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    bots can be easily filtered so dont try to attack the forum with ur stupidity. Get out of here already

    No reason to be mad, we all here to try help the game and the community and I can tell its doing better than than ma good portion of the pasts already.

    Pain It's nice to read that you don't kick the new players. For me the toxic community was just too much after some time. I still can enjoy some sword only rounds, especially the TD Passmode with the disable stats function can be really fun to play.

    I even leave them in my room and play with them. I kick whoever is being toxic doe, but most of them leaves because im too good :S

    OS TD is indeed toxic af, full of ego players and tollers, its sad if this is what we get then o well...gotta go with it. I also could say im one of those ego plebs but I never start being toxic for no reason. Ofc if there is some toxic f@g coming at me, I will sometimes go all out and make him rq at the end of the day.

    About kicking amatuers, me and my mate always been in games where its been me and him and bunch of newbies, we didnt back out or kick them even doe the enemy team looked much stronger, but you always know the scenario where that enemy team start talking sh*t because you play good, have a hard time going through the TDs but you can see your newbie team is not chatting, just trying their best even though if its not much and trying to get better. These players are nice to play with.

    I don't know why but I always like the handmade sketches/drawings with a pencil and paper more than the computer made drawings.

    Is it only me?

    They are really nice. I see I guess Vegeta, Goku SSJ and a bunch of JoJo characters?

    Keep it up^^

    Pencil and paper is what I always used in the past too. I prefer it a lot

    I agree and aupport the idea.. also on the quick equip menu, having some sort of filtering would be so nice, or just a text bar where you can write a name of the item and it shows you only that. We need this so much. I personally have 70+pages of items and its just too much to go through.

    Destruction dagger???! Whaaat?o.o,nooooooooo. The bloody dagger the 2% Random + 4% der piercing will always be more benefital in TD and chaser too as they are shared enchants + 1% TD on top of that is nice. 3%TD isnt gonna be better. For chaser, both has 1% chaser but the bloody has some nice DP, RA so this shouldn`t be a hard pick :) . If you consider to further enchant the bloody dagger, get few more % of TD and its a top tier dagger for TD.

    Its not like you level because you need the level so for equipping level based stuff. This doesnt exist here. You only lever for leveel rewards, and you can do the same while the max exp is extended. This really affects the people already lvl80 as nothing else to do for us.

    I was thinking about of creating a series of videos of how to play OS mode, indepth analysis and step by step guides. Each video would be on a separate topic and so new people would get some material to learn and practice or just as guideline based on my own experience, only on OS doe, but I don't know if there is a need or a demand. So if I see positiveness and I can find a time scheduel for myself to spent a lot of time in this and editing videos, then I could arrange something.

    I agree with you. The old cap 60+m exp is way too much, but 6m is way too low, I would suggest to have 25-30m exp cap,

    Having ranks as followed:

    Beginner, Rookie, Amatuer, Semi-Pro,Pro, S1,S2,S3,S4

    Also reworked level rewards.

    So we would have couple of max levels already, it would be twice as easy compared to the old system so it isnt as hardcore. I think this would be the golden path. Thoughts?

    Thanks for the words and the dedication in the letter itself. We can see there is a lot of time put into this and all of the topics you pointed out are understandable. We all will be patient for changes and additions and try to help you all with your work to only make this community better!

    Good luck and also looking forward the next letter.

    Why u get so emotional on my comment all of the sudden doe, chill ma bruda. Also ,yea, I see your point but if not getting that old system back, lets get some system between the two that works for everyone? Maybe that`d work.

    If you don't care about the max level then dont suggest it on first instance. Bringing back the old level system would mean aiming for the max, not staying as you are, because of rewards. Who didnt hit S4 rank now might find himself a brand new "level up reward" Tab, and get less than now. People want rewards for the level ups, which is the only reason that makes people Farm.

    Bruh, you will NOT hit max level on the old system, this should not be the goal.. but not limiting current lvl 80s at the momment. Also lvl rewards can be remade so people don't lose what they already achieved. Sure let them farm who wants go get to the top, good luck. But I don't really see your point here. it would only mean that max level is not on like 6m exp, but 45mill exp-ish.

    I would rather play a game where I can reach the last level in an year (or so) than play a game where I have to spend many years (more) to get to the end. (if somebody decides to reach it before they quit the game)

    Yea but u gotta think about everyone, and I would say there is just as much lvl80 in the game rn as not lvl80s :E. But aight then

    I don't see a point in having the old level system back as it would be "unconquerable". Hella is more or less at half way to the original S4 rank, and we're already at the 8th (or 9th?) year of life of the game. It would for sure encourage people to farm Siege, but those who are playing right now, play because they enjoy the game, not because of the level, which is the wide majority.

    Who cares about max level? Now more than 3k people stuck on max level and it should be amazing if its back. People who didn't hit the max level yet, won't rly get affacted by it either as they still leveling anyway lel.

    O.O.... I never said tell ur what the issue is lol. Just said write a post towards us regarding the current status of the situation, we are here for 2-3 weeks without nothing, watafak bruh ?(?(

    Hey guys, I have to make some changes as there were some very recent (read: yesterday) news : ( If it seems to be dragging we'll release the EN version first and bring the others when we can.

    PS: Can I be a GS too? Do I get free stuff?

    Yea just do that then, release the EN version its been so long papa

    Some official news like "Work is in progress" , "We found the issue, not too long for the fix", "We still trying to find the issue, please hold on tight" from the team would be good towards us, as we get no communication and nothing X/X/X/