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    I would be happy with just the disable stats roomsetting for every mode

    Hell yea.... Not even sure why its not an option, and why they only added it to the pass mode.

    Totally understandable, as one of the cons I had building the project is the implementation within the current game that is as we all know is not ready yet for matchmaking, due to stability and lag issues. I only wanted to showcase and get some feedback on it, if its something that you guys would consider in the future, so I would do further progression and detailing with the project.

    ya with singing contests and drawing on paper anime characters will make a good future for s4 i agree. We both want to see the game go different ways, and nothings wrong wit that, but ur just like many other casuals

    Why are you not playing unlimited then?

    because as you can see the breakdown is based on OS. in guns it would be totally different. Also I made a CPD video just for you, so I also satisfy your comment my man. It`s not a game for win, but have a look if ur interested

    next time make it a bit quicker tho, we didn't even see the scene properly and u took long af to talk. also maybe use cpd?

    no cpd, and the breakdown was the focus here.

    I would suggest you to use OBS something else for recording or change the settings a bit.

    The doubled images that appears on the frames can be very annoying.

    Yes thanks, i will do that next time.

    np i play gun but when you make general "tutorial" on how to def you should maybe use weapons more people use o.o

    im not gonna make a tutorial which based on limited weapons because then the outcomes for such plays will be narrow. get onto norule games man.

    thats not the point tho. The point is if you make a "how to def" video you should either generalize it or use weapons that are popular right now. Videos like "why you should use exo and fists in td and how to use it" would ofc also be nice!

    I will only be uploading breakdown videos based on no rule game modes, because TD is not meant to be played CPD. It might be more popular, but i don`t really care about that, as im not a CPD player. Thanks for the comment doe

    I just thought it would be a great addition which would spice things up a little. For custom games where there is a set team on each side, its a nice way of practice and to get used to a wider range of weapons.

    Hello all,

    I was thinking and wondering a lot of what could be the cure of all the CPD rooms we see exist today. We all know its kind of taking over and it is not really nice to see. There are many weapons and aspects of the game which are underused due to game titles being abused.

    I was thinking of a game setting which would spice things up a little. I call it Multi-weapon (On-OFF). The main idea is that when turned on, it will limit the weapon use for each team to be only 1 or 2 depending on the party size. Let me explain how it works.

    If the party size is set to 1v1/2v2 or 3v3 and the Multi-weapon is turned ON, then every weapon can be used within a team only ONCE. The rule applies for each team separately.

    If the party size is set to 4v4/5v5 or 6v6 then every weapon could be used TWICE.

    This means if someone equips dagg,cs,ps, then within that team, nobody else could equip those same weapons within the same team. So you have to discuss with your team who uses what weapon.

    Please note that this feature is optional for room masters to enable and by default it would be turned OFF of course.

    Pros: It would help pushing people to the direction of wide range of weapon use, better teamwork, no more CPD rooms, no more BR stacks and stunlock(by many people)

    Cons: Randomly joined people would have to pick the weapons left to use.

    Please comment and vote whether or not you think this idea is good. I want to hear everyone`s opinion, and if you think its not a good idea, tell everyone why in the comments!

    Sure let's have all the veteran players bully the new players before they even get into the Rank 20+ channel.

    you would be surprised by the amount of actual good players there. Also is it better to bully 20+ players in netsp1 with our mains? we bully here or there, no matter what if thats the word u wanna use lol.

    Gotta get that 100% win-rate.

    And yes, one of us still on 100%

    Hello everyone,

    Ye you didn't hear from me a good while, for a good reason. I didn't feel like investing more time into the game, but I and couple of my good friends came up with a new idea which really made me want to play the game again. We thought of the idea of creating new accounts and start everything from fresh, leaving our main accounts behind and begin a new adventure. This would put up new challanges and new fun to everyone. We aim to gather as many people as we can in our clan "Redefined" with some simple rules such as a lvl0 fresh account, no fight and toxicness within the clan.

    I would love to see old players who got bored of the game, try this out with us, with a new "life" on s4. If you like the idea, please message me and we will continue from there.
    There won't be such test matches or so, everyone is welcomed as long as the above rules are met.

    Soon a discord group will also be made for this and would love to ask your help to spread the idea to as many of leaguers as we can.

    Hope to see positivity and people joinging us!

    See you in Redefined. blackcatblackcatblackcat

    PS light attack range nerf,

    Iron boots movement speed nerf + more sp consumption,

    BR hard rework or removal of the game. (Too easy to use and with its damage and range, it can kill most of people without any effort)

    Exo light attack increase, exo normal left click animation time reduce.

    Fist more armor while hitting with right click.

    Yea I dont mind guns or unli, but i think people just find os more challanging / interesting / unique to play as not many games have this kind of gameplay which is both smooth, require skill to be good and lots of other aspects. Ofc guns is a thing too and not easy but i feel like OS is more unique

    Good job. I would like to see most of these in or having a poll or something as only one / perticipant is like meh.... what if there is only 1-2 people who can make very good 30 emojis with 2-3 different style

    Yea I never even mentioned its the same, I said its a good challange if you are good enough. I would love a game mode like this too, one team can equip everything, other team only weapons with pen stats or something and having a game like BO3 so more rounds.