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    Yeah, you're right. If it means them taking a little longer to pick out the winners due to our feedback on the Facebook voting system, then I shouldn't complain about it any longer.

    I guess it's a relief to think think they're putting alot of thought and consideration into this event.

    However, I hope our feedback didn't put them off of doing more creative contests in the near future. lol

    We still wish for new content. XD

    (No more watching the clock/ calendar) : D

    Is there a time frame for when we can expect the results to be shown on here?

    On Facebook, no new comments have been said regarding it.

    I tend to check the forums and Facebook every day just to see if anything new has been said or in hope that the results are there, but so far, nothing new.

    It's torture being held in suspense. lol

    Will the winners be announced on this thread or the Facebook posts?

    I wonder if all the votes have counted yet.

    I know it hasn't been that long but It feels like we've been waiting for a while for some kind of news.

    C'mon developers, let's see the results please.

    Well all we can do is wait for this contest to be over and hope for the best. Although, it's a little annoying that it's taking a long time for the final results to be evaluated.

    Didn't the contest end more than a week ago? lol

    I've already come to terms that I've probably not come in the top 3, I'm just glad I tried and managed to share some of my art work with you all.

    Going to continue being creative and continue working on my comic projects, S4 Manga being one of them. I hope to share that with the S4 community soon.

    It is cool seeing how even though we all had a little disappointing shock about the Facebook voting thing, this thread is not turning vile and we can debate and have fun doing so.

    (Not all threads are so lucky)

    Thanks to all.

    I agree, I like the feeling of competing, to put my designs up along with others, there were a lot of creative ideas out there.

    I also agree the devs should be the only judges. Social media is good and all, but can also be incredibly biased.

    Similar to what was stated above by Selket01, I'm not fussed if I lose.

    Grats to whoever wins this, this competition got even harder. XD

    The only thing about letting people vote that I don't like is that friends will most likely vote for their friends regardless of quality and all that.

    Also I feel like how it's set up on facebook is just really wrong, basically what B3mo said.

    But based off facebook, I guess we can just determine the winners now ? :/

    From what you've said, which I can actually believe, let's just hope the entries that people voted for on FB are good/ unique looking ones.

    Now knowing FB is probably going to be the final decider, I feel like my efforts were slightly in vain. Oh well. I guess next time I should make something that's popular. lol

    If the developers are leaving the final decision of what costumes win to the players, I have a feeling a lot of good ideas will be dismissed because most S4 players unfortunately don't like change (to anything).

    Besides that, good luck to all who participated.

    Vanguard Set:

    Aeria forum name: BladeBrawler

    S4 in-game & Forum name: Ryo_NetGuardian

    Front View + Gloves and Shoes Separate

    Side View + Under Clothes

    Back View + Accessory (Cape)

    Note: The blue colours on the clothes (barring the hair) glow and are slightly translucent.

    Set back story: Armour and robes of a legendary warrior who protects the Net_Sphere.

    In addition, I did want to add a weapon to the set. I'm still designing it. It was a Sigma Blade, code name: Photon Sigma.