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    Funny how people get triggerd on the forums when other players decide to quit the game. With dumb comments like " See you next week " or just disagreeing with points he stated.

    Its been 7 months since Karasakal made those Q&A videos and it looked promising but look at it, he left the game, and this forums is dead yet again with useless posts about drawing N stuff.

    Because kicking them surely makes them stay more, right?

    At this point on you will keep saying stuff without real arguments so I'll stop it at that. The fact you quoted that and didn't respond or said anything on the rest talk about your caliber of debating.

    Pathetic Hella, expected more from someone who lives off this forum.

    Your game has bigger issues than just kicking random people. Thats the least of your concerns.

    Maintaining the playerbase this game already has has been a challenge for the company since 2013 and ever since the game never hightend the playerbase only downing low with players.

    So if you really think that kicking people from rooms is such a big issue. Look at the mirror :)

    Why are you guys bickering about wether or not to keep the vote kick option, Official is dead move on. There are no new players in this game.

    Vote kick has more pros than cons, and the people crying about the kick are players who are just bad.

    Beginner channel is dead, There is no competition in this game anymore so stop saying that.

    Said the guy who plays on the private servers of the same"dead game".

    Official is dead for me

    Reason: Only Sword Community, Enchants & Esper are a annoying and lastly competitive side is dead

    Private Servers i am in provide a balanced game ( No AP, Esper, Echants ) and there are a lot of competitive players.

    We even host our own tournaments on Twitch with viewers exceeding 100 +

    Keep enjoying these drawing events and ( Kill a GM event )

    The only reason there are only few ppl now is because they can't even get on the server before another crash.

    This has nothing to do with the will of the ppl to play the game.

    With so many private servers nobody's even looking at the forums for when this issue will get resolved, and as long as this issue remains in Official game more people will settle in the private servers instead. I'd say Official already lost 30% of its playerbase since the start of this.

    To be honest I would love to try that but the way u asked for it is just disrespectful towards me. I dont ask you to beg me to make it for you but just a simple "please" or "Could you" isnt too much to ask for since i do it for free because its fun. I'm not your dog. There is no reason why I should "surprise you" lmfao.

    Oh my bad that wasn't my intention really, i just asked it on a whim, but your right could have asked it a bit nicer. Goodluck on your works Cheers!

    Sorry but all of these mistakes really show how incompetent first coders were for S4, in a business its basic knowledge to have a ( Business Process Diagram, Activity Diagram or Use Case Diagram,) so that when (***) hits the fan the coders can look back to the code.

    They basically neglected this whole game.


    Can we get a rework on Random Fumbi? It's annoying getting the same gear 3 times with same stats but its showing in your inventory as 3 different items while it's the same. Would be nice if it could get stacked.

    Also discarding items such as Fumbi related is quite the hassle. Especially weapons you never use cause the timer never runs out. If we could like select items freely and just click on a button " Delete " would be handy.

    Thanks for reading,

    Good day.

    But its oke though 110k pen free and 6 capsules + the anniversary items thats a good deal. But i do wish they also added the oldest halloween set in the capsule i forgot the name.

    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people take something for granted. Kara is the first PM to give regular informative letters (Dasher and Commander Mustache or whatever their names were also did some but not as often nor as informative, iirc. Correct me if I'm wrong here.). And as soon as he misses a month everyone loses their minds.

    It's the facts that he uses the word " Monthly " meaning we have the right to expect something like that every month. Forget the old PM's or GM's those guys were never interacting with the community anyways and never promised to show something.

    No one is blaming Kara.

    Nice, but I remember something like a Weekly Challenges hosted by GS_Annedroid in like 2015, those were really great and it had variety in easy, medium and hard. Which meant better rewards.

    If you have any active GS can you host those again?

    The lack of social interactivity at this point is hurting the game even more. The community is dieing for just something new even its a garbage skin cause we haven't gotten anything in months.

    Yea yea you can say its irrelevant and all but still even shite is better than nothing at this point on.

    Using the clanchannel would solve that too… :/

    Seems like you never played a clanwar there so lemme explain. The clanchannel is bugged and causes disconnects also its glitched after a dc.

    Nevertheless making your room locked will fix this issue buddy.

    Because the old one were working with the game engine for way longer and knows how it works? And even with that they were still doing crappy job in the lats few years.

    I know they did a crappy job but at least we got patches and real patch notes in the forums. Hacking isn't the biggest issue of this game anymore it's the lack of content that the community gets.

    Also note that ingame related hacks that give u an advantage in the game are almost not used anymore cause the game is dead. Instead its the DdoS attacks that the game gets and the ingame crashes that are the most used right now.

    But like i said in my prev post " If the old company couldn't do it how can a new incompetent crew do it? "

    S4 community don't even have faith or believe in this team that they will do it so move on get us some new patches.

    Security excuse is getting old, just add new stuff to the game like the old company did they knew they could never fix the security issue in S4 but we still got content to keep the game fresh with actual updates.

    Now we don't have patches for a year, no new content and no security fix.

    And be a little specific about security fixes cause saying that is very broad. Talk about specific hacks you want to target. ( not that you will be able to fix it anyways)

    If the old company couldn't do it how can a new incompetent crew do it? ( sorry but that is the hard truth )

    AeriaGames has never listened to what the community wants for once via the forums if they did gimme a example cause im still waiting for a rework on this trash coupon shop

    Casuals on these forums aren't allowed to talk about balancing and stuff cause yall want to make it easier for yaself anyways. Your the type that ruined the game in the first place.