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    Pretty sure it's the talkative minority or at least less than half of them are the ones complaining a lot. Majority of the playerbase doesn't even talk anyways.
    Myself, I'm on the fence. The only thing ruining my fun is room rules breaking and not sitting, winning or losing.

    Besides, that I have a lot fun with the game despite the current state it's in and my complains. Though my complains are mainly balancing gripes, even though I'm one of the guys who use the unbalanced weapons.

    they're going to give out better rewards near the end of the event basically when it is near christmas and no you wont be able to get the rewards from the events if its already over

    Das fuq'd aap, imo. (Not getting the old rewards.)
    Crashing several times due to the game.

    Well- At least it's not unexpected.

    The tasks for the last 2 days were doable if you make 10 min rooms. The next tasks however may become problematic.

    The errors can happen at random as far as I know. So 10 minute rooms for 1 hour feels iffy.
    And yeah... Future tasks may be problematic...

    Unless they're irl events like just draw or record something simple. It's mainly the events ingame that's concerning.

    Or you just do it on an other server ._.

    Hopefully there is a finish arcade esper task this year too :D

    If there are even populated servers.
    Even in populated servers its hard to get people to join.
    And events relating to the arcade would be nice. :^)

    Or events using the dead modes, such as Arena, Warface, Cube, etc. Those modes need some lovin' too.

    I'm just gonna structure this so y'all can just skip anything unnecessary...


    So like... The server's gone ta hell with constant:-

    -Connection Terminated errors

    -EAC errors


    We have an Advent Calendar event going on... So...



    Can people still get the previous day items by doing it on other days within the event duration?

    Are people just going to miss out due because the game constantly disconnecting/crashing on them?

    Reason For Asking

    If they're just gonna have to miss out... That's ****ed up.


    Before anyone says "It's not the server, it's just them.", I can't see that from the several people experiencing the same thing.

    Explaining mumbo jumbo techno stuff is just gonna go way over my head and I'm pretty sure you guys are discussing about that in other posts, I just want to know about the event.

    The only problem I can see with only having 1 account is the paranoia of what can even happened to said account.
    >Ban by accusation. (It's a thing. Happened to me.)
    >If anything were to happen and you spent money on that account, you're boned.

    Plus considering programming/coding/hacking in general is about creating new things, I doubt just having SSN link would solve it for long.

    I expected a guide how to be more trash than I usually am. Not watch a montage of someone becoming trash. :C

    Srsly tho, f*ckin' railguns hurt. Sadcatfumbi

    If they don't update the game, why bother update the website.
    Heck, we've been in the same season for a few years now. face

    I'm sure just changing a single page or two with texts and pictures would be a massive bother for them seeing it's a dying game.

    So this is something as a room rule or something that affects only you?

    Well since it gets boring to use the same weapon everytime, might as well try something stupid. Risk of this; getting kicked by a competitive nut.

    Plus who knows? Maybe you'll get better with the weapon you never used or like the feel of it.

    They can just add a question mark button that picks a random item for you but that will probably be rarely used.

    I assume you mean the devs add in a "Random Equip" button but I'm pretty sure no one will use it. Not rarely used. No one.
    What I'm doing is just out of boredom and probably might never do again.

    (Unless I remember I made this post to save these 2 links and still bored...)

    I have no idea where to put this up, I only assume creative corner because it's the only place that's "for fun" as far as I can tell.

    So... Here's an unoriginal idea. (Presumably.)sol1

    If none of y'all care, it's fine. :^)

    Mainly putting this up here so I can make it easier for me to find when I wanna use this again.

    Situations you might wanna use this:-

    Alice6"Ugh, I'm so bored. I'm too good at this game. Everyone else s*cks. I can't think of a good set to mess around with." or whatever of the sorts.Alice4

    Edit: Added TD maps because I don't want to choose one map over another when friends ask to play map x while another asks for y, other players asking for z.

    Weapon Wheel (Click Me)

    Skills Wheel (Click Me)

    Touchdown Maps Wheel (Click Me)

    It can be hard to read at times but the black background unusually makes it easier not harder.

    But anyway. Maybe it can be changed to pink-ish or something.

    The white in total and green in clan chat, yes. Easier.
    Purple and black? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo...
    Pink-ish works since it's a bright color.

    Nit-picky- Nothing important.
    Purple text with a black background is difficult to read sometimes. Especially since the purple is kinda dark.

    I suggest changing it.

    Probably just me though.

    How the hell did a post about making an event (Which is long overdue.) turned into a debate about balancing?

