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    Not everyone plays for making huge damage. I play many games just for costumes, skins etc. it depends where you looking or for what you are playing. And i don't see why any would want to play game for making just "EXP" farm like someone do;)

    Not everyone has to share same goals. And when it comes the room, it was Staff failure to share room details at public.

    Have fun anyway~

    Ahh please, did you just really think that they will do something like these?

    Oh honey, i know what will they say

    SOON ???

    As i mentioned before, all you have to do is 28K AP for getting 1x S5 Stat Hair. Sounds fair.. meehh..

    The game is like "People without money have no rights to talk, we won't make events for the moneyless people.". Sad thing is they are making everything harder while they are losing players.

    Ehm.. Pardon me, do you have many weapon and costume capsules but you wanted some luck? No worries, we can afford you the best luck with 5-6K AP, it's all money, honey.

    Smells like.... xD Don't know seriously what they are going after, even the P-Servers are more stable and play-able without drops. I am just not getting why they are making everything so hard to people even when they are losing players.

    S5 Mode is about to die which gave people Custom Clan Marks. And btw, if you want anything in S5 all you need to pay is 28K AP, so we will send you what you wish ( only 1 weapon or hair or acc or set) xDDDDDD Sounds so fair.

    Do you want a nickname change? Hmm okay, we can afford it with some AP, too. Want to get something in FP Stats? You came to right place maaan! Just paying 5.999 AP will grant you a nice FP Stat Weapon (most useless one obviously).

    And what else we do? Ahaha, seriously... you shouldn't ask it buddy. We do nothing as we always do!

    When i've asked the same question to GM Teams they said i should calculate it by myself and play with people i've trusted. What a nice reply i am getting, so glad xD
    Besides there has to be time calculator in type of those events (like billion games does) so everybody can play safe and sound.

    Yeah because it's great to see 84 farm rooms. Don't forget that some "legit" players will also switch to farm rooms because those rooms will fill faster compared to regular rooms.

    Let's just raise our glasses for the upcoming, very new Event Farming Rooms and let's spend our 16 hour for daily items :sleeping:

    Keep dreaming. Don't let the flame die out.

    I am not dreaming, besides if you think that if the game is dead already then what is your purpose being in a Forum.. mhm..

    Anyway, time will show.

    I am still for fixed roomtitles that are not changeable. So everyone could play with whatever he wants.

    Absolutely right, the real mandatory is the people who put room names like " No RG/Explo/Snip/Breaker etc." or only "CPD", in addition to these like "No F, F allowed"..

    They are doing nice job as a team, but hopefully the mandatory of people gonna end soon.

    Game needs more player, that will solve the problems. Back in days like when we were around 10.000~ players it was hard to enter servers/rooms. It can be solved with advertisement which i already told to Karasakal in Q&A and he replied as they are thinking about it.

    Hopefully we can get more players.

    I have 5 accounts and it was just happening in one of my accounts. So i decided make a format to my pc and everything was fixed, seems like they are not trying badly because all the time i see in the replies " this is not majority or priority " etc. So maybe trying it, re-installing drivers could work.

    It is always so easy to say for staff "Not our first priority, we are working, soon" etc.

    The thing is, not everyone is affected by this error. I never got it myself.

    They will have to find what exactly is causing it.

    It is possible that you are just running some program on the background that is affecting it.

    And Hella_Hell do you think it takes 7 months to get a fix like this? I can't login one of my accounts due to this stupid problem. I don't think it's that hard. If we are talking about "Aeria company" which has better games it is not that hard.

    They do nothing about in any situation, i am sorry but i've bored to hear this soon word. It is not that hard to give an auto reply by a system. Anyway, hope we can find a solution because it's been 6 months, still can't login to my account.

    It's always easy to say "Keep calm, stay in touch, follow, soon we will get a fix" . Hopefully we can get one.

    15 aug 2018, getting same error -B02 after a few minutes I start the game. Tried synchronising the time zone, uninstall and reinstall, diferrent account, connecting to other servers, nothing works. Still no solution for this?

    Do not try to send a ticket to BattlEye because they won't give even a reply. I've sent B02, B0X, BXX errors in a ticket, and guess what happened? 2 months later, still there is no reply :)

    Hi there. First time playing S4 League after 3-4 years, tried to log in my old account and it said The account is banned due to violation of terms.

    Character name in game : Iceboy. Didn't hacked anyone, didn't try to do anything beside just playing and having fun. Please help me get my account back, because I spent many years trying to get the old permanent items and now I have to start from 0....;(

    If the BAN is something about BattlEye, you have to write a ticket to because S4 League staff can't help you in that situation. If it's something about game own ban, you still have to write a ticket.

