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    You will be surprised how many does that.

    I don't know any player that plays S4 League twice a year and will try to cheat on the unique match he's playing on the entire year.

    It is not about people that are playing it everyday, as a favorite game, who may be overwhelmed by the insatiable desire to win at all costs.

    It is about someone that just enter to "kill the longing" (I'm not sure if this expression exists in English). Just to have fun for 2 matchs, and that's it. Then I can proceed with my normal life.

    I hope you understand the point. It is not about trying to say that it is impossible, but just highly improbable. At least a ban review is deserved. At least a proof is required. You have the log files, simply show me what "hacking" I have used. I just played a few normal matchs, with close friends. And got banned for nothing.


    Also I am sure disconnects have nothing to do with the ban since everyone else is disconnecting as well right now.

    I was not implying any causality between disconnect and banishment, I was just reporting the sequence of events. But thanks anyway.

    I am registered on S4 League since sunday 18th April - 2010, 03:27, when I registered on this game using Alaplaya.

    The last five times I had logged in on S4 League:

    - 11th September 2017

    - 08th May 2018

    - 16th July 2018

    - 31th July 2018

    - 07th August 2018

    This can be checked on S4DB:

    I have stopped playing S4 League on 2016. Since them, I had logged in on it a few times, when I missed this game so much that I couldn't refuse to play just some matchs.

    Well done. The IP unban has been released a week ago, a lot of friends were talking about playing some matchs, like the old times. I decided to enter on the game again 30th November.

    I think I tried to play all day. But I was getting DC every 15 minutes, so I think I just have finished 4 or 5 matchs.

    After getting one more DC and then trying to enter 10 times, getting the classic "The Connection with the game server has been terminated" every time I entered on the server selection screen, this error appeared:

    [EAC]: Banned.

    Apparently trying to enter on a broken game is a violation of the service. I submitted a ticket for Aeria, requesting a explanation of what was happening.

    My account was suspended for just trying to logging in the game. But Aeria explanation was a bit different:

    [Removed Image]

    They said I was banned for "hacking" (?). Why would a veteran use any kind of cheat on one of the few times he enters on the game in the entire year?

    So could you, Aeria, kindly explain what kind of hacking I am being accused of? It is not fair to just ban people without providing any proof of allegations.

    Please, I kindly request you to check the log files and tell me what kind of hacker I have used. Because I haven't used any. This is not fair.

    I've already submitted a "Ban Appeal - I didn't cheat" for Easy Anti Cheat support. This was the response:

    Therefore, if I want to get back my account, I need to request a review from EAC.
    But EAC is requesting a number that Aeria can not provide me "due to technical issues".

    Basically I am being banned without any explanation and without any possibility of challenging the legitimacy of the judgment.

    I am wondering how much people are getting these bans randomly and will not appeal, will just sit and accept this Aeria's lack of organization and commitment to the players that made this game alive for so many years. I was looking at S4DB posts and it seems a lot of players are on the same boat as me, getting banned randomly and without any proof or clear explanation, and without any possibility of review.

    So, it seems this is the end of my journey on S4 League.

    April 18, 2010 ~ November 30, 2018

    And not only that, before of LATAM closed, there are more countries like KR, CH, JP, TH, PH... that deserves to play the game too, not only LATAM

    As you can see, the S4 EU could turn into a global server. I hope it doesn't miss this growth opportunity. This game deserves.

    Shanic wrote:

    The portuguese/spanish server was made for people of Mexico, Spain and obviously Portugal, we are talking about a license for NA and EU back then. That server wasn't made for LATs to begin with and it was always full of salt, rage and whinning thanks to the lag.

    As you can see, the North America server was made for people of NA. But there isn't any US player on the North America server, every US player is on the Europe server. Just because there aren't enough players to every server, you know the game is abandoned. And so what if the game wasn't inittialy made for LATAM? Are you complaining just because we are LATAM? Do you think you are of some kind of superior race just because you're on Europe? Let's start studying, boy, we share the same genetic code, the DNA. You are not so different from us. The server (a computer) is made to handle UDP packets on the internet, messages sended by clients (another computers). The server doesn't differentiate clients by nationality, every client is just a client sending messages through some internet protocol. Stop talking about something you don't know how it works. It doesn't matter the place you are from.

    The functionality is the same to server's perspective.