    TL;DR (Highly doubt anyone's gonna read the long one.)


    Bring back events that gives capsules instead of just GM hunts and weekend time farming events.


    Powercreep will always exist. Wanna fix it?

    Remove it. Compensate those who have it with free AP or w/e if buffing/nerfing sh!t doesn't work.


    Pretty sure everything I wrote/typed in is stupid nonsensical white noise to you guys but f*ck it.

    I typed it all this far now, might as well look like an !d!ot anyway.

    I just want to enjoy the game as it comes.

    Like it or hate it, deal with it.

    Here's a baby(?) bat gif for your wasting your time. Presumably.

    (Side note: G'dang, the fonts, sizes and other sh!t used to type this sh!t out is inconsistent. Or maybe it's just me being inept...)

    we did had a patch recently adressing the client itself

    Does anybody around here even remember the fact that we got the permanent loading screen fixed?

    I was in a rush to buy some food after I posted this.

    Just a rant. Take it as me venting.



    New costumes, new weapons, removal of weapons, nerfing, buffing, anything!

    End of rant/venting.

    It'd be SO GREAT if we had one.

    I am not dreaming, besides if you think that if the game is dead already then what is your purpose being in a Forum.. mhm..

    Anyway, time will show.

    Wasting free time.
    And I wasn't bein' sarcastic or mean spirited when I said that.

    I legit meant when I say those nice thing. I was being nice.

    Game needs more player, that will solve the problems. Back in days like when we were around 10.000~ players it was hard to enter servers/rooms. It can be solved with advertisement which i already told to Karasakal in Q&A and he replied as they are thinking about it.

    Hopefully we can get more players.

    Keep dreaming. Don't let the flame die out.

    I have mountains of unopened 1, 7, 30 days capsules. :rolleyes:
    Pretty self explanatory, nothing major.

    Keep the "Keep Using" button for making capsule opening videos or whatever. Just add a second button that instantly opens all capsules.
    Sounds basic enough to implement. (I say as I know nothing.)

    The plan for now is to add the both 1st places costumes as 2 versions from the same Item. (SKINS)

    But that is at the moment just the plan. we need see if that work or not.

    Even if it was possible, it's a buzzkill.
    May as well do both and release them on separate months.
    At least you can 2 costumes instead of 1, as well as a reason to patch a game more often than never (Not counting bug fixes.).

    Sporty on September,

    Farmer on October.

    Pretty sure I'm justified to post this since there's a "new" error.
    Both of these occurred today.

    -B01, just happened today for the first time as far as I can remember.

    -B02, it's been over a month.

    Hey, Kara mentioned that soon we are going to get a new patch to fix security issues, i hope for B02 too.

    Considering how long it's been, and the number of maints and that 1 (Or was it 2? Probably 1.) patches, that feels unlikely, as much as I want to believe that.

    I'm sure I'm being unreasonable but I can't help it.

    Final Entry

    In-Game Name: DEJECTI0N
    (With a zero, not the letter O.)

    Design inspired by a character's skin a mobile game called "Soccer Spirits".
    Used Selket01's base...

    Set Name: NetCafe Barista

    Ignore the Waiter/Butler names in the pictures...

    Note: If ally is Red, change to Blue like Bloody Hunter outfits.



    Detailed (Frontal, Side, Back, Hand, Links)

    Is your problem fixed yet?... I've been getting the same problem for nearly 3 weeks, sent a ticket and it did jack.
    Starting to get impatient and irritated with this problem...

    My male entry (For now)... Not sure what to call it yet and designs are still on the defense at the moment...

    I know there's a waiter outfit in the game, but it's dull and no one even uses it nowadays. :(

    AP and FP were actually decided by the number of people preferring which is better. Majority loved blue, even though I myself love red.
    The S4 logo is actually the S4 install logo from the game folder. (I personally like it more than the current one we use.)
    It's not so Sci-Fi (Fitting for the game.) but I'm working on it...

    In-Game Name: DEJECTI0N
    (With a zero, not the letter O.)

    Design inspired by a character's skin a mobile game called "Soccer Spirits".
    Used Selket01's base...

    For AP: Fumbi mascot~! Slightly tough looking with the tucked up shoulders and red outfit.
    S4 Character Creation Event AP ver (2018).png

    FP (Without extras): More elegant and serious (?) with the S4 logos.

    S4 Character Creation Event FP ver (2018).png

    FP (With Extras): The extras are ideas/advice I received from asking some friends for their opinions. Ignore the "old" and "new".S4 Character Creation Event FP ver (2018) with extras.png