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    Hey! Thanks for actually replying to us! As you said, "fair" play amongst the players:

    Just re-establish the ban on all the individuals that were unbanned without a reason, and apologize to the community for a previous CM's error. It's that simple.

    I'm sure that you guys keep track of bans and reasons for it, thus re-establishing these bans shouldn't be a problem. If you want the community to stop discussing over this situation, then be the first CM to actually do something note worthy.

    good noticed something they never did :^) but previous pm did some professional speeches tho like pm letters with no improvements(we gonna fix this and that and because of this and that this and that couldnt happen or something like that :D)

    Believe it or not, I found Karasakal, imo, as a passionate CM, he actually stayed in contact with us, even if nothing happened, although in his last video he did mention the patch that was meme'd as "soon™" and it did happen once Glitch became CM. Karasakal got meme'd on so much yet he was the only one who seemed to care. He also didn't do something that a previous CM did :^)

    Nah, the best way to handle the situation is to re-establish the ban and apologize to the community for an error that a previous CM made. Not only, did he, including other individuals, get unbanned, but in the process he obtained a CCM that was not rightfully his. The fact that they are not addressing the situation shows how much of a joke this game is. I won't give my personal opinion of the previous CM, since it would be against the forum rules, but I sure do think it was unprofessional for them to allow it to happen.

    It's not specified if the screenshots have to be from the start of this event or not, I've looked over submissions people have made, and quite a few have old screenshots that date before the start of this event, some even more than a year back.