    You are just lying because I played years on these servers and I haven't had any lag problems. Every portuguese, spanish or brazilian player was with very low ping (less than 100ms). All the game is full of salt and rage, this doesn't change from England to Portugal. The lag will always happen with very far players. If you try to play against japanese players, you'll understand it. They have better internet than you'll ever have. But you will still be full of lag to them and them to you, just because you are very far from each other. Start understanding how the packets are handled on the internet, any child can learn it. So you will understand the delay issues. These are handled by communities, playing with players closer to them. So if we started to play on S4 EU, naturally we would look into playing with players closer to us, with lower pings. This is just a basic concept on any online game, why don't you try to understand it before continue talking nonsense and being full biased?

    Shanic wrote:

    If you ask me, i'm not willing to see that in the game again.

    So you're saying that you don't want humans from 20 different countries from yours to be able to play the same game you're playing just because if you played with them, you would get higher pings. But who is asking you to play with us? Who is forcing you to play with us? The rules of the game do not change if we enter on it. You will still choose the server with closer location players to play with, and we will do the same. Do you think the rules are different to us just because we are from a different place?

    This type of attitude seems more typical of a selfish child who does not like to share their parents' attention or share their toys. Come on, this is a server. The server will remain the same with LATAM being forced to use VPN to enter on the game or not. Stop thinking only about yourself and try to solve a problem that affects everyone on dozen countries. Stop being the typical child that says "the problem is not mine, so I don't care, I don't want to help, I don't want to share anything, everything rounds around me". This is not just about you. It is about thousands players that just want to play together, and you are the one who is trying to prevent them to accomplish this. Stop just pointing out problems and try to bring solutions.

    Shanic wrote:

    As i said, if the lag can get cut out then i'm all for it but until then, i'm agaisn't

    The lag can get cut out by putting closer players to play more frequently, far players to play rarely. Therefore, the creation of specific servers and channels for closer regions is the solution. Create the LATAM server if you wish so. We will just choose this option as it is far more convenient to play talking on our main language. Nothing would change for you - that feels offended by our presence - if we were playing on the LATAM server. So why are you still trying to harm us? As I already said, there are humans behind the screen, stop thinking you are cool just because you are trolling on the internet. This is not even funny.

    FilipeMarch Please do not spam. There is a edit button. Well first I would contact our PM via discord would probably be the fastest way if he answers you. And thanks for writing all down about P2P but that is actually not the problem and I never complained about the ping. We are keeping this game alive actually not you.

    Define spam.

    Do you have a link to PM's discord?

    What is this sentence for? "We are keeping this game alive actually not you"

    We are still playing using VPN, so removing the IP ban would just cause us to don't use VPN to enter on the game and get better pings.

    When we are playing the game and spending time with it, we are making it alive.

    I don't know why but it seems like you are teenager and are always trying to figure out a way to troll on the forum. Please, if you do not want to contribute, do not harm us. Why would you try to harm anyone that hasn't done nothing to you? Be kind to the person behind the screen. You are not talking with bots, but with real humans with good intentions and values.

    Well, too sad that the ping between LAT and EU has been always the worst around the game and nowdays it would be even worse. I'm sorry for the shutdown of both KR and LAT but

    If you find a fix to that, hey, that'll make me glad but until then i surely don't want to play with 200+ms and then have the forum full of people complaining about heavy lag all around

    People from closer regions can play together.

    There is a server called Russian server.

    There is a server called German server.

    There is a server called Europe server.




    As you can see, the player chooses the server he'll play on from his location. If we started to play Aeria back, we would just choose our region (or closer region), obviously. But nothing prevents the US people from playing on the european server, it is just an option.

    This solves your problem?

    FilipeMarch AeriaGames + Gamigo is now the developer of S4 League. They are obviously doing a better job than yuisy. I'm amazed that you don't even know that but wanna play S4 League xD

    Nope no ETA for everything here.

    I guess you are asking the wrong person...

    Write in English. This is the English section. I'm also not writing german here.

    Hello, B3mo, thanks for this information.

    I've just written one line in another language, but I'm sorry for that.

    Who is the right person to ask? Well, I have emailed Neowiz, Gamigo and Aeria. But I still haven't got answers.

    I don't want to play against 1000k players who'll lag, this will be awful.

    When you enter on S4 League, you have six options: German, French, Russian, Turkish, North America and Europe servers

    If south america people started to play again, they would have one server to play together. If you don't want to play with us, just don't enter on the south america server. If you don't want to play with Germans, don't enter on German server. If you don't want to play with French, don't enter on the french server.

