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    not anything crazy, lets say 1hp/every 2 seconds or something like that, so if you manage to survive for a minute on 10 hp, you would get to 40, still not a big advantage as most of the hots can still kill you. Or maybe this new effect could be a new skill for a set of chip? Thoughts?

    Upvotes and downvotes shouldnt be a thing for a smaller community, but some sort of quick feedback should be interesting to add to the forums, but it could be likes/dislikes or something else. A poll could be made for this for the possibilities.

    In my opinion people who worked haed to get those badges would deserve to grt their badges imported here. I dont see the reason why they shouldnt .

    it doesnt rly matter. This game isnt about graphics and we all know that. So no point to talk about FPS here, it would only make your eyes to get more excited to see 200 or i dont even know

    this is such a great work and a nice idea, you should consider to put more time into it, continue your work and maybe release it as an online portfolio or a hard copy book or magazine. Even just for your hobby, you could just write a story line with the characters and the given atmosphere of the game. I totally would support this idea!!! Hella_Hell

    this is a good idea, so new players can get an idea what old sets or weapons are out there, we maybe should add a factor that says when a certain item was released?

    It would be a great idea to add it to those capsules in my opinion as people who used their 100% booster on it was an option for everyone, nobody was forced and even from those capsules is still hard to get them. So lets think about it.

    i would like to see more OS tournaments in the future as the vast majority of the players are sword users and there is no reason to deny this. I dont see the point of this to be honest. Give us a chance

    CS isnt too easy as it allows such combos that it could make it difficult to use it perfectly in certain situations but there could be harder weapons to be fsmiliar with and to master it. So I wouldnt consider it as the hardest weapon to learn using but it isnt easy ofc. Furthermore a combination of weapons would be harder to use as you never just use one weapon in a game or in a fight.


    What do you think of adding an adjustable scale for minimum ping that could join the room, having the scale adjustable between 10-200/or unlimited ms of ping, so rooms could set their own minimum requirement to join.

    This would be interesting and I would be happy to see something like this or something similar :):)

    Zero   Alkous In my opinion more weapon options should be used and tried out to expand the usage of the melee weapons, as there are so many under rated weapons people think it deserves trash talk or to put a limit on, but they are part of the game for a reason. So lets forget CPD and lets give people a chance to learn to play and learn to counter certain weapons. With all weapons allowed, of course not in a game more than a v4, such a nice combos and game styles could be created, so game metas could be made. In my opinion time could be put into this to think through certain maps with specific playstyles assigned to them and lets find certain ways to simply make a team that even if they are not as strong as a player but more effective as a team. Never forget this game should build around teamwork, many players forget anout this. This is my own opinion and will expand my thoughts if people show interest. Fav weapons and current setup is : Dagger, Fists, Exo +dual mastery skill