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    a V8 is gonna run the same as long as properties of both cars are equal

    You just shot yourself in your foot with that example. The matter here is that you want the two cars to run the same while they have a different engine. The parameters just don't magically translate into the same output from one engine to another. Example: a speed of 50 units per second in Source engine isn't the same as a speed of 50 units in for example, Unreal Engine. It's not like the graphics engines have a distance preset and the size of objects and lengths are relative from one to another, so you can't simply tell the engine "you move this object at the speed of 3 meters per second" because that's just exactly how it doesn't works.

    And consider that rebuilding the game to another engine, for example Unreal Engine, they would have to rewrite the whole physics which is obviously possible but a really extensive work as they would have to set the crouching speed, walking speed, running speed, jump height (which would require a lot of tweaks since the jump is usually extended to reach some higher areas when you are pushing to a wall), walljump speed, directional input during the walljump travel, the reverse-walljump would disappear unless they bother to manually add the glitch. And that's just for some basic movement mechanics, because then there's the skills like anchoring and flying, then there's the weapon hit motion mechanics like the knockback from shotguns, knockback from Cannonade and melee weapons like counter sword (the basic slashes), blows from sniper guns and melee weapons, and the list goes on and on.

    It's not impossible, it's just tedious, a waste of money and work time that could go into improving other areas, and in my honest opinion it would be pointless. Why would they switch it to another engine? so far there are only a few problems with the current S4 graphics engine:

    - The 60FPS cap
    - The annoying distance fog that serves absolutely no purpose but to annoy snipers

    - The graphic textures that were downgraded just because they wanted to keep the shaders and shadows that were implemented in Patch 23 yet absolutely nobody asked for that.

    - ??

    Maybe if they can fix the FPS cap everything would be alright, but in terms of graphic quality all the game needs is just some changes to particles that may cause lag (not just remove them like the Railgun effects and Dodge blur), so as long as the game keeps the screen clear and easy to spot enemies it should be fine.

    The only improvement I really want is a "Very high" graphics option that uses the old S4 textures, as I certainly don't know why were these downgraded, after all my 2012 graphics card could run the game at stable 60 FPS in the highest settings.

    That went over my head. What do you mean?

    I think he refers to "errors may occur since it's a program and something may go wrong with it and you may lose items" but as long as the dev team knows what they're doing there won't be any "chance" for something to fail.

    There are probably other factors involved, not just the pay2win model and hackers. For instance, S4 league was at its peak of growth when it had the most pay2win model (back when it was literally pen/fumbi shop against prems, the dark lightning and following season).

    I think the enchantment system is what destroyed the game because that pushed the P2W to the very limit. I was a PEN user and I think AP vs PEN wasn't as unfair around 2009-2011, I had a few permanent items with decent stats from the Random shop and good chips, so the time spent in-game kinda paid off at that time. But then the buff system came, and then the enchantment system, and quickly the scale heavily turned against the PEN players, and for new players it was even worse.

    To be honest I'll never understand people who buy skins, so I might be a little bit biased on the issue, but games that can survive exclusively on skin income seem more like the exception than the rule.

    Oh boy I've spent around $500 on skins and icons on League of Legends. Why? I don't really know, maybe I'm just stupid, or maybe I just don't have anything else to do with my money and I really like the customized VO and graphics for Legendary Skins, and I've given around $200 worth of skins as gifts to my friends in just the last month (to be fair that's a lot of money considering that I live in a 3rd world hole), and they usually send me random boxes or another skin of the same grade in return, so that explains why Riot is making over $1.2b per year since 2015. I personally don't have a direct problem with the P2W in S4 because I think I can afford a few FP sets and weapons, but the question is, why would I buy anything in a game that has no players to play against? (I already did that mistake by spending money in the LatAm S4 server, the game was turned into a chatroom and closed few months ago).

    S4 could offer other customization options like voice lines, emotes or just weapon/clothing skins without stats to give unfair advantage.

