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    Not bat, not bat at all.

    2 sets and a few fixes, it's not much, but it's a start in the right direction, especialy the weapon change. Now if the game could get something like this once a month or more with the exeption of the sets, then it would be nice.

    The sets arent that amazing, but they still look good and simple, it's a good start. My only complaint is the shinobi's pants, the color could have been something more like the female because the male version top and bottom dont realy seem to stick together. Actualy if the brown parts of the pants were changed into purple would be a better conbination, the brown and gold doesnt stick well when the top is purple, gold and white.

    Keep the graphics but improve resolution.

    Map editor.

    Clan system improved.

    Clan base building.

    Clan missions PvE (larger arcade mode)

    Campaigns/Missions for arcade. (Maybe release a new one per theme/expansion)

    Better optimazation.

    Active contests for weapon/set/pet skins.

    Custom mode where you can reset certain weapons before X balance changes. (You dont get pen nor xp on this mode)

    Active balance changes. (At least one per month)

    Add a beta server wich allows players to test updates. (Maybe give priority or privilege to those who support the game.)

    Active tornaments, events and etcetera.

    The inconpetence that I see in gaming... I swear, people are getting more and more... ill use the term -snowflakes-

    When theres the point of having hackers like <names removed> or whatever their names are, even I, being a bad guy, would still do a better job than the snowflakes in charge.

    Actualy, do we even have GMs that deal with these situations anymore? Meh, mankind has been realy stupid since the stone ages, I mean... when theres a higher chance of you getting banned for calling someone snowflake or asking to change your password than a cheater who uses X programs to win... yeah mankind is realy a waste of space.

    At least you guys got punished for something that you did... me myself lost my first almost a decade ago because of asking to reset my own password...

    I apoligise for asking alaplaya to reset my password, can I have my dklord account back? (Dont care about items, but I miss that sexy clan mark)

    Pfaaaaa, you think s4db mods got banned because of the site and not because they actualy used cheats? Sure...

    Finaly they took out that cancerous garbagerous systematic systemous.

    On a side note, I finaly found someone who uploaded this great sountrack.


    And what if my clanmate wants to join, and my teammate is not willing to leave the room?
    For example, when my clanmate had a dc and wants to re-enter the room.

    Thats a cancer move, that is not why the vote kick system was created.
    And most of the times that reason is BS, half the times the clanmate/friend did not even get dc in the first place but instead he is just login to the game, the RM doesnt even ask politely, he just says "GET OUT", and sometimes you even enter when the match hasnt started, wait for everyone to get ready, start the game, only for a few seconds later to be kicked because out of nowere the RM says his "friend" is coming in.

    There are even times when the match is almost over and they kick someone with that excuse!

    Also, theres a big difference between newbies and feeders/trolls.

    <edit part>: Removed bad words.

    These rules were meant to avoid the mass afk farm rooms due to the removal of the afk autokick system especialy after what happened in the 2012/3 chrismas event where everyone simply started being afk in siege all the time farming both the event and xp. (Watch Hellas comic chapter 4, it shows how much the issue had a monstrous matter)


    So here is a brief explaination.


    Being afk for 1-2 minutes because of toilet or some other emergency like doing a quick fridge raid is fine. (This is why the term sit appeard in s4)
    Doing a duel rooms is fine.

    Doing a mission room that doesnt evolve feeding is fine. (Playing a match while completing the objectives)

    Doing a jump room is fine. (Teaching and practising jumps)

    Not allowed:

    Being afk for the entire match or large quantidies of time.

    Feeding the other team or each other on purpose. (Letting the enemy kill you for points or letting them score is considered farming)

    Chill rooms. (Not practising/teaching jumps or playing the match)

    Like Heili said, these rules need an update because after the GMs at the time left, these rules entered a gray area.

    For example, the term "chill"

    Before, you would play a match but werent that much focused on winning, you would still kill or score but you would also chat alot with the other players.

    This was considered chilling as you were more focused on relaxing and chatting, but in the end, the match was still played as the game is intended.

    Nowadays the term "chill" turned into matches where the players dont kill, dont score, barely move, barely chat or 100%chat with no gameplay, ence this is not how the game is intended to be.

    So pretty much the term "chill room" turned into farm room's twin brother.

    Personaly, I wouldnt listen to some GS, while most of them are good people, some of them... I mean... heck... a GS saying that farming is allowed... this is what I meant by gray area.

    I wish they would try to update the rules and get the afk autokick system back into the game.

    Im gonna get more hate for saying this but... I kinda dislike the comic, it seems to be rushing what happened in the seasons and kinda leaves a bad taste of korean/chinese artwork/text that I would get from a mawna or whatever its name is.

    Also if you gonna have 2 narrators, put different color text on them or use a font.

    I do prefer black&white.

    Actualy, is there any chance of you adding a black&white version? :D

    I agree with Hara on this one, the hitbox on the female was already known for almost a decade.

    This was also the major reason for the char female dominance in s4 unlimited tournaments.

    The rev/shotgun thing, the female slippery handgun push.

    So nobody noticed how in most of meele tournaments the winners are male char and most of unlimited winners are female char?

    Uh, a topic that went from face skins straight into gender hitboxes, only a portuguese could do that. 8)

    Sorry for disruption , Is it allowed to use VPN to play if my country is banned ? I didn't find convenient topic to ask about this subject.

    Not allowed, but it is possible, do it at your own risk if you want to.

    The worst thing than a tryhard... a tryhardloser...

    Pfffahahahahah, 80% moved to a private server? You think s4 is wow? If those 80% realy moved into pserver, then I am gabe, a god, and I will release half life 3 in 2019.

    Seriusly, what happened to those 80% is that they moved into other games or are having fun with other hobbies or got IP banned because country law shenanigans, just living ya know?

    80%.... not even 8% moved to pservers let alone 80%

    Well, at least this kid did scream "I am a beta player"

    I do not understand this situation. Why do people who didn't even send any entries to this thread, try to criticize "so badly" other people's drawing and saying that they didn't give any effort. Well then, please show us your skill. If a person can send here an entry, it means that person has enough skills and abilities to do it. Before you talk, think twice. Because it goes way waaay bad for you, some people are here just to write; meanless, purposeless write..

    Wishing good luck to all entries, i see so many good drawin':saint:

    So because I havent made an anime, drawned a manga or made a movie, it means I am not allowed to criticize it?
    Also if the people cant handle my suggestion of "be unique", "be origininal", "do something different", then I dont know how they expect to win an artwork contest...