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    welp hopefully next time you all would be as so kind as to let us know AHEAD of time that this contest would be determined with such a method. least favorite event ever now just because of the random "experimental" rule change with no warning. I understand trying new things it just would have been alot better to give a head sup rather than have us expect things to go the normal fair way they have been.

    the REASON its unfair and a ineffective way to do this isn't just because of asking friends, its because surely most of these votes came from people outside of the forums who don't play s4. random sign ups just so you can win from supporters who don't even watch the videos. That's what I dont like. If it was supposed to be a community vote then it should be required to at least log in with your s4 ign or something. Someone said they can just make a Facebook post and have friends come vote an that really ruins the whole point of the theme and contest.

    I rather let only the staff vote so we can avoid the "i asked for my "friends" to vote me"

    I agree, this way isnt very appealing ESPECIALLY since its a new forum with Very little active members and all the votes are from new sign ups from friends and support most likely from outside of the s4 community. everyone of my friends that voted for me at least play s4 with me.

    Oh sh*t, you guys went so mad. None of you is participating to any event and then when there’s poll everyones crying about it, sadly u didnt get chance TO WIN A BIG PRIZE. I would understand if the prize was 200€ .. yall need to chillau. I did asked my friends to vote for me in a fair way, ufff and what now.. :D i didnt force anyone to vote for me, just asked them kindly as a good person :) :D <3 Also they liked the video Soo.. puhaha

    this response seems a bit extra/defensive but I agree that these are the rules they made so all we can do is out best. its not any of the participants fault that it became a popularity contest.

    most events have been decided by the gms and gss I believe and that's what I was expecting, this the first community vote contest I have seen and I do agree that that makes it just a popularity contest. Even so im still participating so I do my best

    Thats all good its short and sweet, no problem with that, but all you say is happy valentines day, no real story behind it. But still good video and took your time to make it so good job on that

    Yea thank you. i complimented the other videos too because i thought they were great i didn't think of making a long video like that because i don't have a lover relationship through s4. I have loving friendships and that's what it was about from me. 👍

    so your trying to slander my video votes? nice job

    I posted mine FIRST and had a few votes each day from friends i assume

    as for Voar who just got 10+ votes magically in one day close to the end. seems much more fishy.

    anyways thanks for those who vote for me I tried to make it short and sweet

    i think it should definitely be possible to get somehow whether card system or not. I think the card system is In need of an upgrade so this would be acceptable. The skill is a bit overpowered compared to the others but if its possible for everyone to get then its a bit more even.