    PS: the attachments are to prove my point, but also for flexing my 80 skins, 147 icons and gift history for the last month. I think monetization by selling cosmetics may be viable.

    That's the whole problem. This game is dying because it can't hold the playerbase BECAUSE newcomers despise the P2W model and cheaters/hackers, and so it turns boring and monotonous because there are not enough players, and that's because online games are designed to offer "replayability" which is provided by the interaction with other players, just like split-screen games did in the past. Absolutely NOBODY is gonna buy AP to play the same kind of boring match (Sword ST2-TD and Chaser-Circle) vs the same 10 fellas in the server, so keeping a freemium scheme will only destroy the community just like it has been doing since AP stats were introduced.

    Bear in mind that S4 already closed in Korea and the company dropped it, so this game needs a bigger playerbase at any cost, otherwise it won't be long before it closes for the last time.

    And btw, isn't the EU planning to ban lootboxes? what will happen to the capsules?

    I just wanted to come here and put my unrequested opinion: is the freemium model of this game good?

    TL;DR: It isn't. The game is in this state because, what's a multiplayer game without a community? This game is awesome and has a ton of potential to offer because it's fast-paced, plus the current popular games have proven that they can be successful just by selling cosmetics, which are already in this game and are just what people expect to find in a anime-styled game. And having "no-stats" isn't either the solution.

    Continue reading at your own risk: I've played this game since around 2010 and had nothing to do so I went over-explanatory with my thoughts.

    ... 2) I don't think we are SO p2win. Obviously it can help you and if you are facing a person of similar skill, you will have the upper hand if you have better equipment but in the end skill matters. It's not my words by the way, this is the result from our community survey when we asked "What do you think about item power vs skill?"

    From my point of view I think this scheme only "looks good" for the company, because what it does is to encourage potential customers to put money in the game only so they get the advantage that other premium players already have, but apart from that, does ANYONE here actually thinks it should stay this way? it destroys the game because it destroys the community, and everyone knows that the community makes 100% of any online game because these are meant to be Multiplayer. it's not even pay-to-win at this point, being a free/PEN player is like you're being offered a crippled demo as taste of the gameplay and you have to buy the game to have the full experience. I remember I had friends back in 2012 who spent over 2k euros just to have different sets and a different look, so this dumb freemium scheme is just forcing free players to feel like "you either buy our premium items OR you can equip that +30HP we gave you for free, our premium players need punching bags". It frustrates the player and that's the reason at some point players used hacks just to have premium stats.

    So, we're in a time where games like Overwatch, Fortnite, DotA, League of Legends and basically any other competitive game has definitely dropped the pay-to-win scheme and they have been the most successful games in history just because they appeal to have a wider audience which eventually leads to having a wider range of potential customers.

    I'm quoting Shigeru Miyamoto because the legend himself said it the last month: "We're lucky to have such a giant market, so our thinking is, if we can deliver games at reasonable prices to as many people as possible, we will see big profits."

    Btw, I would like to have the source to the survey mentioned above because it MAYBE could've been misunderstood by players who thought the team was referring to weapon-type balance instead of average stats vs premium stats. I just want to check it.

    Karasakal wrote:

    ... Recently we made a lot of things more accessible and as development actually kicks in, we will have more opportunities to address the issue. It could be allowing no-stats in more places...

    It's more of a personal view, but I think some players could agree that the premium stats are fine, the problem is when you go premium vs PEN. The unbalance is annoying, and the premium stats like increased speed and having more SP are what makes the game great because it allows the players to have more options in their playstyle, like allowing to chain more walljumps or increased dashes to counter the stuns and pushback from most weapons. If you actually make "no-stats" a thing it will just become boring, limiting the player playstyle is what ruined games like PUBG, League of Legends or Super Smash Bros. Brawl because players feel like their abilities are being crippled by the game, like it's the linear design of the game making the choices for them and that lack of sense of control (just like the free vs premium) is what pushes the player to a feeling of frustration, because they feel that something out of their control is the only reason they lost.

