (dont take that the wrong way). Someimes you can just ignore or tell a brother to chill. Maybe they'll actually listen.

    Toxicity always exist on the internet and in online games especially in "competitive" games. From youtube comments to reddit post, it thrives everywhere. After a while you realize its just words from salty people and nothing more. After being online for 9 years as you claim i am surprised you havent built up a resistance to it by now.

    You cant report everyone that calls you a n00b or a scrub. But yes I agree some people take it to far. Repeat offenders or the ones that go the extra mile insulting your family or being racist or prejudice and stuff like that. Those people definately deserve a report, but everyone gets annoyed and says mean stuff on the internet at some point, imo its just easier to block. Else you'd be reporting a 3rd of an already diminishing community lol.

    If we follow the rule of "how many people would play it" might as well just drop the development entirely of S4 League

    There hasnt been any development in a while. If anything the game has actually degraded lol. I would love to see some changes dont get me wrong, but its all "what ever" to me at this point.

    Furthermore if we push for new maps most likely people wont play it for more than a week. Thats just facts. Its all wishful thinking at the end of the day sadly.

    Hey at least the shop has rotating content right? Better than nothing.

    But on a serious note I hope aeria takes note of the success (I'm assuming) from this, you dont need to sell power. You can make money from cosmetics and such.

    I have played countless MULTIPLAYER games from COD to flyff and hacks has never been as prevelant as it was on S4. Maybe im just lucky who knows.

    Most of the players don't change crosshairs even if they could. But there should be an option for the players who want to change it. And since you never changed a crosshair you can't tell if the default crosshairs are "fine" because you never tried anything else than what was served to you as default.

    If i don't have a problem with it

    Then its fine......

    I'd like to have a beta server or channel having all the "new" stuff disabled. This would be a compromise I think.

    P servers...

    But i never liked p servers they dont feel authentic. I rather just play other games or S4 once in a while.

    How long before Gamingo invests in S4 League 2?:Fumbi2:

    I just want old S4 minus the hacker sprees. I am almost certain a lot of veterans would come back if it was what it use to be.

    Very well thought out and some of them are cool ideas but lets be real here. They cant perform minimal task like tweaking weapons or making clan logos.

    Making new modes would be like climbing Mount Everest.

    TD pass is ruined by the boots and scythe combo. Maybe if they add lasers over the main gate, it may work.

    Set limitations on room title....normally when i make post like this i put in brackets "with limitations ofcouse" cause yeah the game has a lot of stupid stuff that sucks the fun out of it IMO. Im just an old player that prefered the old s4.

    Besides the OP is a boots enthusiast so i didnt wanna bring it up =D

    I am from the USA so i use to get a lot of "lag" complaints due solely to the fact my ping was blue to most EU folks. Even when the gameplay was perfectly fine some one (usually the same individuals over and over) would complain if i killed them or scored or something. Then i realize people just like excuses for their shortcomings.

    Its really EASY to tell if your lagging in a game like s4. But if your being wrongfully accused by salty players just block em. Problem solved.

    theres still fun to be had in s4 from time to time but yeah i feel your pain man the st2 only meta is REALLY BORING. I played a match for the 1st time in a month yesterday and had a really good time, but i really wish there was more variety theres so many AWESOME MAPS people overlook its so annoying lol.

    This prob I cant blame on Aeria its just the recent community are like robots.