    Besides; If BAN is about BattlEye, and if they don't send you a reply after in 2-3 weeks, you have to know that your account ban will not lifted.

    The B01 issue occurs when you open the friendlist? I recommend you to report both issues B01 and B02 to battleye directly. They are currently collecting this issues to work on a fix. Try to contact the battleye support here:

    I think do not even try to send a ticket to BE because they don't give reply which is why i tell you. And B0X , BXX errors still occurs; i am hoping that to get a fix, too.

    You can say what your opinion is without giving damage or effervescing, also there is no thief or anything with my entry, so basically you can't not say share it as busted etc. you all are being funny, i don't know how many new accounts people gonna make to criticize, you can all criticize anything but you can't say those are effortless or etc. I think this thread should stay as clear as for entry. After the announce, you can criticize whatever you want. People (as me) open to constructive criticism but some people are doing just for making it. If you don't like my entry, just shut your mouth, don't give a vote, say you didn't like it. I think enough for you ^^;)

    I'm not sure what I should say about that. Kinda sad that there are people who put so much effort into their drawings and other people who dare to participate with this:

    And agaim i am replying againist you, this not for you to judge and keep continiously spam, if you keep it, i'll send a ticket about you. Because you are just here to make comment, not even make a chibi. ^^

    Then why do you let the pictures that should be disqualified join the community voting?

    By the way I didnt want to offend you. Dont take it like I am here only criticizing your job, vice versa I really appreciate your effort and what u guys do for us. All I am doing (and probably some others too) is that we all want to have the contests/events as fair as possible and if some people -that dont deserve it because they are cheating- gets through then we will just state truth. ((:

    You are talking nice but also you are so apprehensive, in 5 of all MMORPG/RPG/FPS gaming events first participants send their drawing, after staff checks, then the winner get announced. I don't think they will let "cheaters", but the point in here even if somebody do their chibi drawing via web-site or smth, (no offense) it is not up to you to saying that she/he didn't give any efford. Maybe it's only she/he can do by himself. And those people who makes their chibi drawing is free to send their drawings in here.

    Besides for example we have a winner, we can't know that if the winner is made that chibi drawing by himself. Maybe he has a best friend who can do it easily? So in a position like this i could say that the at least web-siter is better because he did smth with himself ^^

    I am not criticizing you, no offense as i told you, but i see so much hesitate and impertinent in some people comments. We will see at the end who gave that much efford.

    Let's just wait and see, if you think a winner is a thief or effortless person, you can still criticize. But i have to say that i see so many prejudicial actings.

    I do not understand this situation. Why do people who didn't even send any entries to this thread, try to criticize "so badly" other people's drawing and saying that they didn't give any effort. Well then, please show us your skill. If a person can send here an entry, it means that person has enough skills and abilities to do it. Before you talk, think twice. Because it goes way waaay bad for you, some people are here just to write; meanless, purposeless write..

    Wishing good luck to all entries, i see so many good drawin':saint:

    As i told you already it has a connection with S4 League already for me. And it doesn't prove that you are right when you write it bold ;) You do not need to keep it, if you just don't like it, don't like and go.
    Anyway, have fun:)

    -sigh- The part that without the "discout" says that a booster costs 9999 AP...

    Geez... Just imagine if you used that money on steam instead... heck since theres a discount... just imagine how many games you could buy on steam when theres those mass discounts on summer/winter...

    If you are not fun of that much games, what do you gonna do with that in steam? I am not a game collector. I just like survival type of games and some other, and i have them all. So don't need to go for Steam :e

    Addition to all of these, for example you've opened a new character and sent your main character a combi request, if you level up so much faster (like 5 level in 1match, it's possible in siege farm) the combi still doesn't count it as 5 level, it just counts it as 1 level. I've tryed this in every single combi account that i've created, and sadly it goes like that. In the other hand, many people (we) can not contact with the newbie players so we can't send combi to players. Something has to change, including main level system, too. I've missed the older one.

    I wonder how many 100% booster you would get with spending that amount of money only into booster caps. I guess you would have to spend more :/

    I guess you will spend really more. In the older tiered spenders, i caught 4 tiered spender together so i took like 60.000~ AP. When i used them all, i get free unique booster capsules like x57, and (like an id*ot) i've opened them all in 1 day, just get 1x %100 capsules. One of my friend didn't even get X5 in 40 unique booster capsules. It's so random and up to luck, but still see-ing this as "pay2win" style it just hurts :D That's high amount of price to get %100 :v