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    It would still be very spammy which doesn't make sense for a snipe weapon.

    I may be a little biased but I'm actually fine with the way cannon is right now. Not a lot of people use it and most of the people that do use it aren't very good with it and then there are the few that are good with it and don't just rely on pushing. If they make it too good people will just abuse it like they already do with RG. RG snipers back then weren't that bad to play with even when they were pretty good with it but that could just be me since I was usually on the other side hitting em with cannon. I could at least counter them since our charge time was the same and whatnot.

    Okay, maybe not "just fine" But I'd rather take that over the current Rail Gun any day... Dedicated Rail Gun snipers were still able to make it somewhat viable like I make Cannonade somewhat viable. I try to use that exclusively and I do get plenty of direct hits so I know what you mean by the delay. Instead of changing RG completely they should have just focused on what was wrong with it in the first place like the delay as you mentioned... As of now the current RG is ridiculous!

    Suggestion: Rail Gun - Revert it back to what it used to be

    Reason: I'm very surprised it's stayed this long when imo it's more gamebreaking than when you guys gave breaker ability to stun. It is way too OP. They can very easily control the match. SS and Cannon are useless compared to it. Just revert it back to what it used to be, It was just fine. Unlimited ammo, you can spam it, it stuns, it throws, it has good damage... What can't it do? It's very demoralizing to play against.