    That being said, I conclude that what makes S4 awesome is the fast-paced action it packs in every match, every minute, every half-time, every round between touchdowns, every single second dozens of bullets and attacks pass around the player, forcing him to make quick choices and when done correctly, it grants one of the highest satisfaction feelings I've felt playing any game.

    And about the cosmetic sets... the customization/cosmetic options this game has are WONDERFUL, the clothes are stylish and just what you expect from an anime-styled game, even my sister (she is a die-hard MMORPG player) played and liked the game at some point because the clothing looked really cool, but she also hated it because she only had one premium set and she doesn't like to lose so she was forced to "use the same boring outfit" every match.

    And last, going back to the topic of current popular games, how many million dollars is Fortnite making for selling a battle-pass which only unlocks cosmetics? League of Legends made an estimate of 1.6 billion dollars in 2015 just by selling skins, name changes and a few customization options like rune pages, which in this game could translate into more character slots, pushing players to buy cosmetics so they have their characters looking good and ready for every situation.

    And last, remember: the players are the one who knows what's best for themselves.

    If you made it to this point, I certainly appreciate your interest. I hope I could make this reading at least a bit enjoyable, I feel like I had to let out my thoughts as someone who has played this game since around 2009-2010, and I played in the EU server as a free/PEN player yet I got to spend around $700 USD in the LatAm server just to have different clothing: these look good. I'm sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, I'm just a Colombian waiting for the IP ban to be lifted.

    Well, you have pretty much answered your own question why it is not going to work at least for now

    p2s2p is necessary but will double the lag that we have now. The melee lag is very noticeable even now let alone with p2s2p connection.

    They will need better coders than the original dev team working on a game engine anyone is barely familiar with and on top of that more expensive servers to handle the traffic.

    So, it all depends if Aeria actually wanna give it a try and risk an investment to make the game better, they can hire better coders to optimize the netcode and get a better server to host the game, and they actually could fund part of it using the money wasted on the anti-cheat service (because it can and will always be bypassed).

    The netcode is everything that is wrong with this game, if it can't be fixed then this game will continue going down the muddy road it has been on for the last 7 years until it meets the KR server fate.

    EDIT: the P2W is also a problem but it has already been discussed in the previous QAs, and I actually don't care much about the freemium because I remember it's possible to farm permanent FPs from events so as long as they can balance the experience for the users it should be fine.

    Hey, I'm new to the forums but I have played S4 since 2009.

    All I gotta say is: if you want a successful game you have to stop being cheap.
    And by that I mean: we need a dedicated match server.

    The current problem with cheats and hacks is because the matches are mostly client-sided so variables like player stats (HP, Attack, Values, etc) are handled by the player clients and not the server. Even in TD the players won't be able to hold the ball if they lose the connection to the room master so this just shows the net-code was made to optimize the server resources.

    I remember the last time it was attempted to make the game server-sided, around Patch 23 or Dark Lightning, every user was unable to make the P2P connection so everyone was connecting through the relay tunnel (RT) which caused the server ping to go up to 50.000ms, and after that the "upgrade to the connection engine" that was promised back then never happened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Alaplaya pls)

    So, that's it: if you don't want any hackers, just make the most you can server-sided, at least the match variables. If it's not possible, then why are the little few players left here still waiting for an actual anti-cheat solution? it just won't come, it's impossible, everyone with basic knowledge of programming knows it's impossible. As long as the client handles the match variables it will always be "hackable". Matches being completely server-sided is the reason in games like Overwatch or CS:GO the worst kind of hack you'll find is an aimbot, which is way easier to detect and prevent.

    I'll actually consider to come back to this game if this ever happens. The gameplay is awesome, the player experience is beyond garbage.

    EDIT: in other games I've made this kind of suggestion players tend to answer "bUt a wOrKiNG aNTi-CheAt iS pOsSibLE" no, it's not. Even the Xigncode which uses one of the best algorithmic heartbeats can be bypassed by a heartbeat emulation.