    Solved your problem?

    Nice story and? You want to join S4 EU but not playing with EU players? Well make a private server then only for Brazil people. If everyone is like you the IP ban should stay.

    He didn't say that he doesn't want to play with EU players. He just've said higher pings come from people very far each other, since this is the nature of a non-authoritative P2P approach, which S4 League uses. If you don't understand it, please research a little before talking nonsense. If you play S4 League with your brother on your home, you'll get 7 ms ping. If you play with a japanese player, you would get more than 200 ms. This is the nature of any P2P games. You should learn more about the basic functionality of online games. This is the reason S4 EU has a lot of servers: German, French, Russian, Turkish, North America and Europe servers. Each server is directed for closer players in these regions. But everyone can play together on the Europe server, since this game has not so many players as on the past. If you don't want so much lag, just can choose to play with only europeans and not with US players.

    Not everyone requesting to enter on S4EU is from Brazil, you should be more respectable with all these players that made this game alive for years. We just want to play our favourite game.

    Check the other billion posts about this topic and take a look at why theres IP Block, is not about any personal opinion or about Aeria Games disliking LAT, there are a few issues around releasing such IP Block (Mostly legal stuff, that aside, theres still the issue of bad MS/ping which still has to be fixed)

    Ok, let's talk about this "legal stuff", what's the problem of being more clear on this?

    Aeria Games needs a legal document or an official statement from the S4 League developers (Neowiz) to release the entrance of south america players, right? Why this not happened yet? Aeria Games already talked with Neowiz to get this permission? What Neowiz answered? What more besides talking with Neowiz is necessary to get this "legal stuff" finished? There isn't any clear statements from Aeria Games about the real situation on this legal stuff and I think this lack of communication is very bad to an online game publisher that should be open to your public. Mainly when there are thousands players from everywhere on the world just waiting a simple statement about the current situation on this legal stuff. Don't be rude with your supporters. We were supporters on S4 EU from 2010 to 2014, we were forced to lose our accounts and our access to the european server, than a stupid company (Yuisy) started a sh111t server on latin america with very poor administration until the S4 LA has gone. And here we are. Praying to be accepted back on the S4 EU, where it all began.

    Shanic wrote:

    At the moment, i'm kinda agaisn't it until the lag issues are fixed (Which are actually happening between us in a minimal way due to some issues) Can't imagine how it would be with people that are on the other side of the planet

    Does Aeria has an ETA to deploy the solution to these lag issues? I agree this is critical and a priority.

    nightmarish5 wrote:

    Kara literally mentions it every week that they're working on it but are still facing legal issues.

    I would like to have a more clear statement about this. I'm a lawyer, I'm getting on you and ask you "what are these legal issues"? If you want to be helped you have to give more details about it. How much time is necessary to solve this "legal stuff" and why? We are struggling to get a clear communication channel with Aeria. How long do we have to wait? What is expected time to get this done?

    <Part of the Thread removed by [GM]Evendora>
    <You have mark your thread in english. Please only write in english here.>

    On 01/29/2018 the latin server of S4 League has announced the end of its services, saying "the server will be closed after the termination of our contract with the game development company (Neowiz)".

    Therefore, since 04/27/2018 (the date in which the latin server officialy entered out of service permanently), several countries can't play S4 League anymore due to legal reasons (IP block). But there's a whole community that loves S4 League and still wanna play this game. You could take it into consideration and wonder the possibility of removing this unnecessary restriction that latin america is suffering, without being able to play on the S4 League Europe.

    There's no single entity on all America publishing S4 League. Is the european version of S4 League (published by Aeria Games/Gamigo Group) interested on removing the IP restriction? If yes, why aren't we hearing any updates on this? What is the necessary approach to get this done? What we (S4 League players from the listed countries below) could do to help you to get the permission to remove this IP block to these countries? Should we e-mail Neowiz asking them to allow Aeria Games to publish S4 League to latin america?

    You could get a lot of users from the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela.

    I have a facebook group with more than 2,000 users that love S4 League. I've recently done a survey there to see how many people would play S4 League again if the IP restriction were removed, and we got more than 200 users (more than 90% of the answers) saying 'yes'.

    Please, we are a big S4 League community from several countries and we just want to play our favorite game. We kindly ask you to let us to use your service and enjoy playing S4 League with your community. What's the point of preventing the true S4 League's fans from everywhere on South America to play their favourite game?

    My sincere thanks,