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    The opposite side of a polygon is always invisible. I've seen graphical glitches similar to this on other games. A camera clipping through a wall will also give the same effect.

    Something as simple as a mouse pad would be nice. I remember them existing at one point in small quantities. I got tired of hoping for some legit S4 merchandise, so I would make my own. I would make shirts, hats, 3d printed keychains and car window decals. Mostly made for my in game friends back in the day. I think I still have a bunch of the car decals put away some where. I'll have to find them.

    Years ago we talked about having joke weapons in the game. Someone mentioned having a Nyanade that shot rainbows out of its mouth. More or less a skin for the cannonade. I made a quick model as a concept, and I know it's a bit hard to tell what it actually is lol.

    Pretty image heavy but here are some of the models I've created through out my years playing S4. These are mostly skins I've created for various weapons. Some were concepts from other users that I turned into models. I know some of these look pretty out of place, that was mostly due to a small group of us coming up with mock up seasons on the old forums. Good times. If I remember correctly, we were playing around with a medieval themed season.

    I'll just put it out there, non of this was made for private servers or anything. It was all made for fun.

    A lot of the complaint comments I see here and on the facebook page are complete nonsense. At least have a basic understanding of how things work before you complain. This comic is obviously created by an art team. Art teams do not handle bug fixes or server issues, the programming team does.

    So no, the entire dev team is not ignoring the game to draw a 5 page comic.

    Fixing a decade old game will take time and patience. Releasing a small comic in the mean time is a nice gesture while we wait for the game to improve. Complaining won't fix anything faster.

    I was looking at it for some time for the rigging but not sure when I will have time to use it. I remember trying it in the past and it rigged the model backwards. Also the free animations seems to be very few and not really what I need. Plus I will have to find a way to add them all into 1 model unless I figure a different way to do the things ingame.

    But anyway, I don't really know any easy way for creating animations and that will really be the biggest problem for a such event.

    Didn't realize it charged. I have an adobe subscription so all of it shows up for free on my end. If your model is showing up backwards, you just need to flip it and re export. If I remember correctly, mixamo has the option to link all the animations into one file as well.

    Back on topic though, an animation contest may not be possible, but having access to a few files would be nice. That way some fan made animations could be made if someone had the know how.

    If you have an Adobe ID, Mixamo is a great site to use. Their online auto rigger is pretty good and they also have an online library of pre made animations for games. Keep in mind you don't get perfect results every time. Sometimes you have to go in and edit the weights of each bone to get it perfect. But using mixamo saves hours of rigging time. I use it all the time.

    I remember the guy that made that. Don't know if he still plays. He exported a character model and used an auto rigger to map a new animation skeleton to the model. Only reason I know that is because that dance animation is one of the pre built ones you can select.

    This sounds like a fun idea for a contest, but I don't know how many people will actually be able to participate. Mainly because opening a file like that requires special software.

    The facebook voting is fine because most of the S4 community isn't on the forums, but it does present a few problems. Like others have said, it's very easy to get your friends outside of the S4 community to vote for your design. Also the point system is a bit crazy since every heart gives you 10 points and a "like" only gives you 1 point. If you get all your friends to give you hearts, you can easily gain the lead with the smallest amount of votes. But I guess that's the name of the game when it comes to facebook.

    Honestly I had more fun competing. I could care less if I win or loose. Being part of the contest and seeing all the entries is half the fun.

    Well that was an interesting read. The same argument seems to come up when these types of events come around. We literally had 10 years worth of theme changes and crazy costumes that didn't match the original style of the beta. How is a user generated costume going to ruin the feel of S4 10 years into the games life? If anything the original style was lost once the seasons came out. But in the end, it's only a cosmetic item, the core game play is still there.

    All the submissions so far were made with quality and care. I honestly think each set would make a great addition to the game. S4 takes place in a virtual world after all, so there's really no set theme. Anything is possible.

    Edit your post and click the Attachments tab at the bottom, then select upload. Once you have your images up, it will give you the option to display as a thumbnail or a full image. Click either box and you'll see you image appear on your post.

    Man it would be amazing if gambling for items became obsolete. I don't mind putting money into a free to play game to own something. But what I don't like is paying real money to rent digital items. It just seems like such a waste.

    Wow so pro. ;-; But it reminds me of lego somehow. xd

    Which program did you use? I'm curious.

    Now that you mention it, it does remind me of legos in a way. Might be all the blocky shapes I used.

    As for programs, I used 3Ds Max for the model, Photoshop for the textures and Marmoset Toolbag for the real time render.

    You know, i've been waiting for something like this to happen for years. I'm glad to hear actual change is coming. I always felt that I loved this game more than the devs did, and It was saddening to see S4 get so neglected over the years. Here's hoping Aeria/Gamigo can give new life to S4 League.

    Wondering if the person who did this is still around the forum..

    Anyways, I love bows but I hope it’s not like how Hanzos bow work in Overwatch (I’m bad at it)

    I made that bow way back when we had the weapon design contest. I even had a thread on the old forums containing all the custom weapon models I made themed for this game. I still lurk the forums and play S4 from time to time. I kind of wish we did another contest like that again. Those were good times.