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    I don't play TD much (cause I'm bad at it) unless forced to by my friends/clan XD

    But I don't get why people JUST play ST-2

    No offence but it is the most overused and overrated map EVER!

    I would actually play TD more if people used different maps like ST-1, Temple, Colosseum, Highway ect ect ect.

    I think people only play ST-2 cause it's the easiest one to score/invade/defend on. Other maps are ''Too hard'' for them to change their tactics.

    That's just what I think tho.

    I found out about S4 by browsing a Anime site and I saw a trailer of it and it caught my eye.

    Later signed up for the Beta and been in love with it ever since.

    Met and made some awesome friends, some of which been friends since 2008. Hell I even started making videos of matches with them, (wish I did it earlier though XD).

    And despite it's ups and downs, S4 remains one of my favourite online games ever ^^

    I know exactly how you feel.

    There's too much BAD competitiveness and not enough good sportsmanship in S4 anymore.

    Most players are too concerned with trying to one up each other, feed their ego's or just straight up moan to/about other players just because they play in a way they do not like.

    I have been on the receiving end of it, and I have slipped up done it myself (not proud of it, I try my best not to do that anymore), hell I still get flak from people when I kill them with weapons they don't consider ''pro'' or ''Meta'', when did that become a rule anyway? Or because I play cautiously and not rush and get called a ''Waiter''

    So far the only way I enjoy S4 now is with friends or clannies, there are some gold rooms/matches out there but they are very few and far between sadly.

    Despite that, I don't intend on letting the complainers take my or your joy away ^^.

    Sometimes they laugh, because they think they have the right to insult only for small mistakes, things like that are what disappoint me every day.

    Not all are toxic, just as there are ignorant people, there are very nice and respectable people.

    Too true, which is why I when I find a room that is not toxic I enjoy it so much more. PLaying with friends/clannies is the best always, but sometimes you can find those diamonds in the rough if your lucky ^^

    I don't get those ppl who wants the game to be dead. if you don't like it, don't play it.

    Me either, its like those haters on WoW, that constantly say THAT game is dead, yet its still going.

    Whats the point in it? If you don't like a game, don't play it, don't try and drag people who do like the game down with you, thats a tard thing to do.

    Just an old player from launch day with a few words to say...(The rhyme was not intended XD)

    Because of the D/C's, unstable servers and now everyone's favourite child, Dorq, no one can log in, he's bugged all the servers and now no one can log in.

    I personally have not been able to play for over a week now because of this and I am getting tired of it.

    I know S4 has gone through alot of difficulties in the past, but this is probably the worst thing its gone through since the hacker outbreak in Season 3 - Blade launched and when Hangsang started crashing the servers.

    It breaks my heart that a game I have so much love for is slowly dying because of bad decisions, bad security and now because of one person who thinks he deserves ''justice''....bleh :cursing:.

    There are no other games, that I have seen, that match how unique S4 League is, GUNZ may of come first, and Overwatch does kinda look and play like S4, but both of them are not the same as S4, thats what I and alot of other players I think, were attracted to it in the first place, because of how unique it is.

    It's so sad to see a game you grew up with get dragged through the mud like this.

    Don't get me wrong I am not blaming Aeria or the Game Developers, I know it takes time to fix problems in any game, but this has been going on for so long its no wonder S4 has lost so many players and people go and play of Private Servers (I tried them and if you ask me, they aint much better).

    I really hope that S4 will be picked back up out of the mud and become fun again, I'm sure alot of you guys and gals hope so too, but it's hard to stay optimistic when all of this keeps happening, but I still remain hopeful.

    Please don't let S4 die.;(

    I was with you till that point lol. No way under any circumstance bombs should have a bigger blast radius than they do now. Esp with the state of these servers (coming from an american player).

    Also if they lower homing dmg dont you think they should do the same for spark? Heals should be reverted to the way they were before they were buffed IMO and the limited ammo on sentries & neils are fine. Makes people think where they place them. Strategize instead of having an infinite amount & spamming em all over the place.

    Point taken ^^

    I will get hate for this but heres my choices, take them or leave them ^^.

    Plasma Sword - Fine as it is.

    Counter Sword - Fine as it is.

    Storm Bat - Fine as it is.

    Spy Dagger - Lower the damage of the right click and make it only hit once, not three times.

    Twin Blades - Fine but maybe remove the delay between the left click combo.

    Breaker - (I will get hate for this) - Lower the damage of the left click and make the speed and delay of the jump attack slower (like the storm bat)

    Katana - Fine as it is.

    Sigma Blade - Fine as it is but perhaps make the heavy attack it does in awakened form (Hold left click - The forward front flip attack) can break revenge, and remove the useless heavy attack when its not in awakened form.

    Iron Fists - Lower the damage of the left click slightly a bit?

    Iron Boots - Lower or remove the delay between its attacks, if you miss your kinda left open for too long.

    Vital Shock - Increase the basic attack damage, allow the pull attack (hold left click) to break revenge like it did before.

    SMG - Fine as it is.

    Semi Rifle - Fine as it is.

    Gauss Rifle - Fine as it is.

    Cannonade - Fine as it is.

    Rail Gun - (I will get hate for this) - Get rid of the knock back from uncharged attacks and put it back on fully charged shots, make it longer to charge each shot (Like the rocket launcher), get rid off the slow effect. Basically make it as it was before it got ''buffed''.

    Sharpshooter - Fine as it is.

    Smash Rifle - Fine as it is.

    Twin Magnums - Remove the auto aim it has (it always aims for the torso of a target, even if they are far away) and remove the delay of the right click.

    Revolver - Fine as it is.

    Burst Shotgun - Fine as it is.

    Handgun - Fine as it is.

    Air Gun - Give it a bigger ammo capacity or unlimited ammo.

    Rocket Launcher - Fine as it is.

    HMG - Fine as it is.

    LMG - Slightly raise its damage and maybe give it a smaller hit box?

    Assault Rifle - Fine as it is.

    Turret - Fine as it is.

    Homing Rifle - Lower its damage a bit (since its meant to be the weakest gun).

    Spark Rifle - Fine as it is.

    Sentry Gun - Fine as it is but maybe give it unlimited ammo?

    Sentry Nell - Fine as it is but maybe give it unlimited ammo?

    Mind Shock - Slow its attack speed down to what it was before.

    Mind Energy - Fine as it is. (I know people will disagree with this, but i'm a healer so I like healing people quickly ^^)

    Rescue Gun - Either increase its ammo or give it unlimited ammo.

    Earth Bomb - Fine as it is.

    Lightning Bomb - Lower its damage, but make the blast radius bigger?

    MK-II Guass Rifle - Increase the shotgun attack a bit and lower the SP cost.

    MK-II Lightning Bomb - Lower its damage and blast radius but keep the sp drain and slow.

    MK-II LMG - Shrink the hit box.

    MK-II Turret - Fine as it is.

    HP/SP Skills - Fine as they are.

    Duel HP/SP Mastery - Fine as it is.

    Block/Wall - Increase it's hp, revert it back to what it was before, its pretty much useless right now, even the unique ones.

    Shield - Fine as it is. Maybe allow you to keep your shield on while using Mind Energy? Not Mind Shock though.

    Wings - Fine as it is.

    Detect - Fine as it is.

    Invisible - Fine as it is but maybe remove the initial cost of using invisible and just let it drain your SP from max.

    Metal - Increase its heal rate from 4 to 5/6 hp? Decrease the delay after using Metal?

    Bind - Fine as it is, but maybe add a effect to bind multiple people if they are close enough to your main target?

    Anchoring - Fine as it is.

    Unique Hp/SP Mastery - Fine as it is but add the option to remove that god awful orange ring effect that always surrounds you.

    These are a few personal choices here but I thought I just throw them out there.

    Add a option to remove FP/AP stats from fights, like in Arena Mode.

    Add a option to ban certain weapons/skills in rooms, it will help keep people who can't or don't read room titles.

    Fix the exploit of wallshooting.

    These are my choices. What do you guys think? And please be nice :<

    I've played since launch.

    And despite the rutt its going through right now. I still enjoy S4 ^^ the gameplay is still unique and no other game is like it, plus I pretty much grew up with it.

    I do agree it's not the same all those years ago but nothing ever stays the same but I think S4 does need a little pick me up to get back on the rails again.

    Other than that, along with a few other games I played, S4 is up there in my fav's list ^^

    Sorry if this is not in the right place but I felt like sharing this with you guys ^^

    I am making a pet project on my Youtube channel - - using XCOM 2: War of The Chosen and S4 League.

    Some of my friends on S4 and Discord wanted to know what XCOM was like so I offered to make their S4 Avatars in XCOM to show them what its like. Obviously I cannot get exact lookalikes in XCOM but using screenshots I could replicate their costumes as best I could using XCOM 2 Workshop Mods.

    Here are the videos ^^

    The current squad remembers are:











    Also I might add more members to the Squad ^^

    Obviously I do not own S4 League's music so give credit to the creators of the music!

    Hope you all like and thanks for watching ^^

    I wish Aeria's devs would of been the only judges. There's already one artists submission in particular that has 100 likes, and 79 hearts while everything else has almost nothing. Yeah..I suspect the "Hey friends, could you help me out" thing happened in that case just like with the other event we had recently. Facebook voting should of been left out of it.

    I agree, no offence to all the other artists in this competition (Your all awesome ^^) but you can see it is easily rigged if they wanted to.

    Gl everyone.

    It's a general "Character Creation Event", not a "Throwback Character Creation Event". What's wrong with people drawing what they'd personally like to see in the game? That's the point of this event isn't it?

    Anyways good luck to all the participants

    Well put Faz, and good luck to everyone ^^